There’s no way you haven’t heard of it. But what exactly is blackjack? We’ll try to explain and give you a good look into the basics of the world’s most popular casino game! So due to its extensive history and metamorphoses, Blackjack had other names, such as Black Jack and Vingt-Un. It is an offspring of a banking games family referred to as Twenty-One.

In blackjack, players aren’t supposed to compete against each other, but rather against the dealer. The game is based on comparing cards, so all of the players compare theirs to the ones the dealer has.

Online Blackjack isn’t that different from the regular one. You can notice that in the online version, some processes are automated or randomized (like dealing cards, for example), but it’s a common practice in the online casino world, so it hardly would impress or shock you. Where and how to start? We are here to help! Below you’ll find all of the basics for Online Blackjack that probably will prevent you from instant losses. Apart from that, the list of reputable Australian online casinos would also come in handy and most likely will save you from falling into a trap of scammers.

Good luck!

Top Australian Casinos To Play Blackjack

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The Rules of Online Blackjack

It’s all quite spontaneous and individual about blackjack, so you are very likely to play multiple variants of the game and that shouldn’t scare you. Once you’ll remember the basic rules, it’ll get easier to adjust. Here are four simple steps:

The number of decks may vary. There are cards (from 1 to 9) with the assigned pip value that they display. The evaluation of ace is at either eleven or one. Among the face cards are the king, the queen, and Jack (the value of ten). Your main objective is to beat the dealer. In order to do this, you have to get as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it. But that’s not a win yet! For you to beat the game, the dealer needs to have a total lower than yours, or to exceed 21.

Possible Rule Variations

As it has already been said, the rules may vary. So after you’ve read the basic ones, why won’t we try and explore the others? At some point you’ll need to know them anyway. Remember that it’s always best to check for any differences before you begin to play. And finally, let’s go over a few common ones:

Best Online Blackjack Games

Prominent Online Blackjack Strategies

Strategies are an essential part of any successful game. Of course, sometimes everything can be changed with the help of pure luck, but most of the time it’s only part of the win. Don’t hurry to practice without at least trying to understand the theory. Be patient and calculated in choosing your style of playing and you’ll see that in no time, a professional will look back at you from the mirror.

Basic strategy

12 and 13 are perfectly fine

Often new blackjack players choose to hit when their hand is 12 or 13. It is quite silly, to be honest. Blackjack isn’t about beating every hand on the board, it’s about beating the dealer, so knowing your hand means knowing the dealer’s card that is visible to the players. Based on this we can assume he has a ten down there as it’s the most common denomination in poker values. For example, you can see that a dealer has anywhere between 4 and 6. We can make an assumption that his hand is going to be anywhere between 14 and 16, and he will have to hit, and quite possibly go bust. With this knowledge, why risk it all and take another card, if it’s the dealer’s most probable course of action? Well, everything can’t be that easy and it won’t work all the time. In the long run, it’s better to be smart about it, and if you see that the dealer’s hand is prone to busting, stand on 12 even though it seems weird. But in case you have a pair, then you’d better split it (except 10s (stand) and 5s (double down)).

Stop splitting tens

If you can sense that the hand the dealer has is probably going to bust and you can spare a couple of bucks for the bet, then split and push harder! The pairs need to be split. Tens are being split by newbies since they feel an opportunity to score a blackjack or have both finishing hands be high. Well, that does look like a big possible win, but it doesn’t mean splitting tens is a good idea. If you see a five on the dealer’s hand. do not split? You’re pretty much guaranteed to win in this situation.

Say no to insurance

The idea sounds good. It is essentially about balancing the odds for the chance the dealer hits blackjack outright Well, it’s not like that in the long run. The total price of insurance can’t be justified by the odds of the dealer making blackjack. Don’t make fast decisions, if they sound a little bit too appealing.

Don’t bet more than you have and avoid panicking

Not a tactic, but rather a piece of advice. Risking is great, yeah, but please, consider betting what you can afford. Think ahead. It’s better to bet smaller, but more, than spend 50$ on one bet from 100$ that you have. When your bankroll will be more built up, then you can bet more and more. And at last, stay calm. Although the game is calculated and requires some skills, sometimes you just can’t avoid bad luck. Don’t panic too early and don’t get too hard on yourself over the failures.

The Odds of Online Blackjack

Talking about standard rules and an experienced gambler using basic strategy, an expected payback percentage can reach approximately 99.5% to 99.6% for online blackjack. The house edge then is around 0.4% to 0.5%, which is very small. You’ll have to agree it’s quite a good deal.

Of course, standard rules are not the only ones in the online blackjack games and multiple variations will come your way from time to time. The strategy you choose also matters. Remember that in blackjack it’s hard to get successful just from pure luck. You are strongly recommended to read theory and practice on smaller bets at first. Otherwise, you’ll just make some profit for the casino, not for yourself.

With one deck used, the house edge is the lowest at 0.17%. It’s highest at eight decks with the edge being 0.65%. In most online games, six decks are used, and the odds are 0.64%.

In your typical blackjack played at American casinos with two decks, the edge is 0.48%.

What type of Online Blackjack fits you best?

At some point, you’ll feel a preference towards one or another type. It can be about the rules or maybe you’ll generally feel luckier playing one variant over the other. In any case, don’t hesitate to experiment and choose the one that fits best!

Classic Blackjack

A good old classic. The choice lies between 1 and 8 decks. 2 cards (one face down) are dealt for each player as is for the dealer. To win, the cards need to be equal out to 21, but the total mustn’t exceed that! If a player has more than 21 points, it is called a bust and means that game’s over. Important! Your hand has to hold more than the dealer’s total to win. If the dealer has a natural face card and an ace it is called Natural Blackjack. In simple words, it means you automatically lose. You must beat the dealer. Even if the difference is in one point, you’ll still lose. The game can turn out really intense and intriguing if players know what they are doing.

Progressive Blackjack

Not that far from the classic version, but the stakes are a bit higher. The jackpot is the one in charge of it. Due to its progressiveness, there’s a bigger chance of winning a larger amount. Another noticeable difference is the 1% bet automatically placed at the beginning. The game is still played by the basic rules. Different variations of the game include the ability to hit, stand, or double the amount. And yet again it only makes the stakes higher and the outcome significantly more intense. The Progressive Blackjack works really well for those who like the classic variant, but lack some risk in it. If you’re all for a rollercoaster of emotions and larger payoffs, then it’s probably for you.

European Blackjack

It’s better to start by checking whether it is legal in your area! This variant requires 2 decks. Firstly, the player is dealt with two cards face up. The face-down card remains undealt until the player makes a decision on what to do next. Plays including doubling, splitting, and standing are available. It’s also possible to double down on hands that have 9-11 cards. Just like the previous variant, this one is high stakes. Risk lovers prefer European or Progressive ones over the classics not only to make more money but also to feel the intrigue and intensity of the process of gambling itself. The basic one feels too safe for them.

Blackjack Switch

Well, this variant is probably unavailable in most areas of New Zealand, so please check your area’s rules before taking off. Within this variation, you can switch between two cards. So the player gets two cards, then improves their chances by switching out the cards for two more. Note: payout changes too. It’s possible to get an 11 instead of 32. One of the player’s objectives is to possibly have a blackjack after the switch. Otherwise, the dealer automatically wins. For example, if a player has blackjack before the switch, he’ll make the switch and will keep the same bet, but the dealer will win due to the switch being made. Despite its obscurity, this version is quite popular in the Euro markets.

Live Blackjack

Beware! This one is one of the most popular selections for online casinos. Why? Well, same energy and experience online, just as you would have in a real-life casino. Same rules, but more adrenaline. Players just love being in the moment!

Super Fun 21

Only one deck is needed. Classic rules are applicable here as well. But the payout structure is different now. Also, the natural blackjack is changed. A player’s natural always beats the dealer’s. It’s pleasant to know that you’re likely to get more money when you win here. A Diamond Blackjack includes an ace and ten. J, Q, and K are the possible winning hands. And the list of variations continues. Not all of them are going to pay the same! Some payout structures might offer less than others. By the way, every selection for Super Fun has its own betting range. Of course, the Diamond version is the one to offer the biggest winnings.


H – Hit

S – Stand

SP – Split

SU – Surrender (if there’s no such option, then hit)

Dh – Double (if there’s no such option, then hit)

Ds – Double (if there’s no such option, then stand)

Hit – additional card is received

Stand – no additional cards taken

Surrender – the player can give up their hand and is able to get back half their initial bet

Doubling Down – one additional card is received, which can increase the bet up to double the initial amount

Split – if the first two cards are of the same value, there’s an option of splitting them into two individual hands. Each of them receives an additional card, and a wager must be placed on the extra hand. Starting from there, the hands are played out as usual

Resplit – sometimes it’s possible to split cards more than once

Insurance – it can be purchased if the dealer’s card is an ace. In the case of a dealer blackjack, the insurance wager pays 2:1. It is highly advisable to pass on this option

Online Blackjack FAQ

How to win at online blackjack?

Well, there’s no way to win every game and you should be ready for a series of losses at first. But it’s practice and time spent on reading and playing that pays off best. To become a professional, you really need to immerse yourself in blackjack. It’s not a primitive game and it doesn’t solely depend on chance. You have tools in your hands, now find a way to apply them.

What is the best strategy for blackjack?

There’s no best or worst strategy because there’s no one size fits all. Everything matters: from the type of the game up to the rule variation. The most you can do is to learn to adjust to the situation. That is what can be called the ultimate best strategy.

Is blackjack a game of skill or chance?

Although gambling quite a lot depends on fortune, blackjack is more about the skill. It’s not super easy to acquire it right off the bat, but regular practice and attentiveness would eventually make you a solid foundation to move on and develop in this field.
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