All you need is some luck and three dice, and you are in the Sic bo, the original Chinese gambling game that has been played for centuries. One of two games with the dice, it has a couple of variants: an English version called Grand Hazard and the US version Chuck-a-luck.

However, it has taken a while for this game to travel before it has been brought to the United States in the early 20th century by Chinese immigrants. Then, it found its place in the casinos of the Western world and also the ones in Australia.

The English name for this casino game is “precious dice,” you can simply call it a game of dice. However, there are also some strategies you should know before playing. This includes the Small and the Big Bets, the basics for you to start. When betting on any dice sum between 4 and 10, this is a Small Bet. When it’s between 11 and 14, call it a Big Bet.

Since the popularity of the game in Australia is growing, you are sure to enjoy this game in many casinos throughout the country offline and online as well. You will be able to find out more about Sic Bo rules and strategies as well as get a list of highly reputable casinos where you can enjoy this game.

How to play Sic Bo

To start a game, you need:

When you have all this, here are the next 6 steps:

Set the budget. It is reasonable to set the limits because you play on real money.

  1. Buy chips at the table by exchanging your money.
  2. Place the bet, put the chips on the table in the combination, which, to your mind, will appear on the dice.
  3. Check the dice by pushing the bottom on the table
  4. When you win, collect the playout. The dealer pays you for the bets you won and collects the bets that you lost.
  5. Start from the beginning.

You should know the common rules and betting options. Bet on options you understand. Try not to go beyond your budget, especially in order to regain your losses.

The betting options, as well as strategies, are covered in the next part.

Sic Bo Strategies

Suitable for professionals as well as beginners, Sic Bo, a game of luck, also has a strategy. In combination with luck, it does not always guarantee winning but definitely increases the chances.

The strategies you may choose are distributed according to your level, which gives you an opportunity not only to practice but also to master your skills.

When only starting to play, rely on the Low-Risk strategy first. You will give yourself more time to play and equal chances to win more or even the money you have.

Low-Risk Strategy

You may call this also the 1324 strategy, as this represents betting units, when all the bets come up you win big. However, you also win when the first two bets win. When you lose, don’t give up and come back to the start.

Low-To-Medium-Risk Sic Bo Strategy

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Although you have to place a single number Sic Bo bet in this strategy, there are equal chances to get an even payout or doubling or tripling your money.

Medium-Risk Strategy

Combining bets, you can get up to four chances to win. When using this strategy, remember that some totals are more likely to come up than others. Then, when your Total loses the doubles may win, as for example 9 and 12.

High-Risk Sic Bo Strategy

This strategy includes multiple bets with one roll of the dice. This includes betting on 8 and 13. When you are risky enough, use a Table of Good Fortune to decide on the bet. Practice all the strategies mentioned above, choose which fits your playing style most, and accomplish your game.

Sic Bo Odds

When it comes to bets, the number may vary, so let us introduce the common ones.

Big or Small

These combinations often stand nearby due to the same house of edge and equal chance to win. The participants should bet on the total sum of the three dice in a roll either Small, where the three dice should be equal any sum of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10, or Big, where the sum should be between 11 and 17. The winning is paid at a 1-to-1 rate.

Four-Number Combination

The player guesses four random numbers. If three out of those four appear on a roll, it’s a win. If not, you’ve just become a bit less rich, pal. The bet is a pretty decent one and has a 7 to 1 payout with an 11% chance of winning.

Three of a Kind or Triple

Some rules single out specific triple and any triple bets. When talking about the specific triple, a specific number from 1-6 should appear on all three dice. This is the highest bet you can make in Sic Bo — it pays 180 to 1. However, you should know that it’s highly improbable that you’re going to score it on your first dice roll.

Any Three of a Kind also called Any Triple

This bet, also known as a raffle wins when there’s any triple on a dice roll. In such a situation, the payout is 30 to 1.

Single Number Combination or a Specific Double

Two of your dice will show a specific number with the third showing a different (but specific) number. There are 15 such combinations in total, which however won’t guarantee a regular win.

Two-Dice Combinations also known as Duo

This bet obviously requires spending money on any two numbers with an 8:1 odd. The two numbers should appear on two of the three dice and there are more than ten combinations, but the one which pays 5-to-1.

One of a Kind

This type is also known as any number. When a player bets on a single number that should appear on the face of one of three dice. When it happens, you are paid one-to-one according to your bet, when two dice show your number you get 2-to -1, when three dice contain your number, you get 3-to-1 payouts.

Three dice total

This bet means the player should bet on the sum total of the dice. The payouts differ from as low as 6 to 1 to as high as 60 to 1. The riskiest bets are those on 4 and 17 — these pay 60 to 1 and are quite hard to score. The only type of bet that pays more than that is the specific triple at 180 to 1.

To learn more about the probabilities of winning, refer to the table below.

Sic Bo Types

As with any other casino game that has been around for a while, Sic Bo has quite a lot of variations. Here are the most common ones.

Yee Hah Hi

Yee Hah Hi is a variation of Sic Bo that is extremely popular in Macau. The name means “Fish Shrimp Crab,” and refers to the symbols on the dice. Yes, you heard this right, this game involves throwing the dice that have symbols on them instead of what we have traditionally in Wester dice.

The game has six different symbols and has three colors on the dice. The players can bet both on the colors and on the symbols, with payouts being similar to the regular Sic Bo.


Even though you probably won’t find Chuck-a-luck in many high-ranking casinos, this game is derived from Sic Bo. Essentially, this game is a watered-down version of Sic Bo. It also uses three dice, but the range of bets that can be made in this game is significantly lower. The same goes for payouts, as in Sic Bo, you can get up to 62 to 1 payouts. In this game, however, the best you can get is 30 to 1.

Basically, you can bet on 11 or higher, on 10 or lower, or on a range excluding 8 and 12. All these pay 1 to 1. You can also bet on a single die — if you bet on three dice and win, you get 10 to 1. Betting on triples produces a 30 to 1 payout.

The game is also referred to as birdcage owing to the shape of the device used to throw the dice.

Grand Hazard

Although Sic Bo originates in China, Grand Hazard is probably an English game. At least, the game it is tied to, Hazard, has been around in England since the times of Chaucer. Hazard proper, however, is played with two dice. Grand Hazard is played with three dice just like Sic Bo.

In this game, you can place much of the same bets as you can in Sic Bo except for some of the most specific ones. You can’t place specific doubles and singles that pay 180 to 1, however, betting on a specific triple with the same payout is possible. The next highest payout you can get in Grand Hazard is betting on 4 or 17 — this pays 60 to 1. Betting on any triple will give you 30 to 1 payout. Please note, that the payout for the raffles as three-of-a-kind bets are often referred to may be lower in some casinos or games.

Live Sic Bo

Some gamblers, especially the more sociable types, enjoy not only the highs and lows of the game itself but a good chat with a fellow man as they win or lose in Sic Bo. But that’s impossible in online gambling. Well, you’d better think again because this variation of the game is played in an online casino with a dealer and a dice. This is made possible thanks to video steaming — the dealer streams the game and throws the dice in real-time to avoid any possibility of fraud.

They will take bets from the customers, support the conversation, and entertain the audience. In some cases, you can ever take part in a voice chat. If that’s not an option in your casino, you’ll have to be satisfied with texting.

A detail that most live casino games share is that the minimum bet is higher than that of a regular casino game. You may be asked to bet at least a buck or even five. This is necessary to pay the dealer and maintain streaming equipment.

Sic Bo Glossary

To make it easy to play to an average gambler 976t is a good idea to learn the key terms as well as general expressions here you will find specific Sic Bo terms

Sic Bo Faq

How do I play Sic Bo?

Get acquainted with the rules and strategies, go to the casino, be sure you have enough money, and start playing using a step-by-step guide. Remember, fortune favors the brave, so when you win, be brave enough to stop.

What is the winning Sic Bo strategy?

Choose from Low-Risk, Medium Risk, and High-Risk strategies that will help you win an equal sum of money or double and sometimes even triple it. Rely on your skill level but remember that Sic Bo is a game of chance, after all, so try to be risky enough and give yourself a chance.

Is Sic Bo rigged against the player?

The great variety of the games in different casinos may seem like the game is rigged against the players. However, casinos and online casinos just want to make people come back to play the game. This is why most casinos are not interested in cheating you. On top of that, most casinos don’t host the games they run. The games are hosted on the servers of the developer and streamed on the site. This means even if a casino is interested in rigging the game, it’s impossible from their end.

Also, CasinoHEX experts review eerie casino that is mentioned on our platform so you can be sure they won’t be rigging their games or cheating in any other way.

Where can I play Sic Bo online?

You can try playing Sic Bo for free on CasinoHEX if there is a free version of the game on the site. If you want to play for real money, feel free to check out any casino you see on the list of Sic Bo casinos on this page. All casinos are chosen manually and go through a rigorous review process before making it to this list.

Is Sic Bo similar to Craps?

Sic Bo is a lot like Craps, but there’s a crucial difference. Sic Bo is played with three dice, while Craps only needs a pair. This also means the odds and payouts are a bit different in these two games.
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