All of us have heard of roulette at least once, but what is it exactly? Named by the French, this game has an Italian game ancestor Biribi. There are multiple possibilities for the players, like choosing to place bets not only on a single number but on groupings of numbers too. The colours red or black and whether the number is odd or even as well. And how could I forget about high (19–36) and low (1–18) numbers?

A dealer spins the wheel and the ball in opposite directions. It starts running around a track and gets straight to the outer edge of the wheel. This means the game has started! Eventually, the ball falls into one of 37 (French/European), 38 (American style), or even 39 (“Sands Roulette”) coloured and numbered slots. Those who were lucky to have a successful bet – get the money!

There’s no big difference between online and offline roulette. You’ll be able to experience every tiny pleasure of gambling even from the comfort of your own home! And here’s our turn to help you. Apart from giving you a list of reputable Australian online casinos, we’d like to back you up with some basic knowledge of the rules, strategies, and types of this game. Don’t be in a hurry, read attentively and after that go right for the win!

Best Aussie Casinos to Play Online Roulette

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The Rules

The most commonly featured version of roulette is a single one. Different sites and casinos can offer various types of roulette, but to make it simple for you, we’ll focus on those, you’ll probably come across first. Knowing the rules of American and European variants, there’ll be no problems for you to easily catch other ones. Below are three simple steps you need to make in order to open a whole new world for yourself!

Step 1

First of all – bets. After that, the players choose a number, section, or colour that the ball will land on and put the bet on the roulette table.

Step 2

Have you clicked on ‘spin’ or ‘play’? Great! The most interesting part is near… Actually, sometimes the players can still make bets when the ball is already spinning in the roulette wheel. But when the dealer says, ‘No more bets,’ then all wagers must stop.

Step 3

Everything you’ve won will be added to your balance. Don’t forget to check it! Though it’s unlikely that you should be reminded.

Best Roulette Game for Players from Australia

Prominent Online Roulette Strategies

Despite Roulette being a game of chance, developing your style and deeper knowledge of the game would still come in handy. We rarely know the outcome of any action we do in life, but we do choose to make an effort and try. Here it’s just the same.

Also please don’t be afraid of a trial-and-error process. Yes, it would most likely take some of your time and practice, but what doesn’t? Be patient, be self-aware. Try not to bet large sums of money right off the bat and in no time you might become quite an experienced player.


Oh, Martingale, a timeless classic. In simple words, it’s adjusting your bets based on the result of the previous spin. Your bet increases by two times after every loss and reverts to its initial size after each win. Basically, this system allows you to have revenge for any of the previous losses. Not that bad, right? But mind your pocket and emotions. Otherwise, you might leave with empty hands. The Martingale system is greatly loved by gamblers who have won a fortune and hated by those who have lost everything because of it. Hopefully, you’ll find yourself among the first ones.

The Grand Martingale

The game is even more extreme now. To play it not only do you have to double your bet after a loss, but also add 1 more unit to it. For example, you bet 7 units and unfortunately lose. On the next spin, you are supposed to put 14 units plus 1 more. The progression will look like this: 7 > 15 > 31 > 63 > 127. Despite this variant being more profitable and favoured by the players, it also means that the chances to lose are increasing. But, after all, risking is a part of any great adventure, right? Try your luck!


Being a progressive system where every next number is the total sum of the previous two, the progression will look something like this: 0-1-1-2-3-5-8-12-20-32-52-84… Naturally, this variant must have its weak and strong sides, but there are far too many drawbacks, more than you’d expect. For example, players rarely play for profit, since a sum they are wagering is equal to the amount that they have lost. Also keep in mind the ever-increasing size of the bets, with which there is a slim chance of not betting your entire bankroll at some point. Yeah, it is quite far from perfection. This style of betting works only in the short term.


Well, D’Alembert, yet another undying classic. Also called a pyramid system. You’ll be delighted to find out that it’s budget-oriented due to its peaceful nature (compared to the Martingale system). D’Alembert offers you to slightly adjust your bets depending on the outcome. The main idea is to increase your bet by 1 unit each time you lose and to decrease it by 1 following each time you win. It is impossible to reach the table limits since there are no drastic changes in bets, but if you decide to start with a small bet, it’s quite possible that you’ll reach the table minimum. Generally speaking, this system is convenient and simplistic. Everybody can benefit from it, even those who lack experience. D’Alembert gives the best results when played in the short term.


Meet the last contestant on our long list – Paroli. It is one of the positive betting systems, which is best applied with even money bets. In a few words, you should place flat bets until you hit a winning streak and double your wagers after each consecutive win. For example, if you wager 2 units on red and win, the next bet will be 4 units, and it will continue like that until you lose or hit three wins in a row. This system is superior to others because it does not require you to risk much of your initial funds. Most of the bets will likely be placed with money from previous spins and so your poor pocket can heave a sigh of relief for a while. This strategy is really for those who are tired of spending enormous sums of money and non-stop risking. Give yourself a break and practise your skills playing Paroli.

The Odds of Online Roulette

The European (48.60%) and American (46.37%) odds differ a bit. As it has already been mentioned, the case is with the wagers, Odd or Even bets pay 1:1. Talking more specifically, the chances of winning an Odd or Even bet are approximately one in a thousand, which isn’t that bad for a casino game.

The odds of scoring a single number bet are 2.60%, or a dozen or a column bet is at 31.6%. With a 2 to 1 payout, the odds are pretty good. For betting on any six numbers, the odds are half of that at 15.8%

Choose the type of Online Roulette that fits you best

American Roulette

The traditional version of the game with Vegas influence has a double zero to make the house edge a bit more. It resulted in the house edge increasing up to 5.26%, and there being two zeros on the wheel, one opposite the other. The bets are the same, the only difference is the call bets, they’re off the table.

European Roulette

Without exaggeration the most famous and common variation of the game. It only has a single 0, which makes the house edge 2.7%. Apart from the roulette table, players are also able to make call bets.

French Roulette

Contains the single 0 and European roulette wheel. Due to this both of them have the same house edge. Outside bets are split between the two long sides of the board here. The types of the bets are the same as in European roulette but additionally include ‘En Prison’ and ‘La Partage’ wagers. If the ball stops on zero, the insurance bets on even-money wagers mean a player can lose only a half of their wagered amount. Great, isn’t it? Pretty convenient, if you’d ask me!

Multi-Ball Roulette

Just straight up add 10 balls at once to the table and a wheel from European roulette and Voila! You get the multi-ball roulette. The number of betting options increases, making it a breath of fresh air to the classic roulette format.

Mini Roulette

Smaller, less popular, but still cute. Mini roulette is only half the size of a regular roulette table and has fewer betting options. It would fit best to the newbies and those who might be too scared to make more substantial bets yet. Bet bigger when you are ready and don’t push yourself too much. Perhaps your gut feeling is right and it’s better to gain some more experience as of now.

Royal Roulette

The concept is pretty easy – European roulette + a progressive jackpot bet. It’s possible to make a second wager (inside or outside bets) adding it to the main bet. Singular numbers as well. In order to win, the chosen number must land five times in a row.


Action Player

A player who makes large bets (heavily relies on skill)


A stationary part of the wheel that you can find on the outside of the wheel, it’s the place where the ball spins. Also sometimes referred to as the ‘ball-track’


The sum of your money at the table

Biased Numbers

Most common numbers.

Biased Wheels

A defective or damaged roulette wheel that from time to time causes “unfair” results (some numbers occur more frequently than the others due to the defects of the wheel itself).

Big Number

A number that keeps hitting all the time despite the theory of probability. it’s not magic, actually, it’s commonly used to differentiate biased wheels from properly functioning ones.

Bottom Track

A region where the ball rolls after falling. You can find it between the pockets and the backtrack.


The dealer

Double Zero

American wheel exclusive! American Roulette has two zeros instead of one with one being across the wheel from another.


When you feel like the last several hours were a complete failure and the next game is about to be as bad. You are not winning today and maybe it’s just not your day

En Prison

A generous bet found in European variations of the game. Instead of losing an even money bet when you hit zero, it’s put in hold for the next spin.

Even Money Bets

A 1/1 bet that almost always has a 50-50 chance of winning that covers 18 numbers.


Roulette table


Bet on numbers based on their position on the wheel, not how they’re placed on the layout.

Past Posting

A forbidden and invalid bet made after all the stop signals! You better not do it, because you certainly won’t be praised for such action.

Player Clocking

A smart move, yet a bit sneaky one. The chameleon Tactic, when you try to imitate other players’ bets. For this you’ll need a pen and a sheet of paper to write down everybody’s wins and losses.


of Chips (organized)


A strategy with a certain pattern that you can use to calculate your actions and bets and later benefit from it under a specific set of circumstances


Commonly used as a synonym for a bet. In roulette, however, a wager consists of bet units laid on bet spaces at the table


We throw a ball there for it to roll. The wheel has 37 or 38 slots, depending on how many zeros it has.


To cut it short, if the ball lands in a zero, all outside bets lose. It also has a pleasant green colour!

Online Roulette FAQ

How to win at online roulette?

Well, it’s impossible to always win and it’s the very first thing you should remember before taking up a new game. Moving to more practical pieces of advice, choose the right casinos, the reputable ones. Don’t be in a hurry and take time to read the theory. Gaining skill and experience is great for sure, but it is always best to build it on the foundation and basic knowledge that you already have. Otherwise, you’ll just spend twice as much time trying to make your way out solely by yourself. Eventually, keep in mind that roulette is a game of luck and chance. You might feel too sure of yourself, thinking that strategies will cover you up at any time, but be self-aware and don’t mix confidence with arrogance.

What is the best strategy for roulette?

The best strategy is the one that fits you best! The answer is that simple. To understand which exactly is the one, try them out while not playing on money or with small bets. In such circumstances, it won’t be too scary to risk and experiment (which is very important in gambling). Find your own way and become a professional! Objectively speaking, some game types and strategies have different strong and weak sides. You might be a good player for the short-term games or perhaps you’re really lucky and risking it all at once is your variant. Some are more extreme, others are more calculated. Pick the right one for yourself!

Is roulette a game of skill?

You can’t call roulette solely a game of skill. Mostly it’s a game of fortune, but if the skill wasn’t involved at all, would there be professionals? Play more, learn from others and read. Practice your way up to the top gamblers and in no time it’s you, who will be asked this very question!
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