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Are you looking for a simple and convenient way to make payments on gambling websites in Australia? Neosurf can be the thing you’re looking for. It is easy to top up in Australia, easy to use on any sites, and the company explicitly markets itself as a gaming and gambling payment solution.

With Neosurf, you can make deposits at local and international casinos, but you can’t make withdrawals directly. Neosurf is a completely anonymous payment system because it doesn’t have any connections to your personal information. If that seems intriguing to you, read our guide to learn more about this payment platform. Or, you can go straight to one of the Neosurf casinos listed on this page.

Casinos That Accept Neosurf Australia 2022

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What is Neosurf?

Neosurf is a simple and intuitive payment system that is quite popular in Australia. It’s sure not as widespread as credit card payments, but you can find plenty of Aussie Neosurf casinos out there.

Here’s how this payment method works.

How to make a deposit with Neosurf

Making a deposit with Neosurf is pretty simple and it doesn’t require you to have a credit card.

Step 1: Buy a Neosurf voucher

Neosurf offers throw-away vouchers that can be used at many online shops and casinos. Your first step is to find the nearest store that sells Neosurf vouchers and buy one. Most Australian cities have plenty of Neosurf vendors. Even the small towns usually have one, so you can use this payment method, no matter where you live.

If you haven’t seen one in your town, try looking for vendors at the Neosurf website.

Step 2: Find a Neosurf casino

Once you have a prepaid card on your hands, you’re all set in terms of payment. All you have to do now is to look through the list of casinos that accept Neosurf and choose the one you want to play at.

Browse CasinoHEX list, and choose your Neosurf casino.

Step 3: Create an account

Create an account at the casino you’ve chosen. You may need to provide some KYC details and verify your email address.

Step 4: Go to “make a deposit” page

Once you’re logged in, go to the “make a deposit” page. Choose Neosurf as your payment method and choose the amount of money you want to deposit at a casino. If you want to redeem a code, this is the perfect time to do this.

Find the “redeem a code” field and paste the code you want to redeem there. Note, that many casinos don’t automatically issue you a welcome bonus. If you want to get it, you’ll need to find the code on the “bonuses” or “promotions” page.

Step 5: Enter the Neosurf card number

You’ll find a 10-digit code at the back of your prepaid Neosurf voucher. Enter it in the corresponding field, and proceed. You should expect the funds to be sent to your account in a matter of minutes.

How to make a withdrawal with Neosurf

Neosurf could have been an ideal payment method, but the problem is, you can’t make a withdrawal. It’s the problem many prepaid cards face. You do get a lot of anonymity and flexibility, but the downside is that you cannot top-up the prepaid card.

This means you won’t be making any withdrawals back on your Neosurf account. You can and should use another method. If you want the process to be as fast as possible, go for credit card withdrawal or direct bank wire. If you want to keep the anonymity that Neosurf grants, try withdrawing to a Bitcoin wallet instead.

Neosurf Minimum Deposits

As with the other payment methods, the minimum deposit depends on the casino, not on the payment method. However, since Neosurf is a prepaid card, it poses some limitations on that.

The lowest value voucher you can get is $10, so that is the minimum deposit.

Neosurf Deposit Bonuses

In most casinos, using Neosurf doesn’t bar you from getting a bonus. Some casinos can even offer you a small bonus on top of your deposit if you make a payment with Neosurf. Look at our list of Neosurf casinos in Australia to see what casinos offer you some extra for using this platform.

Neosurf Deposit Fees

Technically, Neosurf is a free to use platform. You do not pay any fees when you make a deposit with this payment system. The only fee you will pay is the inactivity fee that amounts to $2 every 6 months that you’re not using the prepaid card you’ve bought. There’s also an exchange fee, but you won’t have to worry about it since CasinoHEX provides you with the list of AUD casinos.

Note, that you’ll pay a bit more than $10 for a $10 voucher, so you do end up paying a small fee to the vendor.

How safe are Neosurf transactions?

Prepaid card payment systems like Neosurf are extremely safe to use. The thing is, the prepaid card is in no way connected to you. You don’t have to provide your number, your email, your address, or your banking information to use the card.

All you need is the 10 numbers on the back of the card, and you’re set. Now, that does pose a problem since there is no 2FA, all you need to make a payment is the 10-digit code. Hypothetically, if someone gets ahold of your card, they can use it to make payments. But there’s just no way it can be exploited by online fraudsters, the only risk is your son finding the card and using it to pay for Fortnite goodies.

What countries accept Neosurf gambling transactions?

Neosurf is a well-established payment services company that serves 50 countries. Apart from Australia, Neosurf offers its services in many countries of Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. If you buy a Neosurf prepaid card, you can use it in any online casino, whether it’s based in Germany or Argentina.

What countries restrict the use of Neosurf?

This payment method is non-controversial enough that no country in the world has considered banning its operation. Sure, it’s not available in many countries yet, but the market Neosurf does cover hosts the majority of online casinos, so you shouldn’t be worried about that.

The pros of using Neosurf Pokies Australia

Here’s a quick summary of all the best sides of Neosurf as a casino payment solution.

It’s everywhere

In Australia, almost any town has a vendor that sells Neosurf vouchers. They sell them at gas stations, internet cafes, small shops, etc. This makes the majority of the continent covered, and you won’t have to make a long trip to get a voucher to fuel your gambling.

Easy cash top-up

If you’re not the type of guy who wants to get into e-wallets and cryptocurrency, Neosurf can be the right fit for you. All you have to do to get a way of making payments online is to pay in cash, and you got your prepaid card. Use the money, and throw it away, that’s how simple it is.

Transferable leftovers

What if you got a $50 voucher, and made a $45 deposit? It could mean you have $5 on your card that you can’t make a deposit with because it doesn’t match the minimum deposit requirements. With Neosurf, you can transfer the leftovers to your new prepaid card, and use them without any fees. The maximum limit that can be on your prepaid card is $250, but that would cover most leftovers.

Little to no fees

With Neosurf, you don’t have to pay a penny for making a deposit. You may need to pay a 2% exchange fee if you’re playing at an overseas Neosurf casino, but with the number of AUD casinos on our list, that won’t be necessary.

Don’t forget that you pay a bit less than the prepaid card is worth when you buy it. The more money the card hods, the less is your fee.


Neosurf is a great solution for those who want anonymity online. The prepaid card cannot be traced back to you unless an ASIO agent starts digging. Since you’re no Al Capone, your Neosurf deposits are untraceable.

The cons of using Neosurf at casinos

While Neosurf is a pretty good payment option, it does have its own drawbacks. Here are the most prominent ones.

Maximum cap.

Neosurf is probably a bad choice for high-rollers. The biggest value of a voucher you can get is $200. You can top it up to the maximum of $250, but that’s not going to last you even a day if you prefer to bet boldly.

No 2FA

Neosurf doesn’t have two-factor authentication. This is the price you pay for anonymity. The payment system doesn’t ask for your phone number or any other personal information. This means the only way to verify your payment is by using the 10-digit code. If the card gets stolen, any person can use it.

On the plus side, though, this means online fraudsters won’t be able to get to your money. After all, it’s a throw-away card.

No withdrawals

This is probably the worst part of Neosurf. Since it’s an anonymous throw-away card, it cannot be topped up in a conventional way. Sure, you can transfer your leftover money from another card, but Neosurf casinos don’t handle withdrawals with Neosurf.

Are you wondering how can you withdraw your winnings if you’re using Neosurf? Read on, and you’ll learn about the alternative payment methods you can use to get a withdrawal.

Best 5 Australian Neosurf Casinos

What are the best casinos to play using Neosurf? CasinoHEX has the perfect answer to this question. We provide you with a curated list of safe-to-use casinos, rated by professionals. Here are our top picks.

Roo Casino

Roo casino works only with Visa, Mastercard, and Neosurf. This means if you’re looking for a discreet way to make a deposit at this casino, you need Neosurf. Roo is a relatively new casino, but it is already popular among Aussie players. It offers over 800 engaging games and plenty of live casino options.

The $5000 deposit bonus probably did a lot for its popularity as well.

Pokie Spins

Pokie Spins is one of the best new Aussie casinos. It has a neat design and offers a solid collection of casino games. The casino opened in 2019, but it has already attracted a lot of players. In part, this is because it offers a safe gambling environment and plenty of live casino games.

The other part of Pokie Spins’ success is the fact that it showers players with money. Seriously, you can’t find another casino that is as generous with its players as Pokie Spins. Do you like a $5000 welcome bonus? This casino gives you a whopping $10000 across six deposits. Want to keep getting the bonuses? Not a problem, Pokie Spins offers a $100 deposit bonus that you can redeem day after day. Is that not enough? How about 40 free spins granted to you each day?

Long story short, Pokie Spins knows how to make gamblers happy. Read the review and see it for yourself.

Aussie Play

Aussie Play may not be quite as generous as Pokie Spins, but it still has a thing or two to offer. It’s one of the few casinos that offer a welcome bonus with a minimum sum of money to deposit, not the maximum one. Do you know what that means? You can deposit any sum of money, and the casino will give more than twice the deposit. The match-up percentage varies from 225% to 270% of the deposit sum. Now, that’s an offer high rollers can appreciate.

On the downside, there are only some 300 games on the platform, so if you tend to get bored by a game fast, you may not like it. If that’s not a concern, head over to the casino and claim an exclusive bonus from CasinoHEX.

True Blue Casino

If you love RTG games, this is the place to go. True Blue Casino is powered by RTG and hosts its latest and best games. The downside is there is just a tad over 200 of them. If that’s not a problem for you, you may be glad to learn that this Neosurf casino is giving away $2000 with a 200% match-up percentage. They’re also giving new players 50 free spins on top of that.

When you make a deposit, no matter how small, you’ll get 14 free spins each day for a whole week so you can try new slots free of charge.

24Pokies Casino

24Pokies Casino is the last to make this list, but this doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice. It’s a better choice than the rest of the casinos that didn’t make it to the top 5 list. In fact, it can have an edge on all the other casinos on this list. Even though 24Pokies casino only has 500 games on the website, it has the most diverse choice of game developers.

As for the bonuses, you get a modest $1500.

Alternatives To Neosurf For Making Online Casino Payments

Not sure Neosurf is right for you or looking for a withdrawal option? Here are your best alternatives.

Credit Cards

Using your credit card for depositing and withdrawing at online casinos is probably the easiest choice. There’s no hassle whatsoever, little to no transaction fees, and you can use the same payment method for both deposits and withdrawals. It’s also more convenient for you because you don’t have to make a trip to a Neosurf vendor to get access to online vendors.

However, there’s a downside too. If you’re looking for a discreet way of making gambling payments, this is not the case. You can’t pay with cash and receive a throw-away card that is not tied to you in any way. Another downside is that you probably won’t be able to use your credit card for gambling anymore.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfer is the oldest payment method of the bunch, but it doesn’t make it the most convenient one. It shares all the problems that credit cards have but doesn’t share all the benefits. For instance, wire transfer can’t be handled in a matter of minutes like the credit card. Withdrawals will take many hours to process.

On the plus side, wire transfer is a very reliable banking method, and the credit card ban doesn’t affect it.

Other e-wallets

If you want to keep some anonymity while having the versatility of using Neosurf casinos, you may use another e-wallet. Wallets like Skrill and Neteller give you the ability to receive withdrawals so you won’t need to use a second banking method at an online casino. However, you’ll need to sacrifice a bit of anonymity for that.

Both Skrill and Neteller require you to go through some know your customer procedures if you want to be able to increase your limits on deposits and withdrawals. You also can’t top up these wallets with cash directly, you’ll need to do that with a credit card. If that’s not enough difficulties for you, you have to pay a small transaction fee on every deposit.


In 2019, barely anyone is surprised by Aussie online casinos offering BTC as a banking method. If you’ve been viewing it as a novelty, it may be the time you changed your outlook and considered BTC as a viable alternative to the regular payment methods.

It’s even more anonymous than Neosurf, and it offers you a stable payment method that is accepted by many online casinos for both deposits and withdrawals. Holding your savings in BTC can be questionable, but using it for discreet gambling transactions isn’t.

Neosurf Casinos in Australia FAQ

How safe is Neosurf for online casino payments?

Neosurf is an anonymous throw-away debit card. It’s the safest option out there. Unless someone steals the physical card, your funds are completely safe.

Do Neosurf casinos provide instant withdrawals?

Many of them do, but the problem is, you can’t make a withdrawal on a prepaid card. This means you’ll need to come up with another way to make a withdrawal at a fast payout casino. Credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, or Bitcoin will do just fine.

How do you make a deposit at a Neosurf online casino?

It’s very easy and won’t take you much time. All you need to make a deposit is a casino account and the 10-digit code on the back of your Neosurf prepaid card. Buy a voucher at the nearest vendor, enter the 10 numbers and letters into the corresponding field, and it’s done! It’s that easy.

What casinos accept Neosurf?

Dozens of Australian casinos accept Neosurf. You can find them all, carefully reviewed and arranged into a list here, at CasinoHEX. We update the list constantly, so you won’t miss out on the new Neosurf casinos.

Where can I buy Neosurf vouchers?

The best part about Neosurf is that you can buy a prepaid card almost anywhere. They don’t only sell it in the major cities, you can find Neosurf vendors in small towns as well. Whether you live in Queens, or in Bakewell, NT, you can always find at least one Neosurf vendor nearby.

Are there Neosurf casino bonuses?

Only a small fraction of Australian online casinos offer a welcome bonus specifically tied to a payment method. You can find out whether your casino issues one in the review section on CasinoHEX. However, you can always get a regular welcome bonus. The bonuses in some Aussie casinos can be immense, and in some cases, you can try a casino out without investing any money at all. Find a no deposit casino to do that.

What are the benefits of using Neosurf for casino deposits?

For starters, Neosurf is very easy to obtain in Australia. All it takes is a walk to the nearest vendor, and you got yourself a prepaid card. You don’t pay any transaction fees, only a small fee to the vendor. If you play at an AUD casino, you don’t have to pay any fees at all once you walk out of the shop where you’ve bought the voucher. On top of that, Neosurf is completely anonymous and far more easy to use than Bitcoin.
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