Online gambling has come in full swing in Australia. Players get to make bets without leaving the comfort of their own house, thus making online poker a delicious cocktail of excitement and relaxation. If you want to learn more about how online casinos work in Australia, stay tuned.

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Online Poker is a game where one can make bets using chips, the latter representing a player’s cash. A made bet can be based on the true value of your hand, as well as a perceived one.

Over the last decades, hundreds of online poker sites have popped up in Australia due to the high popularity of the game itself. Now you can play poker without a PC, all you really need is any device and a good Internet connection, and that would be it. Aussies can test their skills and luck at some top-ranking online gambling games whenever they feel like it.

Online Poker is not just fun, it could be a place to win some sweet-sweet bucks if you do know what you are doing and you are doing it well. Find the best strategies, tips, and tricks below. The most probable victory is a well-thought one, right?

Rules of Online Poker

Online Poker is versatile, meaning you will not run into the risk of getting bored too quickly, however, this also means that the rules of the game will change slightly. Don’t worry, though, the gist of the game stays pretty much the same. Let’s learn the ropes of online gambling, shall we?

In online poker, there is always a dealer. This is a person who supplies you and other players with five random cards. Before each game, the cards are shuffled, of course.

So you have five cards on you. If you wish so, you can discard as many cards as you wish. Then the bets are placed in each round. You are the one to choose how high or low you want to go on your bet, or if you want to place a bet at all in a particular round.

If you feel confident about the cards that you have got, you may name the cards in your hand, effectively making it “a dead hand” and leaving the round. It is the highest hands that wins.

The rules are in no way complicated, but just like about anything it takes time to get a hang of things. Start off cautious and attentive, then, as you become more and more confident, play it dangerously. And remember to always check the rules of the online poker you are playing beforehand.

Online Poker Strategies

You can’t control how lucky you are on a separate occasion, but a trusty set of strategies can play a major role in your wins and losses. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make the odds work for you, not against you and your bank account. H3 Learn your Online Poker Game Rules

As we have mentioned before, while there is a baseline to all online poker websites, every website may implement a bit different rules. It is highly advised for you to get to know them before the game.

Study the Basics

There are loads of resources online, where you can play to train in online gambling. It is a good idea to make painless mistakes before you put money behind it. Beginner’s luck is nothing if you have no idea how to play the game properly.

Keep that Mind Sharp

Online Poker is a lot like maths if it were fun: there are winning combinations for which you should absolutely keep the cards and there is ignorance to what those combinations are and how they present themselves in the game. Learn poker combinations by heart.

Playing Safe is not a Bad Thing

If there is money behind your bet, please, do not be reckless and stake up (unless you know what you are doing). Your co-players are likely to sit tight on their own bets, not willing to lose their cash.

Some Cards are not Like the Others

It is highly recommended for a player to hold on to the cards that could be used in the most auspicious combos such as a full house, royal flush, three of a kind, or a straight flush.

Let is Go

Don’t hoard all the cards in hopes they will come handy somehow. They will inevitably make you lose. Instead, work with your odds, not against them: there is always a way to combine cards to make a favourable combo for you. Discard the ones that you don’t need.

The More of the Same the Merrier

Don’t place all your hope on a single high card you might get. It is wiser to keep lower cards for the combinations that are to come.

Get Real

Let’s imagine you are a lucky dog and you are holding a straight flush, but you are willing to break it in hopes to get a flush. Do not discard a 9 while a 9, 10, J, Q, K are present, thinking that you are definitely going to get an Ace the second round.

Online Poker Odds

Remember how poker is similar to maths? That is because with each draw there is a lesser or greater chance of getting a particular card. No worries, though: there is no need to be a math genius or something, but calculating and planning will work at your advantage in online gambling.

There is a chance of your victory. The percentage of that chance happening could be converted into odds. For instance, with a 20% chance of hitting the right cards, you should perceive your chances as the following: 80% divided by 20% equals 4, thus your odds are 4-to-1. These easy calculations will save you cash.

Australian Online Poker Types

Online Poker is quite rich in its variety, so you can definitely find something to your liking. Below, we shall list some types that we find to be the most popular among players. Dabble in each of them to see which one suits your taste the best.

Mobile Online Poker

Another awesome gambling experience at the tip of your fingers. Lately, this kind of online poker is winning the hearts of many Australians. It really has it all: it is easy, quick, and captivating. You may find yourself lost exploring all the possibilities of online casinos and the games they can offer. Most software developers of such casinos ensure that a player has a seamless experience while playing

Online Poker Tournaments

High-stakes or low-stakes tournaments — that’s for you to pick. Online poker tournaments come in different shapes and sizes and the reason for that being that they are so popular among the players. You can only invest a couple of bucks, but if you come on top, you will receive hundreds in cash. The risk is very small with this one, so they are definitely worth your time and effort. The variety of such poker tournaments is still growing, here to name a few: multi-table, sit&gos, double or nothing, and others.

Live Dealer Poker

The rules are pretty much the same, but this time there is a real person that is behind your dealer. This instills trust in the gambling act as well as emulates a real experience one might get only at a casino. You never know when you will feel like gambling, though, so a round-the-clock live dealer poker is a perfect way to unwind and possibly win some cash.

Texas Hold’em

This is one of the popular poker variants. Due to its popularity, most international poker tournaments feature this kind of poker. Though it is not that different from draw poker and the rules are quite simple, it is important to learn them before you start playing. In the game of Texas Hold’em, each player is dealt two cards face down, which are also known as the ‘hole cards’. After a couple of betting rounds, five more cards are finally dealt face up in the middle of the table. These are the ‘community cards.’ Each player at the table is totally free to use those cards in combination with their hole cards to get a five-card poker hand.

Jack or Better

This is yet another kind of online poker. The rules for Jacks or Better poker are pretty much the same as for any other five-card draw poker. But, unlike the latter one, there is no raising of stakes. A player has to make a single bet at the very beginning of the game and their goal is to have a hand that consists of a pair of jacks or something better. If not, then the house wins.

Caribbean Stud Poker

In this interpretation of the classics a player makes an ante wager bet (see Online Poker Glossary) and on top of that a one-dollar progressive side bet. As per usual, each player at the table gets five cards, which are all faced down. Then, the first player has to fold and raise the bet. The game proceeds by raising the bets progressively. In Caribbean Stud Poker the lowest hand would include an ace, a four, a three, and a two.

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is an immensely popular variant of online video poker, where the primary objective is for the player to get the best possible hand. But, wait, there is a twist: in this kind of poker, all deuces count as Wilds. Meaning, that you can have a pair of kings and a deuce in your hand, so you are holding another kind of a king. The deuce in this game is considered as a king card, thus giving it the name Deuces Wild. This means that it is a good idea to hold a pair or any deuce in your hand throughout the game. Deuces Wild is quite an exciting game to play. Compared to regular online poker one may see a lot more winning hands because of the wild deuces.

Three Card Poker

The gist of the game is in its name, actually. Only three cards will be dealt to you. Three cards are then dealt face down to each player and to the dealer. You are only playing against the dealer and not other players at the table. After that, a player will look at his hand to decide to place a play wager. Some gamers advise playing all hands that are greater than Queen, Six, and Four. Others who got worse hands should fold. For those who fold, the game is over and the dealer collects the player’s ante wager and pair plus wager. Three Card Poker layouts are also a bit different from the traditional ones, so do your research and rewire your brain to spot those combinations right away.

Online Poker Glossary


Refers to the moment one player wagers all of the available chips for that round.


Stand for the money placed in the prize pool. You may also come across an ante being named “a kitty”.


Players place their bets in clockwise order. If a table you are playing at does not have a wager, then the betting may start.

Bet Max

Means betting at the maximum amount.


Refers to a forced wager placed by players on the left side of the dealer.


A player can only call if a bet has been placed on the current round. By calling a player matches the current bet made by other players.


If there is no wager in place, a player may check.


Refers to a two, which acts as a Wild.


A card that can stand in for other cards in order to create a winning combination.


Means to close your hand, and forfeit the rest of the round.

Online Poker FAQ

Is online poker legal?

In Australia, online casinos are not allowed. However, it’s possible for Aussies to enjoy online casinos from another country. The casinos you see on the list are tailor-made to suit all the needs Aussie gamblers may have but are registered in countries like Curacao or Malta. In the case of these casinos, playing online poker is completely legal.

How to win at online poker?

For the best tips and tricks on how to do that you should visit our Online Poker Strategies where our best experts provide some trusted tips on how you may increase the odds of you winning the game. Then there is practice too: go to any site that gives you an opportunity to play poker online or free and practice.

How do you win at online gambling every time?

It’s statistically impossible to win at online poker every single time, unless you can bend reality or are a closeted wizard. However, if you do play a lot and you have learned the rules you are more likely to win big money.

Can you still play online poker in Australia?

Yes, of course, you can try out the best online casinos listed on our page. The Interactive Gambling Act (2001) applies only to online casino operators in Australia, but not the players, so go on and enjoy your game.

Can online poker be rigged?

No, that is not the case. You see, the software that is used to shuffle and distribute the cards is all licensed. This means that the developers of the said software have made sure that one can’t temper with the odds system. You are safe gambling online.

What is the best poker site for real money gambling?

Golden Reels is one of the top three Australian online casinos that offers the best deals for its player, as well as a multidimensional gambling experience. Visit them to try for yourself and see which offers and games you like the best.

Can you win real money in online poker?

You absolutely can do that! Winning hard cash is the best part of online gambling and frankly any gambling. Study the rules, practice a lot,make online poker your hobby and you are bound to get a jackpot.

Can I try out online poker for free?

Absolutely! As for right now, there are a lot of online casino sites that offer a free gambling experience for Australian online players. All you need to do is register and enjoy the experience while excelling at the game.

Do I need to download some software to play online poker?

You may need to download an app to enjoy online gambling, but that is not a necessity. Most websites these days have a very good mobile version of their online casino website, so you don’t need to waste your device memory space for that.

I have played real poker. Will it be easier for me to play online poker then?

To some extent, yes, it will be easier. However, different online games have varying rules and you should take it into account to maximize your chances of winning. Make sure you read the rules of a game you are about to play carefully.
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