If you like to have a flutter from time to time, you must be familiar with scratch cards or simply saying scratchies. But do you know what are they exactly? Why have they become so popular all over the globe? Why are they worthy of worldwide acclaim and what are the best tips for winning? If you are interested at least in one, keep reading and you will broaden your horizons and learn the skills you need to get a bright future with a lot of dough!

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You will learn a bit about the history behind scratchies, the basic rules and strategies, and the most important piece of information of all — you’ll find a list of the best Australian casinos where you can play scratchies.

Best Scratch Card Games

A brief history of online scratchies

First of all, it would be nice to know what type of game it is. To learn this, let’s plug into the history of scratch card creation. Due to the fact that many people had and still have a consuming passion for gambling but don’t want to have real money to play games of skill, scratch cards were produced and still continue to delight the gamblers. Initially, a scratch card was a small paper or cardboard card with a thin plastic covering to conceal the letters, numbers, and other information which could be revealed by scratching off that opaque plastic covering.

It appears that the very first scratch ticket was made in America in 1974 but was not very popular because many kind-hearted men didn’t want to harm mother nature. It all changed in the late 1980s when Jerome Greenfield invented a water-based and solvent-free scratch coating. After that, many tried their luck not only in gambling but also in making a business of producing scratch cards.

Yet, only the luckiest and the best two main producers of the scratch cards remain till this very day. They are Pollard Banknote and the Scientific Gaming Corporation. It appears that the latter has facilities all around the world due to being the founding company of the scratch cards. Europe, North, and Central America, and especially Australia are full of retail outlets where thousands of gamblers bet every day.

The best part about scratchies is that you don’t have to buy the physical product every time you want to gamble. You have the option to play online. Aussies for example can enjoy gambling in hundreds of casinos right now. Yet, owing to a large number of couch potatoes like us, this thriving industry has created online casinos where you can buy scratchies in a minute right from your home. For example, the web-based online scratch cards, which do not require downloading and installing any software, allow you to play online scratchies directly from your browser and provide an incredible variety of prices and prizes for scratchies. Starting from $1 where the odds of winning vary from 1 in 4.07 to the ones for $20 that guarantee any win 1 in 3 and can make you a millionaire 1 in about 500,000.

If you want to find out unique strategies of winning in online scratchies now, learn more about the rules of online gambling, and get acquainted with the list of highly reputable online casinos, make a cup of coffee, recline in your chair and keep reading.

How to play Scratch Cards?

As for the rules of scratchies, they can be divided into three subsections: rules of buying scratch cards, rules of scratching them off, and rules of claiming the prize.

Firstly, you must know, that each and every scratchcard must be bought for its full price and only from authorized retailers or retail sites if it is a web-based online scratch card or a download-based online scratch card. Otherwise, your scratch card won’t be valid and it won’t allow you to claim the bonus outcome. Moreover, you’d better watch carefully to check whether it has not been tampered with or expired, which can make it invalid as well. In order to end this subsection, it would be necessary to mention that you can buy a scratch card only if you are over the age of 16. However, you should be at least 18 years of age to enter any Aussie online casino.

Secondly, when it comes to scratching off the thin plastic covering, you must be careful not to damage the concealed letters. It’s obvious that they cannot be destroyed easily, but still don’t use a knife or something like that.

Thirdly and finally, it goes without saying that if you want to claim the other winnings, you must present the scratch card. Luckily, the small prizes can be claimed directly from retailers. Yet, if you got the big end of the purse, sometimes it would be necessary for you to come to the special office of the manufacturer company in person. Also, you should be aware of the “Claim Period”. It is usually mentioned on the scratch card, on the official site, or can be figured out on the retailer’s guidelines.

Scratch Cards Strategies

Now that you know the rules of scratchies, you may be curious about the ways of increasing your chances of winning. First of all, you must understand that everything depends on Lady Luck. And that’s beautiful because all gamblers have the great demand for this divine passion. Yet, there are some tips on how to improve your chances of winning and let you get the desired outcome. Buy scratch cards in bulk

The first piece of advice would be…Guess what? Right, to buy scratch cards in bulk. It is a fact, that if you buy 20 scratchies instead of 10, more of them are likely to hit the win. Moreover, experienced gamblers venture to affirm that the manufacturer companies usually create a few “lucky” scratch cards and place them throughout one pack of scratchies. So, it is believed that if you buy a pack, there will definitely be at least a few scratch cards hitting the small prize and, perhaps, one with a high probability to give you a lot of dough. Check out the list of running lottery-like games

Secondly, it would be nice to check out the whole list of the running lottery games in order to find out the prizes of different scratch cards and the odds of winning, which vary depending on each game. Usually, the odds are printed on every instant ticket. For instance, there can be scratch cards for $15 that provide the chance of winning any prize 1 in 3 and the odds of getting the “top prize” 1 in 600,000. At the same time, there can be scratch cards for $2 that guarantee the small win 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 but give the chance of winning the “top prize” 1 in 300,000 instead of 1 in 500,000, for example. Yet, it goes without saying that the “top prize” is going to be lesser than the one provided by the more high-priced scratch card. So you’d better chose carefully which lottery game to play if your budget is limited.

Use tactics for the good

Next, if you want to try some tactics and methods to increase your chances of hitting the win, allow me to introduce to your attention the “Singleton Method”. Although you may think all these dipsy doodles call for a prodigious mind, only a little understanding and attentiveness are needed here. The “Singleton Method” was invented in 2003 by one geological statistician named Mohan Srivastava from Toronto. He was playing so-called “Tic-tac-toe” scratch cards and asked himself: even though the manufacturer companies affirm to produce the scratch cards absolutely randomly, they still need to control the amount of the winning scratchies somehow.

With that in mind, he started scrutinizing the codes of different scratch cards, their hidden numbers, visible symbols and came up with the idea that there was an algorithm that may lead a gambler to the win. What he figured out was the fact, that if the visible numbers on the scratch card do not repeat themselves, they are ought to be replicated under the opaque plastic covering. Moreover, if there are at least three of them standing in one row, this may be a sign of the “top prize”. After he won some immensely big outcome he started to live humdrum life and confided his method to other gamblers. So, if you are up a tree, there’s no need to be crestfallen. You just need to pull yourself together and go over the retail outlets with a toothcomb looking for the singletons.

All for one

Finally, if you are playing some web-based online scratch cards, you may watch attentively the news of players hitting the win. Usually, on online casino sites, there is a line, where the big victories are announced. It is believed, that when many players go on a dry spell for quite a long time, it’s a sign of the big victory to come soon. So, if you have enough time, it will be a wise move to look carefully and wait for the hint to drop. Many experienced gamblers assure that they had won their biggest jackpots exactly thanks to the ability to catch the hint at the right moment. So pull up your socks, and start looking for the sign that will lead you to fortune! Scratch cards odds

It’s not a secret that each lottery game has its own odds of hitting the win and odds of getting the “top prize”. Owing to this, you can figure out which lottery games have the greatest chances of winning and get a pack of scratchies from that one. Moreover, it happens that some manufacturers provide the highest chances of winning a small prize, while the others have a few cards with small outcomes but, at the same time, the company has made more instant scratchies and cards with “top prizes”. With that said, you must make up your mind and chose if you are interested in hitting a lot of small prizes or do you have a great loaning for taking the big end of the purse.

Also, there are special sites that provide the current amount of winning scratchies and the amount of all scratch cards that are left on sale, and the number of remaining top prizes. So, if you have enough time and the desire to monitor the current situation of each lottery game, you may check the special site that runs 24/7 for the information. Moreover, it would be a great idea to buy the scratch cards in bulk on the last week or the last day of the lottery game if there were a lot of winning scratchies left.

Top Scratch cards providers in online casinos

Now that you got acquainted with the rules of scratch cards and learned some nice strategies, it is time for you to choose which scratchies to play. In this paragraph, some of the most famous and player-friendly scratch games are mentioned. And it goes without saying, that they have become worthy of gamblers’ admiration all over the world due to the great number of victories. So, choose the one you like and give it a try!


Let us begin with the “Gunslinger’s Gold” scratch card game created by reliable producer Rival. This game is designed in a wild west style which makes you feel like you are having a gold rush. Not just it is well animated but also this scratch card game provides a huge variety of bets. Depending on your budget, mood or premonition of luck, you may bet $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2, $5, $10, $25 and $100. It is not even worth mentioning that you may hardly ever find a lottery game with so many different bets.

Usually, people put $1 or $2 on one scratch card in order to win $100 or $200. Yet, high-rollers bet $100 in order to fin the “top prize” of $5000! When it comes to the process of the game itself, the design is pretty friendly and the rules are absolutely easy to understand. All you need to do to win real money is to get three symbols matched in a row. While revealing the hidden symbols, you will plunge into the atmosphere of the real scratching off. You will be moving your cursor around the card as if it is the coin that you are scratching with. Also, there’s even the original scratching sound effect. If it appears that there are three cowboys in a row — you win!


Next, if you are a great fan of Indian films, you will definitely like the Bollywood-themed “Mumbai Magic” scratch card game. This exact game is run by the experienced old jackal of the gambling industry Microgaming itself. As you may guess, it’s not really a traditional online casino scratch card game. Here, instead of scratching off the opaque covering and looking for the numbers, you’ll need to match two objects, actors or actresses, in order to hit the prize. You may bet $0.50, $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $6, $7, $8, $9 or $10. The “Top Prize” is $200,000! It might be enough to create your own movie and become a star!


Finally, if you are into more original types of casino games full of chance, there is a scratchie named the “Hot Dice” scratch card. It was developed by Realtime Gaming or RTG for short. It’s a dice-themed scratch cards game that consists of 5 panels, which means that you will get 5 chances to hit the prize each roll. Also, there are two flaming red dices on the background and the counter of the jackpot, which allows you to see how much you can win and the best time for playing. In order to win on the “Hot Dice”, you must get a dice total of either 7 or 11 points. Moreover, there can be up to five victory rolls per game! There you may bet $1, $2, $5, or $10. The total amount of the outcome depends on the progressive jackpot, which can be up to thousands of dollars! So remember the strategies you’ve just read and choose the best time for taking the big end of the purse!

Scratch Cards FAQ

Can you play scratch cards online?

Sure thing! As it was mentioned at the very beginning there are web-based online scratch cards and downloadable scratch cards provided by many famous and time-proven companies.

What is the best scratch card to buy in Australia?

Some of the most popular scratch cards that have earned the admiration of many gamblers are Microgaming, Rival, and Realtime Gaming, more known as RTG.

Does anyone win on online scratch cards?

That’s exactly why the people keep playing. There are thousands of small prizes every day.

Is it better to buy more expensive scratch tickets?

First of all, it depends on your budget. You are free to buy cheap ones in bulk in order to hit more small wins. Or you can bet more and get the impressive outcome at once!

Are scratch cards worth it?

If you do enjoy the game and it’s your passion, then you will definitely not only have fun but win a good amount of cash and dough.
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