You’re dissatisfied with your current casino or are just looking for your first one? Then, there’s good news for you, the list of new online casinos in 2021 grows by the hour. There are dozens of latest, brand new online casinos to add to the already extensive list of the new casinos of 2020.

The variety of slot-machine choices for Aussie gamblers is astonishing. Browse our website to find fresh casino sites in Australia and all around the world. Some of them offer huge bonuses when they launch.

But how do you know a new casino is safe to play if it hasn’t been around for enough time to build a reputation? That’s where CasinoHEX experts come into play. Our employees review new gambling sites and rate them according to their safety and quality of what they offer to the players.

New Australian Casinos 2021

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CasinoHEX is an independent review service that aims to provide you with a detailed examination of leading gambling sites. Featured sites are led by our partners who contribute to our business, so CasinoHEX gets its income through the commissions. Users are not charged by CasinoHEX. Commissions that we receive for marketing brands do not affect the gaming experience of a User. However, CasinoHEX provides only unbiased reviews, all sites selected meet our rigorous standard for professionalism.
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Our criteria for picking new online casinos in 2022

The experts CasinoHEX employs are professionals in gambling who have spent years in the industry. But you don’t have to trust our word for it.

To let you understand what kind of quality you can expect from our ratings, we’re disclosing our rating factors. Here’s what brand new casinos need to have to be rated favorably and appear high on our list.

Investment in an awesome mobile experience

The best thing about online gambling is the ability to play anywhere. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or out and about, you can always go online and play a put a quick wager on pokies or a table game. But the beauty of online gambling is negated when you can only play from your PC or laptop. If every casino was like that, then what’s the point? You could be better off in a land-based casino, for that matter.

However, very casinos that open these days are desktop-only. Most offer some sort of mobile experience, and that’s what we take into consideration when rating new casino websites. We’re looking for a wholesome mobile experience, the one that is as fast and engaging as running the casino on a desktop browser.

Having an app is not a must, but counts as a huge advantage. The main thing we look for is for the casino to have a great user experience when viewed from mobile. We test casinos on a range of iOS and Android devices before settling in for the final verdict.

Adding new game suppliers and slots

We believe that the latest Aussie casino sites must host the latest games to stay relevant. After all, what is the purpose of launching a brand new casino if the only games it has on the platform were made five years ago?

Sure, we check the casinos for having eternal classics of gambling like Book of Ra, but our interest is skewed towards newer games. If a casino hosts games from fresh game developers like Quickspin and Yggdrasil, we consider it a plus.

Then, we look at how fast the casino features new releases from both new and more popular publishers like Microgaming and NetEnt. We want the Aussie gamblers who consult with our list to enjoy the latest games from top manufacturers as fast as possible, so we deem it to be a significant ranking factor.

Streamlining deposits and withdrawals

When we’re looking for a new online casino, the only thing we care about is the game. We want to play pokies, roulette, or blackjack, not get caught up in minor details. Why would we then include formalities such as these to our list of important ranking factors?

Precisely because they’re not important to a regular player. Nobody wants to spend their time figuring out how do deposits work at the casino or trying to understand are they eligible for a withdrawal. Our experts make sure that you don’t. They study the casinos’ deposit and withdrawal process and award more points if both of these processes are simple and easy to follow.

Providing top-notch support

Support is something we don’t often take into consideration when choosing a casino. After all, most players never end up in a situation where they need to contact the support. But let’s imagine you do get in such a situation. You desperately need help from the casino, and the support just leaves you on read for hours or even days.

It could ruin your day, or even worse, ruin your financial state. CasinoHEX won’t let that happen. We test the support team of each casino we review and make sure they’re top-notch. If the casino’s support is responsive, helpful, and is willing to explain everything in a calm and respectful manner, they get the highest mark.

More licenses – better casino

Online sports betting in Australia is thriving. But you can’t even get a license for an online casino in the country. Why then would we consider having a license to be an important factor? The thing is, even though the government of Australia can’t control the casino you’re gambling at, some other legal entity has to.

If a casino has licenses issued by Malta, Curacao, or Gibraltar, and they prove to be genuine, we at least know that it’s not a fraud. If the casino in question is governed by the UK Gambling Commission, we know that it’s in good hands since UKGC is a strict regulator and it’s not afraid to take action.

Security Certificates

Right after checking whether the casino has a license, we look at the security certificate it claims. Having a valid license from a respected country shows the website we’re looking at is not a rogue casino. Having a security certificate shows that this casino cannot be penetrated by fraudsters and solidifies our understanding of how safe is to gamble at the website.

A valid eCOGRA or IBAS certificate means a casino is a safe place to bet because even our experts cannot do a more in-depth security screening as these companies.

The Casino Games Range

If there’s one thing we, gamblers care about when choosing new online casinos in Australia is the games. The games are at the core of our love for online casinos, and we want a lot of them. Even though having thousands of games on the platform doesn’t necessarily mean a good variety of choice, it can be a good sign.

What we’re looking for, primarily, is the variety and the quality of games that are available to you. If there are a couple of hundred games, but they’re all top-shelf material and we can find a variety of gameplay and topics across this small selection of games, we consider it to be a huge advantage.

Payment Methods

The variety and ease of use of the payment methods in a given casino is also a big ranking factor for us. Considering the fact you may not be able to use your credit card while gambling, having a wide range of payment methods that can appeal to any Aussie gambler is not just a nice thing to have, it’s a necessity.

We study what payment methods are available at the new casinos we review and let you browse the list of casinos by your preferred payment method.

Design and Usability

While we primarily care about the games new casinos host, the website itself is important too. After all, you’ll spend a lot of time on the site, so it may as well be easy to use. Pleasant design and easy-to-navigate architecture allow you to spend less time searching for what you need, and more time doing what you actually want to be doing, gambling and winning.

Exclusive Bonuses & Offers

A huge bonus on the landing page of a new casino is probably what most players see when they first open the website. But don’t let that number fool you. There are a lot of nuances that define whether you’ll like using that bonus or not.

The match-up percentage, the payout requirements, and the number of games that count towards the latter is just the beginning of the list. This is why you should read a casino review first to see if that huge bonus is worth taking. With CasinoHEX, you’ll put your money to good use.

We also provide information on no-deposit bonus casinos in case you wanted to explore some casinos without spending money at all. Register at one of those casinos, and you’ll be able to place a few bets for free, no strings attached.

New Casinos Australia 2020

Advertising Disclaimer
CasinoHEX is an independent review service that aims to provide you with a detailed examination of leading gambling sites. Featured sites are led by our partners who contribute to our business, so CasinoHEX gets its income through the commissions. Users are not charged by CasinoHEX. Commissions that we receive for marketing brands do not affect the gaming experience of a User. However, CasinoHEX provides only unbiased reviews, all sites selected meet our rigorous standard for professionalism.
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100% up to €100 Read Review National Casino 3000+
100% up to €500 + 20 FS Read Review FireSlots 2000+
Divas Luck
400% Read Review Divas Luck 1000+

Trends in new Casinos 2022

Why would you even want to choose a new casino over an already established one? After all, aren’t casinos that were around for years better and more equipped to provide a five-star service? Well, it’s not necessarily true.

New online casinos are often a step up in quality. Here’s what trends you may find more often in new casinos.

Tougher regulation

In recent years, online gambling regulation has been nothing but tough. UKGC, for instance, has been coming up with and enforcing ad regulations to create a safer gambling environment for everyone. Even though all casinos will now have to comply with that, new casinos are launched with these regulations in mind.

This means they won’t be clingy when you think you have to self-exclude for some time and you’ll know you’re not playing with minors at the same casino.

Faster processing of casino withdrawals

If you’ve been playing at online casinos for a while now, you know that it may take a while to withdraw your winnings. In some extreme cases, casinos only do payouts one day a week. This means if you decide to withdraw on Saturday, and the payday is Friday, you’ll be waiting for another six days before the claim gets processed.

Luckily, new online casinos know about this problem and won’t miss the chance to find a competitive advantage over the old casinos. This is why so many new casinos we see on the market offer fast payout. You can get your money in a matter of hours, not days.

New payment methods

It can be a pain for some older, more established casinos to incorporate new payment methods. In many cases, the operators don’t even recognize the need to include new payment methods. They think, since we are well-known already, people will just switch to the payment methods we offer.

That’s the best part of gambling at new casinos. They understand the value of customer service and are doing their best to appeal to you. This includes adding new, comfortable payment methods. With a new casino, you won’t have to spend your time looking for ways to save money while making a deposit. You can just use the payment method you already use and get straight to gambling.

Instant casino play with online banking credentials

Australia truly is a nation of gamblers. This is why Australia online casinos offer features that the UK market hasn’t implemented yet. If you’re an Aussie, you can enjoy the so-called instant play or pay’n’play casinos.

These casinos make it so much easier to play casino games. You connect the casino to your banking account, and each time you lose, the casino charges you. Each time you win, you get a payment. This is the fastest way to handle deposits and withdrawals. It’s very secure, too, since the casino can’t charge you random sums and doesn’t have access to your private banking information.

Increasing focus on mobile usability

Mobile-first has been the motto of all things digital for the past couple of years. Even though many online casinos have caught up, some are still lagging in terms of mobile experience. All new online casinos are designed with mobile users in mind.

Pick any website from our list, and you can be sure you can browse it and play games seamlessly. If you want to play at a website specialized in mobile gambling, go on and browse our list of mobile casinos.

Bigger selection of live dealer casino games

Some of the casino websites we know and love have this particular weakness. They focus too much on one type of gambling. For the most part, it’s the pokies, but some websites feature a ton of table games and a shameful handful of pokies. The things are a bit better in new casinos.

Many of them recognize that Aussie gamblers want a bit of everything and they’re eager to deliver. Live casinos are among the most significant additions to the list. Most casinos we feature on our list will host more than one live casino game from more than one game developer. That’s a great step up already, but if you’re a big fan of live casino games, you should browse the list of live dealer casinos to find the best selection.

More online slots from new suppliers

Why bother with experimenting with something new, if the old works just as well? This is what a lot of well-known casino websites think. They feature games that are widely recognized and known to be profitable. The new ones? The ones that defy the genre, or better yet, define a new one? That’s unknown territory and risk for the big casinos.

This is why you can see these games much more often at new online casinos. If you’re looking for Yggdrasil, Quickspin, and other developers that don’t want to be confined to the standard formula of the pokies, you better take a look at this list.

Gamification and social gaming

Are you the type who loves the challenge and competing with other Aussie gamblers? Well, you’re far more likely to find things that would interest you if you look at the new online casinos. Among these, there are a lot of casinos that launch daily tournaments for you to test your luck against other players.

There are also more opportunities for social gambling like live casinos.

AR & VR Casino Games

This is something you don’t find at the older casino websites. The thing is, many are too afraid to embrace the change and try something new. That’s the attitude you won’t find at any new Aussie casino. If you’re eager to get into AR/VR gambling, the casinos from this list are the best place to start.

If you own a VR headset, we recommend checking out the first VR slot, Gonzo’s Quest at one of the NetEnt casinos.


You won’t find a slow casino on the CasinoHEX list. We review each casino we post on the website, and naturally, we prefer those that perform well. However, when it comes to website speed and quality of game streaming, the rule is the newer the casino, the better.

The casinos that are launched in 2019 are on average better equipped technologically to face the stream of new clients.

Innovative Graphics

When it comes to competing on the gambling market, the casinos that were around for years have a reputation on their side. What about newer ones? They try to stand out in terms of quality. Amazing graphics is just one of the many things these websites bring to you.

Both in the assortment of pokies these websites offer and in the quality of the websites themselves, we see major improvements among the latest arrivals to the market.

Casino bonuses

Let’s face it, even those of us who don’t hunt for casino bonuses are influenced by a big sum displayed at the landing page of a casino. When the casino promises to double every penny you deposit, it’s tempting, to say the least.

Well, new casinos are the ones that tempt gamblers the most. Many of them are only starting out in the business and offer huge sums to new players to compensate for the lack of experience.

Benefits of Brand New Online Casinos

What’s the difference between playing in a casino established in 2019 and the one that’s been around for five, ten years? After all, aren’t the older places better equipped to face the challenges of the market and cater to Aussie gamblers? In fact, new online casinos have plenty of advantages. Here are some of them.

Better Sign Up Packages

Casinos have to compete for your attention. This means if a new casino wants to enter the market, they have to offer something better than the ones that already have a large following. One of the main things new casinos offer is the improved sign up packages.

In fresh casinos, you can expect to get more bonus money with less severe payout requirements. This alone is enough to sway many gamblers to these casinos. You don’t have to bet 50 times the bonus sum to be able to make a withdrawal. You don’t have to wonder if you’re even eligible for a bonus.

New casinos make this so much easier.

Faster Support & Technologies

Many people think that the more experienced a website is, the better it is equipped technically. That’s not always true. If that was the case, taxi services would not be losing to Uber. Often, it’s vice versa.

When a new company enters the market, they outperform the old players in terms of technology. This is true for the gambling industry as well. The casinos on our list of the latest arrivals offer faster support and faster streaming than their competitors.

Excellent Live Gaming Experience

Gamblers today show a particular interest in the social aspect of gambling. This is why live casino games are becoming more and more popular. The casinos that launch today recognize that trend and cater to gamblers. If there’s a place where you can find plenty of live casino games, it’s a new online casino on our list.

Fresh Content

Online casinos that opened up in 2019 and 2018 are particularly fond of featuring the latest games that break the boundaries of what we think of as pokies. They’re not afraid to feature games that stray away from the 5×3-with-three-bonuses formula, even though some of these games are going to fail.

If you want to experience games that break the standards by introducing new forms of gameplay, cinematic animation, and taking things into VR, try one of the casinos on our list. If you’re looking for a particular software developer, filter the list of casinos by your favorite developer, and you’ll see all casinos that host its games.

Drawbacks of the Latest Casino Sites

Even though fresh casinos have plenty of benefits, nothing is perfect. Here are some of the drawbacks that new casinos have.

Lack of Brand Reviews

Let’s face it, the newer the online casino is, the fewer reviews it has. Some of the rogue casinos we’ve seen in the past were able to disguise their schemes for months before closing down. User reviews are one of the easiest ways to combat that problem. You can look at reviews at different websites and come up with a general idea about the casino and whether it’s a good place to play at.

The casinos that opened this year don’t have that kind of publicity just yet. What can you do to find out if the new online casino is not a rogue? Read the reviews on CasinoHEX to learn the expert opinion on the matter. We put a lot of time and effort into reviewing each little detail about the casinos we list on the website. This includes your security on the site.

Technical Errors

Even though many new sites come better equipped when it comes to technology, launching a new digital business comes with its own drawbacks as well. For instance, some websites just don’t have the time to test and debug every feature on the site across all devices.

This means you can come across a technical error or a bug on the website. At the casinos we review, customer support is excellent, so you should talk to them if you encounter any technical problems.

Focus on New Games

While the previous two problems are easily managed, this one isn’t. Many new gambling websites focus on the new hot releases. This is a great thing in and of itself, but it comes with a drawback. If you’re a fan of the old-school pokies, you may have a hard time finding them on some of the newer websites.

Browse our list of casinos by your favorite software developer to make sure you find all the games you want to play in one casino.

New Casinos FAQ

Is playing at the newest online casinos worth it?

The answer to this question relies on your personal preferences. Do you like casinos that are mobile-first and focus on the latest games the gambling industry can offer? Then the answer is yes. Do you play from your PC primarily, and only want to play the classic pokies? Then you may be okay with any casino website from our list, not just a new one.

Are new online casinos better than the popular ones?

This depends on the casino in question. Some new casinos are way better than some popular ones. Some are way worse. The age of the casino rarely influences its quality, to be fair. Instead of looking at how long the casino has been on the market, look at other factors like the payout requirements, the availability of live casino games, and the variety of pokies to choose from. If a casino has all that sorted out, does it really matter how old it is? That said, some new casinos win in terms of technological readiness and featuring the newest casino games.

Do new casinos offer more bonus money?

This is not necessarily so, but on average, new casinos offer more than the ones that have been around for some while. They have to compete against the big players, and bonus money is just one of the things they focus on. What’s more important, you can find more user-friendly bonus systems in these casinos.

How can I quickly tell if a casino is a rogue?

You can’t get in the mind of the casino operator to see their intentions. However, you can pay attention to the red flags to spot a rogue in under five minutes. Does the casino work on HTTP instead of HTTPS? Are its security certificate and license authentic? Are the T&C easy to find and consistent on the topic of withdrawal? Does the support answer fast and is eager to help? If that’s true about a casino, you know that it’s a great place to gamble. Don’t want to test all of that by yourself? Read CasinoHEX reviews to learn more about the casino you want to play at.

How fast can I get a payout?

This depends on the casino. In some places, you can wait for several days for your claim to be processed. If you want to get your funds as soon as possible, look at the list of fast payout casinos.
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