People enjoy digital gambling for many reasons. Some of them just want to spend time with fun, while others are attracted by the adventurous spirit of this domain. Still, there is one factor that is essential for both categories of gamblers. For sure, the chance of winning money is the most important thing when it comes to choosing a casino attraction. Usually, such chances are accurately estimated and presented to a player in the form of an RTP (Return-to-Player) ratio. RTPs of diverse online pokie games may change over time, but there are still recognized industry leaders that pay the best. Interested in some more information? For example, does it matter if you stop a slot-machine? Well, it is your lucky day because here you can find the list of slot games that provide their users with the highest chances of winning.

Ugga Bugga Slot Machine

Do not be disappointed with this game’s strange name because you are dealing with a slot machine with one of the highest RTPs in the industry. The Return-to-Player ratio of this slot machine is set at an impressive point of 99.07%. Ugga Bugga is a tribal-themed online attraction with a rather simple interface and rules that are typical for online attractions of its kind. What really distinguishes Ugga Bugga among a broad range of slot games is its high probability of winning money. Unlike some of its competitors, the game does not provide you with a diversity of bonuses and attractive jackpots. The good news is that its impressive RTP compensates for such issues.

Mega Joker

At the first glance, Mega Joker may seem to be an ordinary slot game that does not deserve your attention. This online attraction does not have a creative interface and cannot attract your attention with innovative graphics. It also has rather simple rules. While playing Mega Joker, you deal with a typical 2×3 reel, 5-line, multiple coin slot game with ordinary icons. We have to point out that there is something that moves this online attraction away from the category of ordinary slot games. For sure, an impressive RTP of 99% is this point. In this regard, Mega Joker is one of the industry leaders that can bring players high chances to win some real money.

Jackpot 6000

Another game that may not attract your attention with its interface. After all, it presents a rather simple design and traditional gameplay. Surely, the first glance can be deceptive. Jackpot 6000 is a technologically advanced game that focuses on providing its users with high chances of winning. When you start to understand that this game offers an impressive RTP of 98.9%, you are likely to take a new look at its interface. Instead of an outdated slot machine, you see a brilliant classic that may show you a path to wealth. After all, the chances of winning prizes are really high in this game.

1429 Uncharted Seas

Subjectively, it is the most visually attractive game on the list. It transfers the player into the atmosphere of marine adventures and sea exploration. It has an attractive design and memorable visuals. For sure, those points are not the advantages that allow Uncharted Seas to take its place on this list. Instead, the point is in the fact that the game offers one of the highest RTPs in the industry. With a ratio of 99.5%, you may feel the real thrill associated with the chances of winning great amounts of money. This slot machine also provides its users with attractive bonuses, which is just another feature making it so attractive. Presented on a broad range of popular casino websites, 1429 Uncharted Seas is a popular choice among gamblers that came here to raise money and achieve success.


For sure, impressive RTP is not the only point to consider while choosing a slot game with the highest chances of winning some great money. There are also games that are not as generous as the previous positions on this list but much more attractive in terms of jackpots. In particular, Gladiator has an RTP of 91% (which is also a pretty attractive number), but its greatest benefit is its generous progressive jackpot. With this game, you can win more than $2,000,000. Never thought that becoming a millionaire with a slot game is possible? Well, this attractive, Roman-themed game shows that everything is possible with the most notable online casinos. Just like the bravest of Roman gladiators, you own your fate and can get the highest prize through courage, persistence, and attention to detail.

Mega Moolah

It is just another online slot machine that allows gambling enthusiasts to win some real money. Just like in the case of Gladiator, its RTP is far from the industry heights. Mega Moolah has a Return-to-Player ratio of around 88%. Meanwhile, apart from a memorable interface and inspiring gameplay, this online attraction provides gamblers with a chance of winning a progressive jackpot of more than $1,000,000. Along with the Gladiator slot game, it is one of the most generous in terms of progressive jackpots games in the industry. Mega Moolah also provides players with a list of attractive bonuses and special features. A popular choice among those who want to raise money through digital gambling.

In conclusion, we have provided you with a list of popular slot games that pay the best. Surely, this list may be expanded. Perhaps, the online gambling industry can provide even more generous attractions than the ones enlisted in this article. Still, we collected the most popular slot games with impressive chances of raising money on this list. Some of the games presented here are notable for their impressive RTP ratio, while others would attract players with the opportunity to receive immense progressive jackpots. The critical point is that the industry of online gambling, and digital slot machines in particular, provide their users with real opportunities of winning money. Despite a widespread scepticism, millions of people already raise money with multiple slot machines that pay the best.

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