People have been trying to find a winning approach to pokies since the appearance of such gambling attractions. There is nothing strange about such persistence because jackpots may bring immense wealth to gamblers. After all, some of the greatest jackpots in the history of slot games have almost reached $40 million. Is there any point in trying to anticipate the moment when a slots real money will hit the jackpot? In this material, we will try to explore this question in more detail and provide a definite answer to it.

Myths of predictions in slots

Many slot game enthusiasts believe that there is actually a possibility to determine when a slot machine is going to hit. Even though there have already been lots of materials proving the fact that only luck decides everything when it comes to pokies, some people keep on hoping that they can get an advantage with pokies. In particular, some gamblers think that there is a possibility to recognize particular signs indicating that a slot machine is likely to hit son. As a result, the Internet is filled with diverse articles about “visual clues” that help you determine the right moment when a slot machine is going to hit.

Surely, there have appeared many legends about the most sophisticated cheating techniques allowing the gamblers to determine this moment. Some gamblers just focus on the suggestions of attendants. The point is in approaching a person who stands near a particular slot for the entire day (usually, it is someone from the casino staff) and asking him or her about cycles occurring to this specific slot machine throughout the day. Surely, the probability of getting a definite answer (actually, it goes about getting any answer at all) is very low. However, some gambling enthusiasts keep on hoping that some attentive person would tell them interesting facts about the behaviour of a slot machine, which will allow getting a prize.

Many of such rumours claim that a cell phone comes may help gamblers in determining these “visual clues.” How does it work, according to the legend? Well, there is a popular argument, according to which an untrained person cannot determine the signs showing that a jackpot is somewhere near. Instead, a cheater requires the assistance of a professional computer software appropriate for such cases. Surely, nobody will allow you to analyse the behaviour of a slot machine with a computer in the casino. It makes cheaters focused on such tricks work in pairs. One gambler plays slots and films the behaviour of a slot machine with his or her phone camera. This person immediately transfers the video to one’s partner. The latter processes it with relevant software and determines the possibility of a jackpot. After that, the cheater responsible for processing sends the message to the phone of a player. The player has to start playing for big stakes once he or she receives this message. It means the right moment for winning money.

The truth about slots and anticipations

The above-mentioned stories sound a bit bizarre? We also think so. Even though we cannot state that such techniques have never helped any people trick casinos, we must admit that they seem to be unreliable. Anyway, playing such tricks with modern slot machines is completely impossible. The point is in the fact that they don’t have any specific logic that can be investigated, even with the most advanced software. For all those who still believe in the possibility of anticipating slots, let’s discuss this question in more detail.

Surely, the point is in a random number generator, which is the central notion when it comes to slots. This device governs the outcomes of all slot plays, whether it goes about traditional pokies or online casino slots. As it may be clear from its name, a random number generator generates random sequences of numbers. Such sequences determine the outcomes of each round. There are literally no chances to predict the decisions of this device. Even you recognize specific winning or losing streaks reminding you of patterns or casino scripts for slots, it is just a mere coincidence.

Actually, there once were times when the most skilled gamblers could predict outcomes of a play in pokies. In the 1980s, the probability of jackpots depended on the number of symbols and blanks (broadly known as “stops”) placed on each physical reel. In particular, experienced gamblers knew that there were 22 stops on each reel. Such number could become their starting point for some complex calculations. Meanwhile, such calculations, along with the outcomes of the observation, could bring gamblers an idea of when there may occur a jackpot-hitting spin. Even though it was very challenging, there actually was an opportunity to predict the outcomes of rounds in slots in order to catch a jackpot.

As for modern electronic slots, they have unlimited numbers of stops and work according to completely random principles. The point is that there are no mechanical parts that create any limits for such machines’ randomness. It means that there literally no point in trying to predict the cycles of a slot machine because there, actually, are no such cycles. Each decision of a random number generator is completely independent of the previous one. It means that gamblers that use diverse techniques in order to anticipate the jackpot just waste their time instead of focusing on relevant betting strategies and relying solely on their luck.

In conclusion

All in all, there is literally no chance to anticipate the jackpot in a slot machine with a rational approach. Some predictive methods could have been relevant to old-fashioned mechanical slots; however, they don’t apply to modern electronic models. Even though many people still spread rumours about particular cycles in slot games, such tales are far from reality. We strongly recommend you avoid the attempts of predicting a jackpot. The only things that can help you anticipate a jackpot are your luck and intuition. Perhaps, it is just about time to test them?

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