Today, in our era of high-tech and the Internet, people have invented cryptocurrencies. Many people are using it, even more people have heard something about it, and some are even trying to raise money off this relatively new thing. Cryptocurrency is a digital medium of exchange. Basically, it is money, but fully digital. It is likely that you’ve heard something about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, Ethereum, etc. They use cryptography for great security and as long as you have your hard drive or access to your digital crypto wallet, you’re completely safe and no one can reach your money. There are also many other security aspects that make crypto so safe. This article certainly will be useful both for those gamblers that know something about cryptocurrencies and for those who haven’t paid much attention to them.

A few years after Bitcoin became pretty valuable, online casinos and gambling websites started to research this topic, and they’ve found out that these cryptocurrencies are actually quite convenient to use for gamblers. This was especially good for those gamblers who are very concerned about their Internet safety and anonymity. And don’t forget that when you’re paying with cryptos, you won’t have to pay fees to the bank. Today we’re going to give you more detailed information about Ethereum, a quite renowned cryptocurrency. Such currencies are becoming more and more popular around the world and, of course, in Australia. Australian online casinos and gambling sites are constantly trying to make gamblers’ stay easier and more comfortable, hence why they’re enabling the use of Ethereum.

Top Ethereum Casinos in Australia

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Can Ethereum be used in Australian online casinos?

As you could have already guessed, this article is a guide for Australian gamblers that will give you some insight into the topic of using cryptocurrencies in online casinos, Ethereum to be exact. For those who wouldn’t want to use Ethereum, our experts will write about some alternative ways of making payments in online casinos. The answer to the question of this paragraph is, of course, yes, you can, and below we will provide you with some information on how to do that.

There are many online casinos that accept Ethereum across the world and in Australia. Ethereum is one of the most common cryptocurrencies in online casinos, together with Bitcoin and Litecoin, so most likely you won’t have any problems with finding an online casino that you would like. Our experts will also provide you with information about the top five Australian casinos that accept Ethereum, so it’s worth reading more to learn about one of the most widespread cryptocurrencies in the gambling world!

What is Ethereum?

When you’re entering any online casino that advertises as the casino that accepts cryptocurrencies, you are guaranteed to see Bitcoin there, and some casinos even brand themselves as Bitcoin casinos. After Bitcoin, the second-biggest cryptocurrency in the gambling community is Ethereum. But if Bitcoin was the first and therefore the most popular, Ethereum was specifically made to be a better version of Bitcoin and to deal with its downsides. One of the most interesting features of Ethereum is its smart contracts. A smart contract is a security feature that Bitcoin lacks.

This feature allows users to make transactions safely. A smart contract is a piece of code that ensures the funds are sent only after the system confirms that all of the conditions needed are met. This makes frauds very unlikely and generally improves safety by a lot.

More so, Ethereum’s cost of transactions and the time it takes for the blockchain to process the transaction is lower than those of Bitcoin. This is one of the main reasons why there are so many online casinos that accept Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency gambling guide for Aussies

As we’ve already mentioned, cryptocurrencies are a relatively new thing and at first, were considered as something for ‘tech freaks. Now, we know what cryptos are and that this isn’t so confusing as it seems at a first glance. There is indeed a certain learning curve to some aspects of using cryptocurrencies, so we wrote a short guide for you. Look through it to freshen up your knowledge about cryptos or learn some new things about them. However, if you’re experienced with cryptos, feel free to scroll through these few paragraphs.

Get a secure wallet

The most basic, yet most effective thing that you can do to make sure that your money is safe is to get the most secure wallet that you can. Most cryptos like Ethereum are not really digital currency like your regular money being held on your credit card. Cryptos aren’t connected to your bank account or something like that, you can’t actually claim your ownership over them. You will only have your crypto wallet and the password to that wallet. The wallet app you’re using goes on to create more advanced hash keys needed to access the crypto on a certain blockchain address.

Without much details, the only way to claim your cryptocurrency is through your password. That’s it. If your password is compromised and leaked somewhere, you are most definitely will lose your wallet if you won’t act fast. That is why you always have to use e-wallets that have a good reputation and didn’t have any data leaks.

Create a secure password you won’t forget

As you have already thought from the paragraph above, the most valuable hint for you is to create a strong password that you won’t forget. Because if you forget your password, there will be no way for you to retrieve your money. On the other hand, if you use a weak password that is too easy to memorize, it will be easy to hack. A good way to make a long password without having a hard time memorizing it is to make the password consist of a short sentence.

Change the address to stay anonymous

This paragraph isn’t as crucial for keeping your crypto money safe. Nonetheless, it is very important to you if you want to fully use the main advantage of cryptocurrencies, that is anonymity. Yes, you are anonymous when you’re using your cryptocurrencies. But you’re not anonymous at the online casino. You probably have already gone through the KYC procedure and gave the casino at least some information about yourself.

This said, when you will withdraw your money, it will be easy to pinpoint that you are, in fact, the owner of this address. Anybody could just look up your deposit-withdrawal history through a publicly available blockchain explorer.

To avoid that, you should create new addresses every now and then to keep yourself anonymous. That was the last of our cryptocurrency hints for gamblers and with that, you are ready to get some more information about using Ethereum in Australian casinos.

How to deposit money with Ethereum

To deposit money with Ethereum, first, you will have to get yourself a cryptocurrency wallet. There are many different digital ETH wallets, choose the one that’s best for you, and don’t forget to google whether they had any data leaks. After you have got your wallet, place a buy order on the chosen amount of money. After the transaction is done and you have your tokens, you are good to go. Sign up or log in to your account and go to the payment page. There you will have to enter the details of your wallet. After all of the confirmations, Ethereum tokens will be sent to the receiver shortly.

How to withdraw money with Ethereum

To withdraw money from an online casino in ETH tokens, you will have to again visit the payments page of the online casino of your choice. There you will have to choose Ethereum as a payment method, enter the code of your crypto wallet. Right after you hit enter, your withdrawal order will be marked as ‘pending’. Most online casinos have a pending time between 24 and 72 hours, but sometimes the number differs. After a few days, your money will be transferred to your wallet and you will be gratified by the sweet jackpots of yours for your patience.

Minimum Deposits

Good news for all low-budget gamblers out there! There are a lot of different crypto wallets, and every wallet sets its own minimum deposit amount, some are as low as $2. That means you won’t have to pay too much in order to make a payment in an online casino. However, most online casinos have a minimum deposit amount of 10 to 20 dollars, so it might be a good idea to find the right casino with the minimum amount that you want, and then proceed to search for a crypto wallet.

Deposit Bonuses

Here’s an interesting thing. There are some online casinos that highly encourage the usage of ETH, so you might be able to claim an additional bonus for making deposits with Ethereum in addition to the regular welcome bonus and promotions. That is really handy for all crypto-gamblers out there, so don’t hesitate to look for such casinos!

Deposit Fees

Indeed, the transactions of cryptocurrencies have their fees. Still, these fees are really small compared to the fees in regular online banking. These fees also vary from wallet to wallet, but you will always pay only a small fraction of your transaction.

Safety of transactions with payment options name

Mostly, your safety is in your own hands and head. There is a minimal chance of a sudden data breach in some wallet systems, but most of them are very safe in that terms and the only thing that matters is your own password that must be known only by you at all times. If you want to have a backup plan, then write your password and hide it somewhere where nobody would think to search, just in case.

What countries accept ETH for gambling

Ethereum is accepted in most countries, including Australia and New Zealand, so you will have no problem with that. Most progressive countries don’t intervene in the cryptocurrency market, but Ethereum or cryptocurrencies altogether are banned or restricted in a couple of authoritarian states. If you’re not living in China, you are perfectly fine.

What countries restrict the use of Ethereum?

There are few countries that have banned the use of Ethereum and China has even banned all cryptocurrencies. Here is the list of countries where ETH is banned: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Algeria, Bolivia, Bangladesh, Republic of Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Vanuatu, Vietnam. In some other countries, the use of cryptocurrencies isn’t banned but can be troublesome because it lacks any regulation and it might be hard to find a bank that accepts cryptocurrencies.

Pros of gambling with Ethereum

The main reason gamblers are using cryptocurrencies and Ethereum in particular is, of course, anonymity. We’ve mentioned some tips on how to stay anonymous while making payments in Ethereum so that you can ensure your safety. Another good thing about Ethereum is that it is widely accepted in many online casinos and you won’t have any trouble finding a casino that accepts it. More so, some casinos even encourage gamblers to use Ethereum with additional bonuses for using it.

Cons of gambling with Ethereum

While cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular, there is a reason why that is happening rather slowly. For some people, it might be hard to learn how to properly use cryptocurrencies. It’s not that hard for an experienced user to learn about cryptos, but for others, it might take some time, so some people will just give up and use regular payment options. The other downside to Ethereum is that transactions are not instant. ETH was designed to be faster than Bitcoin, but it still takes a few minutes. And now, the biggest downside to ETH and many other cryptos is the fact that if you lose a password to your wallet, or if it gets leaked, you’ve effectively lost all tokens that were there, and nobody can help you.

Best 5 Australian Casinos To Use Ethereum

Golden Reels Casino

Golden Reels Casino is an aspiring online casino that has been operating since 2019 under the Curacao Gaming Authority license. When you sign up in this casino, you will be greeted with a generous welcome bonus deal that is split into five different payments so that you won’t burn your bonus with a moderate deposit. The maximum welcome bonus amount is $3000 + 200 free spins, isn’t that great? With the number of different table games and pokies, this casino won’t leave you bored! Note that even though the minimum deposit is $10, the minimum deposit to be able to claim the welcome bonus is $20.

PlayAmo Casino

PlayAmo is a very popular online casino that was established back in 2016 under the Curacao Gaming Authority. In these few years, PlayAmo Casino has managed to make a really great casino with its own regular gamblers that are playing and winning there every day! Claim up to $1500 + 150 free spins by making a deposit of at least $25!

Bitstarz Casino

Bitstarz Casino is a stable online casino that has been operating since 2014. In that time, Bitstarz became a great place to play and rest after a hard-working day for many gamblers in Australia and across the world. This casino offers its newcomers an astonishing welcome bonus of up to $10000 + 180 free spins, the bonus is divided into four payments, so you won’t burn your bonus cash because of the moderate first deposit. A great deal for big gamblers! There is also a no deposit bonus for all, so check it out!

BetsEdge Casino

This is a relatively new online casino that has the Curacao Gaming Authority license. It has a really huge number of games and a set of bonuses for all gamblers to enjoy. BetsEdge Casino really cares about its gamblers and you can tell that by the bonuses that it offers. For all careful gamblers, BetsEdge Casino offers a no deposit bonus of 20 free spins for Thunderkick’s pokie, Pink Elephants 2. Even more, there is a welcome bonus that goes as high as $500 + 225 free spins and is split into five different payments. It also has a VIP-program for all big gamblers, so try it out for yourself! The minimum deposit amount in this casino is $20.

Gunsbet Casino

This online casino is set in the Wild West theme that has become a classic one for its popularity. Gunsbet casino has more than 1000 different games. They have a welcome bonus with a match rate of 100% up to $150 + 100 free spins, and to claim it, you have to use the code BONUS100. After that, you may want to use the code LUCKNLOAD and it will grant you a 55% match rate for up to $450 every Friday! A great way to celebrate the start of the weekend! Great news for big gamblers, this online casino also has a VIP-program, so be sure to check it out! The minimum deposit at Gunsbet Casino is $15.

Alternatives To Ethereum For Funding Online Casino Accounts

Credit cards

The most obvious alternative to the cryptocurrencies altogether. Take into consideration if you actually need to use Ethereum and maybe it would be easier to pay with your credit card? It’s hard to imagine a person without a credit card nowadays, and you definitely have it. So, maybe the fees aren’t too big? Anyway, the credit card is a fast, safe, and reliable way of paying in online casinos. But you won’t get to be anonymous then.


Neosurf can be a great alternative for gamblers that care about their anonymity on the Internet. If you’re interested in cryptocurrency because of that, consider using Neosurf instead. In fact, it might be easier for you to use it. Neosurf doesn’t hold any of your personal data at all, it means that you will be completely anonymous, especially if you’re using VPN. Neosurf is accepted in many Aussie Ethereum casinos, so you won’t have trouble finding an online casino to your liking. However, theres is a drawback. You cant use Neosurf to make withdrawals, so you will have to use another service for that.


Bitcoin is the first and the most renowned cryptocurrency. Though Ethereum was designed to counter the flaws of Bitcoin, Ethereum is still a little less popular than Bitcoin. Compared to Ethereum, Bitcoin transactions take more time. The fees are pretty much the same. There are also slightly more online casinos that accept Bitcoin than Ethereum, but the number is constantly approaching a 1:1 ratio. There’s no important reason to use Bitcoin for gambling instead of Ethereum, but you still can do that.


Litecoin (LTC) is a Bitcoin hard fork, cheaper, and less known. Its most prominent improvement over Bitcoin is the fact that Litecoin network can process blocks with an average speed of 2,5 minutes. This is way more over BTC and BCH so that’s why Litecoin is getting more popular. At the time of writing, the cost of Litecoin is $102 per coin. The downside is that it’s not that popular and fewer online casinos accept Litecoin, so you might have some problems with finding the right casino. Overall, this is a good alternative to ETH.

Ethereum Casinos FAQ

Am I safe to use Ethereum to deposit to a casino?

Yes, you are safe to use Ethereum to make deposits and withdrawals with Ethereum. However, the risk of cryptocurrencies is not in the possibility of a data breach, but in the fact that in case it happens, you won’t be able to claim that the money was yours. Consider this and take as many precautions as you can, some of them we’ve already mentioned above. Keep yourself safe and be conscious of your actions.

Can you make withdrawals with Ethereum?

Yes, you are perfectly fine and there is no trouble with making withdrawals from online casinos in Ethereum tokens. After you have won some jackpots at the online casino of your choice, go to your payment page and choose Ethereum as a withdrawal method. Enter the code of your wallet and after the confirmation, your withdrawal order will be marked as ‘pending’. Most online casinos have a pending time between 24 to 72 hours, so it might take some time. After that, your money will be transferred to your wallet and you are free to do anything you want with them. Enjoy! If you don’t know what casino to play, check our recommendations above!

How to deposit money to a casino with Ethereum?

If you have read to this point, you are perfectly capable of doing this, but here’s a quick summary. First, you will have to obtain an Ethereum wallet, you can look up for them on google, there are dozens of them. Choose wisely. After you’ve done with that, choose an online casino, sign up there and go to the payment page. Choose Ethereum as your payment method, enter all the details and confirm your payment. It will take some time for the payment to commence, usually, it’s not more than 10 minutes, so you can make yourself a vegemite sandwich.

Are there a lot of casinos that support Ethereum?

There are a lot of online casinos that support Ethereum, you will have no problems while searching for a casino, that’s for sure. You can even just google it, but watch out for dishonest reviewers. After Bitcoin, Ethereum is the second-biggest cryptocurrency, so if an online casino is accepting cryptocurrencies, there’s almost 100% chance that it also accepts Ethereum.

Can I get a bonus at the casino for using Ethereum?

Yes, you can. There are quite some online casinos that encourage the use of Ethereum and you will be granted different bonuses in various casinos just for using Ethereum. Isn’t that just great? You’re just paying in a certain way and getting free money just for that! Oh, these days, the gambling market is full of interesting offers and full of bonuses, so why would you not try it out for yourself?

How do I benefit from using Ethereum in online casinos?

First of all, it’s your anonymity. If you are cautious and keeping yourself safe, you are perfectly anonymous when gambling and making or receiving payments. Many people consider this as the most prominent benefit of using cryptocurrencies. Then, you are paying much less fees for transactions compared to regular banking. Don’t forget that you also can get a bonus in some online casinos just for using Ethereum, free cash, and spins just for paying with the right type of money. Sweet, isn’t it?

Where do I get these Ethereum tokens?

At first, it seems somewhat hard, but when you look into it, it’s actually easy. When you get an e-wallet for Ethereum, search for a trading place. Some wallets have guides and F.A.Q. for beginners that will teach you how to properly buy the cryptocurrency for a good price, just don’t gamble there, because you want your money first to get to the casino! Read a guide for more details, but in general, you find a trading page and place an order to buy an amount of ETH for a certain price in USD or other currency. Enjoy!
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