Sticpay is a relatively new online payment method that is quickly becoming a favorite in online gambling circles. It was registered in the UK in 2018 and claims to work in over a hundred countries. The way Sticpay operates is similar to Skrill or Neteller.

Once you register, you get an online funding account that you can top up with your bank account, credit card, or cryptocurrency. The withdrawals can also be made in crypto, but most people would choose to get the money withdrawn to their bank account. This option works well in Australia. You can also opt for a Stic credit card to withdraw cash from local ATMs.

But that is not what draws gamblers’ attention to this payment method. Sticpay seems to be specifically interested in the online gambling market and offers cashback when you play at certain gambling websites.

Keep on reading to learn more about the particularities of using Sticpay at online casinos in Australia and to find out about casinos where you can get that cashback. If you already have a Sticpay account and only look for suitable Australian casinos to play at, refer to the list of best casinos you can find on this page.

SticPay Casinos Australia 2024

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How to use SticPay at Online Casinos?

Sticpay has a rather lengthy registration process, but it’s worth going through it. Once you register an account, you can’t just start accepting and making payments anonymously like you can with Skrill or Neteller. You first need to verify your account and go through a KYC procedure.

Provide the service with a photo or a scan of a driver’s license and proof of address. Typically, you can send over a copy of a bill with your name and address on it. After that, it takes a couple of days for the customer support to vet your documents and you’re all set to go.

The next step is to top up your newly created Sticpay account. You can do that with a Mastercard or a Visa, but that would include a 4.85% fee on top of the transaction. Topping up with a bank transfer would only set you back 1-2% in fees. If you top up with BTC/LTC, the fee is also 1%.

When you already have funds on your Stickpay account, you can choose an online casino from the list mentioned on this page, and proceed with depositing funds to your casino account. Choose Stickpay as the payment option, enter the sum to deposit (you may have to pay a 2.5% fee on top of that sum), and click “Submit.”

When withdrawing your funds from a casino, you may have the option to withdraw to the Sticpay account, but you also may choose to withdraw to BTC your bank account directly without to having to withdraw from Sticpay again.

If you do withdraw to Sticpay first, you will have several ways to get access to these funds. The easiest one is to withdraw to your bank account. You’ll pay up to 5% in fees for that. The fee may be lower if your country has a bank affiliated with Sticpay. Withdrawing to crypto wallets would set you back up to 1.5% in fees. There’s also the option to withdraw to your Sticpay card and use it in an ATM. The company charges a fee for withdrawing the card, it’s 1.3%.

Minimum Deposits

Sticpay doesn’t have a minimum fee for payments to vendors, but most casinos have a minimum deposit amount. You can expect to be asked to deposit at least $20 in an average Australian online casino.

Deposit Fees

No casino would ever consider charging you for making a deposit on their site. However, Sticpay would probably charge you around a 1% fee for sending funds to a merchant account.

How safe are Sticpay transactions?

Sticpay is licensed in England where the regulators are pretty strict, so there is little chance of foul play from the side of the vendor. When it comes to the security of the transactions, the company implements a robust cybersecurity system. The only possible weak point is the casino itself.

If you refer to our list of casinos mentioned on this page, you won’t have that risk. All the casino sites are manually reviewed by our experts to meet the highest standards.

What countries allow the use of Sticpay for gambling?

Sticpay works in most countries of the world and has struck special deals with banks in a range of countries. In Australia, you can use a local bank transfer instead of the international one to save costs. The same goes for a range of Asian countries like Korea and the Philippines.

What countries restrict the use of Sticpay?

It seems that Sticpay is not restricted by any government, but it does refuse to service a range of governments that are either directly under international sanctions or are run by dictators. The list includes Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Eritrea, Myanmar, Cuba, Zimbabwe, and a range of other countries.

Pros of using Sticpay in Australian casinos

First off, Sticpay is under the jurisdiction of the UK regulators that are known to be some of the most strict when it comes to the financial and the gambling market. This means there will be foul play from the side of the platform.

Sticpay is quite versatile in terms of the number of payment methods it works with. You can top it up or withdraw with either bank transfer, credit card payment, or cryptocurrency. Right now, the only two cryptos the company supports are LTC and BTC, but that’s more than most direct competitors.

If you don’t want to lose money on withdrawing twice, you can order a Sticpay debit card and use it in local ATMs. This way, you’ll get access to cash without it ever registering on your bank record.

The biggest edge Sticpay has on the competition is that it offers cashback from gambling websites. The company has struck deals with a few dozen online casinos and offers up to 20% of cashback if you’re playing at these sites. If you are a regular, it could be an amazing option.

Cons of using Sticpay in online casinos

The biggest drawback of using Sticpay instead of another e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller is that you cannot start using the service unless you’ve gone through a KYC procedure. This means you’ll have to provide a couple of document scans to the service and wait for an average of two days before you can use the platform.

Another drawback is that there are quite a lot of fees associated with using Sticpay. You’ll have to pay a fee for topping up or withdrawing from the account, even withdrawing to your own Sticpay card will cost you 1.3%. Payments at vendors may also incur a fee.

Best 5 Australian Sticpay casinos

If you already know all the ins and outs of working with Sticpay as your go-to payment system, the only thing you need to get started is a list of Sticpay casinos. Since it’s a fairly new payment method (relative to Visa, that is), it’s not featured in that many casinos. However, CasinoHEX experts did their best to find the best 5 online casinos in Australia that accept Sticpay as payment.


BitStarz is one of the biggest Bitcoin casinos that accept Australian players. It allows you to top up with a variety of cryptos like BTC, LTC, DOGE, and others. You can also use Sticpay on the platform.

Since BitStarz isn’t an unknown casino brand, it has no need to bolster the audience size by offering a huge welcome bonus. It only offers $500 in welcome funds to those who are making a deposit in fiat. However, it does have a much more generous offer to the folks who are depositing crypto. If you do, you may get a welcome bonus of up to 5 BTC. Depending on the current exchange rate, this can be as big as $200,000.

King Billy

King Billy’s offer is much more generous for the Australian players who are not that keen on using crypto in their gambling. You can get as much as $1000 when you make the initial deposit. When you get that bonus which depends on the amount you send to your account and get some guaranteed free spins on top of that, you can spend all that on more than 5000 games this platform has.


BetWinner has a pretty decent bonus of $500 upon registration and a good collection of games that has over 3000 titles. These games are not only some of the best pokies from top-notch manufacturers but also a great opportunity to win some money. The casino advertises to have a 98% payout rate, this means you will only lose 2% of your bets on average and will have a solid chance to win much more than that.

It’s also one of the casinos that will provide a 20% cashback on all Sticpay payments.


This casino is prominent in Russia and surrounding countries but welcomes gamblers from Australia as well. Just like BetWinner, it’s going to provide a 20% cashback on every dime you deposit with Sticpay, so it’s a great opportunity to save money while gambling.

The casino offers quite a hefty bonus as well at the maximum of $1500 for new players. With all that money, you will surely have the funds to enjoy a good portion of over 1700 games presented on the platform.

YoYo Casino

This casino also has a deal with Sticpay to provide cashbacks so you’re getting a lot more benefits with this casino. You can get to play over 2000 pokies and table games here, but the maximum welcome bonus sum is rather small — it’s only $100.

Alternatives To Sticpay For Funding Online Casino Accounts

Are you not sure yet whether you want to play with Sticpay or choose another way of funding the casino account? Here are some of the most popular alternatives to this payment method.

Bank Wire

All casinos accept bank wires, there are no exceptions. However, it’s not the most useful method when it comes to funding online casino accounts. For starters, your bank may straight up refuse to send funds if they think it’s something fishy, even if the casino is completely fine and has a great reputation online.

If that doesn’t happen, there are other things that make using bank wire a low-tier option. It will take you longer to register at the casino on average and will cost you a hefty fee to do that. Considering the fact that many casinos that welcome Australians are registered in countries like UK, Curacao, and Malta, you’re going to pay for international bank wire which has more expensive fees.

Visa & Mastercard

Using a Visa or a Mastercard debit card to pay for gambling-related expenses is about the easiest way you can do it. Absolutely all Australian casinos accept these payment methods for both withdrawal and deposit, it takes under a minute for the payment to register, and you will pay next to nothing in fees.

If you use your credit or debit card to first top-up an e-wallet, send funds to the casino, and then withdraw money from the e-wallet to your card, you’re losing a lot of money in fees. Why would you choose such an option? Many banks would refuse gambling-related transactions, and you may not want the payments to register on your bank statement. If you want anonymity, you’ll have to pay with convenience, unfortunately.

Neosurf & Paysafecard

If you want a degree of anonymity but don’t really want to try and understand how cryptocurrencies work, your best choice is to use a prepaid card. Services like Neosurf and Paysafecard are available all around Australia and they make it rather easy to pay online. Here’s what you have to do.

Check your local grocery stores and gas stations for Neosurf and Paysafecard vouchers. If you don’t see any, try checking for the closest vendor on the official website of either of these two companies. Once you find a place that sells them, buy one (it’s best to buy a voucher for the largest amount of AUD as fees tend to be lower for those) and scratch off the protective layer.

It will have a 16-digit code just like a debit card, and you can use that code for online purchases. This method is probably the most fool-proof way of making online payments anonymously as the card has no connection to you whatsoever. You don’t need to fill in any personal information or even register on their website. Just use the card online until its limit is over and buy yourself a new one.

The only drawback is that you can’t use this card for withdrawals.

Neteller & Skrill

If you want to use an e-wallet that has a bit more street credibility so to say, your choice should be Neteller or Skrill. These two have been on the market for quite a while and have an impeccable reputation. They’ve gathered thousands upon thousands of positive reviews and will provide stellar customer support.

To use either of them, you should only register and top up the account. Sooner or later, you will be asked to go through a KYC procedure, but it’s required right before you want to use it as Sticpay does. With an anonymous account, you will be able either to withdraw a small sum every month or have a finite sum of money you can withdraw before you are asked to confirm your identity.

Another edge that these two have over Sticpay is the fact that they’re much more popular and hence widespread. You can expect to see Skrill and Neteller as an option in every other casino, while Sticpay is only featured in a handful of casinos. That’s not such a huge problem, though, as CasinoHEX experts have gathered the best Sticpay casinos on this page.

However, Sticpay also has an edge over its competitors. Unlike Skrill and Neteller, Sticpay offers users to get a debit card to withdraw their funds. With a card like this, you will be able to simply get cash from ATMs without having to withdraw to your bank account or credit card.


If you want to have a few steps between your bank account and the casino, you should look into using POLi. This payment method is a unique opportunity for Australian and New Zealand players to deposit using their bank account. It’s not an e-wallet or another type of digital product. In fact, it’s run by the Australian Post.

What it does, essentially is connects Australian and New Zealand banks allowing them to send and receive funds to and from each other without paying any fees. If you have been sending any significant amount of bank transfers per month, you probably know that they tend to eat up quite a lot With POLi, it’s not an issue.

The only problem is, POLi is a rather local payment method and it only works with a handful of Australian and NZ banks. This means that you stand a chance of your bank not working with this platform, and even if it does, there are a limited amount of casinos that accept it.

That said, CasinoHEX experts did gather quite a collection of POLi casinos, but you’ll definitely find more casinos that accept Sticpay.

SticPay Casinos FAQ

How safe are Sticpay casino gambling transactions?

There are two components when it comes to the safety of gambling transactions — the one that depends on the payment gate and the one that depends on the player. As for the payment gate, you have nothing to worry about. Sticpay is regulated by the UK authorities that tend to be rather strict with the financial actors on the market. The casinos gathered here by the CasinoHEX experts also have top-notch security.

Now, the second component of the gambling transaction safety depends on you, the gambler. If you don’t feel like you’re in control of your hobby anymore, it may be unsafe and unwise to deposit to any casino.

Can I withdraw from the Sticpay casinos instantly?

Deposits with Sticpay will be instant, the system is also capable of handling withdrawals in matters of seconds as well. However, the actual waiting time will depend on the casino you’re playing at. Many casinos, even the ones that are considered premium, reserve a 24-48 hours period to confirm your withdrawal request. Unless your casino offers instant withdrawals or you have VIP status at your casino, you may have to wait for a day or two.

How do I make a deposit with Sticpay?

To make any payments with Sticpay, you will first have to register an account and go through a KYC procedure. Once you’re through with that, you can go ahead and choose a casino from the list. Create a casino account and choose Sticpay as the payment option. Input the amount you want to send, approve it with two-factor authentication, and you’re all set.

What are the best Sticpay casinos in Australia?

You can find all about Aussie Sticpay casinos here on CasinoHEX. Out experts do their best to find and vet every casino manually so that you have the list of the ones that have the best conditions for new players.

Can I get a bonus with Sticpay?

Using Sticpay will not disqualify you from getting a bonus in any casino. However, you won’t probably get a special bonus for using this payment method. What you will get when you usse Sticpay in a subset of Aussie casinos is a cashback of up to 20%.

What are the pros of Sticpay casinos?

Sticpay is a relatively new payment method that is gaining popularity rather fast. Apart from the chance of getting a decent cashback on gambling, this platform offers safe and secure online payments and the option to get a prepaid debit card. It’s all the popular e-wallets offer with an added bonus of withdrawing cash from the credit card with ATMs.
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