More and more people are using cryptocurrencies nowadays. Even more people have heard about cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, etc. Cryptocurrency is a digital medium of exchange. It uses cryptography for security, making it difficult to counterfeit. That’s why it’s perfectly safe. As long as you have your hard drive or access to a digital cyptowallet, no one can reach your money, and there are also many precautions you can take to fully secure your wallet. Whether you know a lot about cryptocurrencies, or this is your first time reading about them, this article is for you.

When cryptocurrencies became more noticeable, many online casinos and gambling websites have seen that this method of payment is great. It is also great for many gamblers who care deeply about their Internet anonymity and help to avoid bank fees. Today, we’re going to tell you about Tether, or USDT. In Australia, such payments are also becoming more and more popular year by year, so Australian online casinos are also putting effort into making cryptocurrency payments viable for gambling so that you could make deposits and withdrawals safely.

Cryptocurrency gambling guide for Aussies

Are you new to using cryptocurrencies? It may be a bit overwhelming to start as there are some general aspects that have a certain learning curve to them. Read this short guide if you’re unsure of your knowledge about cryptocurrency to freshen up your know-how. If you’re an experienced user, feel free to skip away and read about the best casinos in Australia where you can use USDT.

Get a secure wallet

The best thing you can do to make sure your funds are safe is to get a wallet that is secure. Cryptocurrency like Tether is not a digital currency in the sense of money being held on your credit card. It’s not connected to your bank account that you can claim ownership of. It’s only connected to the crypto wallet that you know the password to. The wallet app you’re using goes on to create more advanced hash keys needed to access the crypto on a certain blockchain address.

Without delving into much detail, all you need to know is that your password is the only thing that gives you ownership of the crypto you hold. If your wallet app is under an attack from hackers and passwords are exposed, you effectively no longer own that crypto. This is why you should only use wallets that have a decent reputation and never had a data leak.

Create a secure password you won’t forget

From that first point, this one follows. If you forget the password, you lose your money, period. This is why you should be extremely careful when choosing and storing your password. On the other hand, if you choose a password that is too easy to guess or hack — like qwerty —- you stand a chance of being defrauded without a data leak.

Change the address to stay anonymous

The last point is not as crucial for keeping your funds secure, but it’s very important if you want to take full advantage of the main reason people use cryptocurrency — anonymity. You are technically anonymous when you’re using a crypto address, but you’re not anonymous at your casino. You probably have gone through a KYC procedure and provided the website with some personally identifiable information.

If you keep using the same address to deposit and withdraw from the casino, it’s easy to pinpoint you’re the owner of this address. With a quick search on a publicly available blockchain explorer, anybody would see all your comings and goings-on that address.

So what you should do is create new addresses every once in a while to keep that anonymity. With that, your crash course into cryptocurrency usage in online gambling is over, and you’re ready to learn more about using Tether in Australian casinos.

Can Tether be used in Australian online casinos?

This whole article is a guide, written for Australian gamblers that will be given information so that they could decide whether they want to use Tether for gambling or use alternative ways of making gambling payments. So, this article is fully dedicated to this topic and the answer to this question is yes.

While there aren’t too many online casinos that accept Tether yet, every now and then a new casino opens such a possibility for all their gamblers. We know that sometimes, it is hard to find a suitable online casino for your liking, so we will provide you with some of the best online casinos that accept Tether later in this article. Read closely to find out about this unique cryptocurrency that is backed by USD, and if you like it, get ready to win sick amounts of cash while using it!

What is Tether?

Tether or USDT is a cryptocurrency that is designed to cost about one USD for a Tether coin, which would make it easier to transfer real currency into cryptocurrency and not have these constant changes in value like Bitcoin has. While this has a drawback (you can’t invest money and multiply it) because of how rigid the Tether value is, in exchange you get a fairly stable cryptocurrency. Its value won’t suddenly crumble, and that’s why many people are using USDT, especially in gambling. Because you want to gamble in a casino, not just with your portfolio, right?

How to deposit money with Tether

To deposit money with Tether, you will, obviously, need a USDT wallet. To do that, first, sign up on To use it properly, you will need to enable two-factor authentication. After you’ve done that, you’re good to go. Just choose a way to deposit some money with the payment method of your choice and exchange it into USDT. After that, sign up or log in to your online casino account, go to the payment page and choose Tether as a payment method. Enter your account details and the amount of USDT you want to deposit. Finish the transaction and enjoy your stay at the online casino that you like! If you don’t know which casinos accept Tether, we will provide you with such information a bit later, so stay tuned!

How to withdraw money with Tether

There are essentially no complications with Tether withdrawals. Contrary to many other payment methods that are only available for online deposits, you can make both deposits and withdrawals with USDT. After a fortune’s smile and a great jackpot, go to the online casino’s payment page and choose USDT as a payment method, enter your details and wait for a few days. Your withdrawal will usually be marked as ‘pending’ for 24-72 hours, and then your money will come right into your Tether account, where you can do whatever you want with them. Also, take note that the minimum withdrawal amount from Tether is $100, so be sure that you have that sum of money on your Tether account.

Minimum Deposits

Good news for every low-budget gambler out there! Tether has no minimum deposit amount whatsoever, so you can even deposit just one dollar. This is very nice. While most other payment methods have a minimum deposit amount of $10, Tether clearly shows its superiority in this particular aspect. Don’t forget that you can only use Tether after you’ve verified your account with two-step authentication. This is done to prevent hackers from getting into your account and messing with your data. Tether cares about the safety of your personal information and your money.

Deposit Bonuses

Unfortunately, there are currently no bonuses for using Tether in online casinos that we know about. Still, you surely will get your regular bonuses (welcome bonus, regular promotions, etc.) as usual. Our experts are monitoring online casinos every day, and if there will be an online casino with such bonuses, you will be one of the first to know about it, so check our reviews regularly!

Deposit Fees

We’re pleased to say that there are also no deposit fees when using Tether. However, you still have to pay the fees applied by the payment method that you use to deposit money to Tether, so keep that in mind. In fact, you still will pay the fee because of this, but for some people, this extra step may come in handy, e.g. when the casino doesn’t accept some particular payment method. That said, Tether may be a great substitute even for those, who would choose something different to make deposits or withdrawals in an online casino.

Safety of transactions with Tether

Tether is a hybrid cryptocurrency that is backed by real currency and its value will stay approximately at a 1:1 ratio. Tether is built on top of the revolutionary and cryptographically secure open blockchain technologies and adheres to strict security and global government laws and regulations. Tether tokens can be securely stored, sent, and received across the blockchain and are redeemable for cash (the underlying pegged asset) pursuant to Tether Limited’s terms of service.

What countries accept Tether?

Tether is currently banned in several countries with dictatorship rule. In most other countries, including Australia, it’s possible to use this crypto.

What countries are restricted to use Tether?

Currently, due to political reasons, Tether restricts the use of USDT and other Tether cryptocurrencies in a few regions and countries. This means that people domiciled or a resident in the following regions or countries won’t be able to use Tether and are prohibited from using Tether platform. Tether is currently unavailable in Cuba, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Iran, Pakistan, Syria, the Government of Venezuela, and Crimea. Verified Users’ access to the Tether platform will be restricted while they are in these restricted jurisdictions.

U.S. persons are also restricted from using the Tether platform unless they are Eligible Contract Participants (“ECP”) pursuant to U.S. law.

Pros of using USDT for gambling

When it comes to the upsides of Tether, we can totally say that there are plenty of them. One of the main pros of Tether is its stability, which is really rare for a cryptocurrency. Due to Tether being crypto, it is also very safe in terms of enciphering. This, paired with the fact that the hybrid nature of this currency, makes it completely safe to use. Also, because Tether is backed by real money, its value stability will make you sure that your money won’t burn in some crazy market crash. Using USDT might come in handy even for those gamblers who don’t really like using cryptocurrencies, but are seeking an alternative way to pay in online casinos. There is no minimum deposit on Tether. You also don’t have to pay any fees when using Tether. And every now and then there are only more online casinos that accept Tether, so why don’t try it?

Cons of using USDT in casinos

Unfortunately, Tether isn’t ideal. There are quite some downsides to making payments with Tether. The first one is that even though you don’t have to pay any fees while using Tether, you’re still going to pay the fee when you’re making a deposit to Tether. That’s not really a drawback, but the good thing about fees is balanced into a neutral one. There is a quite high minimum withdrawal amount for Tether, it’s $100. Be sure that you have that sum of money when you want to withdraw your Tether tokens. Besides that, there are indications that it’s not fully backed by real currency but still is to a sufficient degree.

Best 5 Australian Casinos To Use Tether

BetsEdge Casino

An aspiring online casino that was licensed by Curacao. Has a great number of different bonuses to cheer you up if fortune doesn’t smile on you today or to make your day even brighter when you’re lucky! BetsEdge really keeps you on the edge, filling your stay with a drive of emotions.

For careful gamblers, there is a no deposit bonus of 20 free spins for Thunderkick’s pokie, Pink Elephants 2. There is also, of course, a welcome bonus that is divided into three separate payments so that you won’t burn up your bonus with a small payment. This bonus goes up to $500 + 225 free spins. But wait, there’s more! There are so many bonuses that we wouldn’t describe them all here, that would take too long. Just know that there is also a VIP-program and a lot of weekly promotions, enjoy! The minimum deposit amount is $20.

Gunsbet Casino

An online casino in a Wild West theme, almost a classic theme for online and land-based casinos, as well as pokies. Gunsbet casino offers its players more than 1000 games and a huge variety of bonuses that will make you go wilder than the West itself. Claim your welcome bonus with a code BONUS100 and get a 100% match up to $150 + 100 free spins! After that, you can also get a match deposit bonus with the code LUCKNLOAD that will grant you a 55% match rate up to $450 every Friday! That’s a good thing to know after your hard-working week, ain’t it? And don’t forget that there is a VIP-program for big players. Get your gold at the Gunsbet Casino! The minimum deposit amount is $15.

iLucky Casino

iLucky is a relatively new online casino that has been operating since 2018 and was licensed by Curacao Gaming Authority, which means that this casino is fair and obeys a set of strict rules. The minimum deposit amount is $15 for this online casino. This casino has a lot of different bonuses that will keep you interested for a long time. Your welcome bonus is separated into four different payments and goes up to $500 + 100 free spins, keep that in mind! There are also a lot of weekly promotions and a VIP-program.

Golden Crown Casino

Golden Crown Casino will surely give you a lot of gold. It is an online casino with a Curacao Gaming Authority license that is operating since 2019. It has a minimum deposit amount of $10. However, you will have to make a minimum deposit of $30 to claim your welcome bonus of 100% match rate up to $1000 + 100 free spins. This, added to weekly promotions and a VIP-program makes Golden Crown Casino a very interesting place to spend the evening in.

GreenSpin Casino

Another example of what all online casinos should be, GreenSpin Casino offers its players up to $1100 + 200 free spins welcome bonus. Sweet, isn’t it? Just use the code 125GREEN and claim your welcome bonus! Though this casino is a new one, having been launched in 2020, GreenSpin Casino has really high standards that won’t leave you bored or in any other way dissatisfied. At GreenSpin Casino, you collect green points and exchange them for cash to play your favorite pokies. You will be credited with 1 Green Point on every $100 of bets made on pokies.

Alternatives To Tether For Funding Online Casino Accounts

Bank wire

Bank wire transfers are the most basic and the least handy way of making online transactions. We do not recommend you using this payment method if you can help it, but for some people, it might be the only way, so here it is. Bank wire transfers are slow and may take up to five days to reach their destination. More so, you will have to pay a sufficient fee (up to tens of dollars) for making a bank account transfer. This money could just end up in your casino wallet. Nowadays, almost everyone has credit or debit cards, so this payment method is kind of obsolete. Besides that, there is a service called POLi that we will tell you about below. So, use this payment method for Tether casinos in Australia only if for some reason you can’t use any other one.

Credit cards

This payment method is surely the most popular one amongst Aussie Tether casinos and around the world. It is really fast and easy for many people to just use their credit or debit cards. There are a lot of reasons why people use something else, but ultimately it’s about the fees and Internet anonymity. It’s hard to find a person without a credit card and the fees are usually about 1,5%, so it may be a good alternative to Tether. On the other hand, if you’re using Tether, there is a good chance that for some reason you can’t or don’t want to use your debit/credit cards, so this might be just not your cup of tea. Read more to find out about other alternatives to Tether!


Neosurf is a great substitute for those gamblers who care about their personal info on the Internet. If you’re willing to use cryptocurrency, you might be interested in this online payment service. Neosurf doesn’t store any of your personal data at all, which means that it is completely anonymous. Neosurf is accepted in many Aussie Tether online casinos, that’s a big plus. However, you can’t make withdrawals to your Neosurf account, so you will have to look for another way of doing so. For example, you could’ve used your credit card or Tether for that matter. If you’re interested in Neosurf, you’d better check out their site to learn more.


Paysafecard is an interesting system that might come in handy for people that are often on the move. It is a prepaid card that already has a default sum of money. You can find such cards essentially in every shop and even at gas stations. This is rather odd, but some people might find this type of payment suitable for them. The card comes with a 16-digit pin code. When you want to pay for something, use that code.

With a Paysafecard, you are free to make deposits at any website that accepts it, including most Australian online casinos. Simple as that. Again, as with Neosurf, you must take note that you can’t make withdrawals to this card for obvious reasons. Paysafecard is disposable after you’ve used all the money on that card. Not the best comfortability for some people, but it gets its job done and fairly so. Another good thing about Paysafecard is that you don’t have to pay any fees when using it. This is a pretty solid alternative to Tether, though not without its own drawbacks.


POLi is a bank wire transfer that is done right. We have mentioned this payment service before and now it’s time to tell you about it. POLi is a system that is run by the Australia Post and works with every Australian and New Zealand bank. POLi doesn’t charge any fees at all, every transaction is completely free and instant. If you were thinking about using bank wire transfers, then consider using this instead, that’s how you can save some money and not have to pay large fees. Worth trying out.


Neteller is one of the oldest e-wallet services. Founded in 1999, Neteller has made its name through the years as one of the safest e-wallets, hence why most online casinos accept Neteller payments. You won’t have any problems finding an online casino if you choose to use Neteller. If you want, you may link your credit/debit card or bank account to Neteller, it’s completely safe. A very solid alternative, consider using it instead.


The first and most renowned cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. There are many aspects in which Bitcoin and Tether differ. For example, Bitcoin’s volatility. Some consider it as a plus, some don’t like it. We, arguably, consider this as a minus, simply because gamblers want to gamble in a casino, not with money itself. One of the other downsides of Bitcoin is the fact that transactions take more time compared to Tether. As for the fees, they are almost the same, although there are many Bitcoin shops that have their own fees, so be careful. You can also consider using other cryptocurrencies, but few casinos accept them, so it might be more reasonable to use Tether or Bitcoin.

Tether USDT Casinos Australia FAQ

Am I safe to use Tether to deposit to a casino?

Yes, you are absolutely safe when using Tether. Tether app works on blockchain, uses the most modern safety software, including two-step authentication. All your personal data and your Tether tokens are completely safe. Both your data and your money won’t go anywhere you don’t want them to go.

Can you make withdrawals with Tether?

Yes, you can. That’s simple to do, just go to the payment page of your online casino, choose a Tether payment method. Then you must enter your details, make sure that they’re correct. After you’ve confirmed your withdrawal, it will be marked as ‘pending’. Most casinos have a pending time of 24-72 hours. During this time, if there is a problem, tech support might ask you to give them additional data about your identity to be sure that you’re not a hacker. Be sure to check that they are also not hackers! After the pending time is over, your Tether tokens will be transferred to your wallet.

How to deposit money to a casino with Tether?

This is very easy to do. To deposit money to an online casino, you will have to sign up and go to the payments page of the casino of your choice. When you have your Tether tokens in your wallet, just find Tether among payment options in the online casino of your choice, then enter your details and press enter. After you’ve confirmed your payment, you can enjoy winning at your casino.

Are there many casinos that support Tether?

There are quite many online casinos that accept Tether, even in Australia. Still, most casinos that implement cryptocurrency payments start with Bitcoin and only then they start to accept different cryptos, so Tether casinos are less widely-accepted in online casinos that e.g. Bitcoin, but you won’t have a problem finding a casino that accepts USDT.

Can I get a bonus at the casino for using Tether?

Currently, we are unaware of such bonuses in online casinos. However, you still may claim regular bonuses and benefits from any online casino that you wish to play in. Our experts are monitoring the casino market every day in order to find the most generous deals for our dear gamblers. Check our review section regularly and if there will be bonuses for using Tether, you will be one of the first to know about it, that’s for sure!

How do I benefit from using Google Pay in a Tether?

The most prominent benefit of using Tether is, in our mind, is its safety. Essentially, if you don’t lose all of your devices while they’re working, you’re completely fine. Tether uses only the most recent safety software. USDT is a very handy way of having cryptocurrency and not worrying about its value volatility because it’s linked to USD. The app itself is very good and comfortable to use, so why hesitate? Try it out now and decide for yourself!
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