CashU is not your typical Australian payment system, but if you want to use it for gambling, you can. This platform has over 2 million customers who are mostly located in the MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) region. It doesn’t mean you can’t create an account there.

The only problem an Aussie gambler would have with this payment option is finding CashU gambling websites. It’s true that you can’t use the e-wallet at every website you come across, but if you get CashU MADJ, the virtual MasterCard debit card, there will be no problem with deposits and withdrawals at casinos.

If you’re looking for casino sites in Australia that will take a CashU payment, browse the list presented on this page, and find the one you like best. If you’re trying to understand whether this payment system is a good fit for you, read on, and you’ll find out everything about it.

List of the Best Casinos Accepting CashU 2022

What is CashU?

CashU is an all-around payment system. It’s an e-wallet you can top up with cash if you buy a voucher off a vendor. Unfortunately, all of the vendors that can sell you the top-up vouchers are located in the Middle Eastern countries. Luckily for the Aussie gamblers who want to use this payment system, you can top it up with Visa or MasterCard.

When you try to find CashU casinos in Australia, you’ll discover one major flaw of this platform. No Aussie online casinos take payments from CashU e-wallet. There are two ways to overcome that.

The first is finding international casinos that accept CashU payments. You’ll see the list on this page and find our top five picks. The second method is getting a MADJ card. It’s a virtual prepaid card that you can use to pay at any casino that takes MasterCard. Since most casinos do, it’s a great way to conduct gambling payments.

Here’s your quick guide on how to deposit with CashU.

Step 1: Get a CashU account

Go over to and create an account. Click on “Log In” and choose “Sign Up” to create a new account. Even though CashU works primarily in the MENA region, you can register an account from any country in the world.

Enter a valid email address, your phone number, and the security code below. You’ll also have to come up with a strong password that contains at least one number and a capital letter. Make sure you write it down correctly and remember it because the registration form doesn’t require you to confirm the password.

After that, check your phone to see the verification code the system sent you via SMS. Enter it, and you’re done.

Step 2: Top up the account

Now that you’ve registered an account, top it up. Log in and go to the “add funds” page. Choose Visa or MasterCard as your top-up method, and enter the sum you want to send to the platform and your banking details. The connection is secure and CashU is certified by both Visa and MasterCard, so you can enter the details with no fear of fraud.

Your bank may charge you for the transaction, and after that, the funds should be safely deposited on your CashU account. You’ll also pay a conversion fee. Check with your bank to see how much do they charge for AUD to USD conversions.

Step 3: Create a virtual MADJ card

Now, you may be able to use CashU e-wallet on some casino websites. If you found a good option on the list of casinos that accept CashU, you can skip this step. If you didn’t, you have to create a virtual card to use at MasterCard casinos.

Go to the banking page and find the option that says “generate a Classic virtual card.” Press the button, and confirm the action. The platform will charge you $1 for doing that.

Step 4: Send funds from account to card.

Go to the “transactions” menu and find the “Account-to-Card” transfer. Transfer all or a part of the funds on your account to the card. You’ll also be charged one dollar for this. Now, you have all the details of the virtual card, it has money on it, and you’re ready to gamble.

Step 5: Find a CashU online casino

This step could be problematic because very few if any Aussie CashU casinos exist. It could have been problematic, but with CasinoHEX, it becomes easy. You have two options. The first one is getting a MADJ card and using it at MasterCard casinos as you would do with a regular card. The second one is to look at the casinos on this page and find the one you like. All of them are accepting CashU payments without a generated card. This way, you get a lot less hustle and save $2 on transaction costs.

Step 6: Create a casino account

Found the best casino from this page? Good, all you have to do now is create an account. Come up with a strong password, link your email address, verify it, and you’re done.

Step 7: Make a payment

Log in to the casino account and go to the “payments” or “banking” page. Choose CashU as the payment option, and enter your banking details and the amount of money you want to deposit. Press “submit” or “confirm,” verify the transaction in the CashU app, and the fund will be sent to your account in a matter of minutes.

How to make CashU withdrawals

You can make a withdrawal to the CashU e-wallet with no problems whatsoever, but there’s a top-up limit on the MADJ card. You can only top it up with $400 per month. This means you can only withdraw $400 per month. However, there’s no limit on the number of cards you can generate. You can create a new virtual card if you need to get more than $400 a month.

Here’s how you would go about claiming a withdrawal at a CashU casino.

Step 1: Check the withdrawal requirements

If it’s your first gambling experience you may be new to the concept of playthrough requirements. This is a rule that’s present at all casinos to prevent new players from getting a bonus and withdrawing the full sum to their bank account. Withdrawal requirements impose a minimum amount of money you have to wager at the casino before you’re able to make a withdrawal.

Normally that sum is 30 times the bonus sum. So, if you got $300 in bonus money, you need to wager $9,000 at the casino before you can withdraw anything. It may seem like a lot, but it says you should wager nine thousand Australian dollars, not lose the sum. You’ll be able to go through the playthrough requirements and win some money in no time.

Log in to the casino account, and check whether you’ve done that already. If you have, you can go to the next step.

Step 2: Claim a withdrawal

Head over to the “banking” page, and find a banking option that says “claim a withdrawal.” Enter the sum you want to withdraw and add your CashU account to send the money to. Make sure the sum is under $400 if you’re using the virtual card.

CashU minimum deposits

Since the top-up voucher limits don’t apply for Australian gamblers, the only thing that limits you in the minimum deposits is the CashU casino itself. Most casinos limit the minimum deposits at $20. Some allow you to make an even smaller deposit, but not less than $10.

CashU deposit bonuses

If you use CashU or CashU MADJ card, you can get the withdrawal bonus without any problems at all. You may be able to get a bonus for using CashU e-wallet at some casinos. However, you may not qualify for a MasterCard bonus if you’re using MADJ virtual card. Check with your casino if you want to make sure it’ll grant you the MasterCard bonus.

CashU deposit fees

CashU casinos do not charge you any fees. The payment system will charge you some fees, though. You’ll pay a 3% exchange fee because CashU doesn’t work with AUD. You’ll also pay $2 if you want to get a MADJ virtual card, one dollar for generating a card, and another one for topping it up.

The transaction fee for both the card and the wallet is 1%, which is a pretty good fee if you compare it to other payment systems.

How safe are CashU gambling transactions?

CashU is a MENA region-based fintech solution that has the full support of Visa and MasterCard and is certified by both payment systems. This alone would tell you a lot about the level of security this payment system holds itself to.

Since you’re using virtual debit cards to make transactions, in the odd event that a fraudster does get your banking details, you can just generate a new virtual card.

What countries allow CashU gambling transactions?

Here’s a full list of countries that CashU currently serves:

These are the countries you can buy a top-up voucher in. However, the payment system is accepted by some casinos outside of these countries. For instance, you can use it at some European casinos.

Besides, if you get a MADJ card, you should be able to use it at any casino or online seller that takes MasterCard. With MasterCard serving half the Australian market and being accepted at all casinos that take Visa, it’s a pretty good deal.

What countries restrict the use of CashU

CashU is not directly prohibited by any country. However, since it’s based in the MENA region and does the bulk of the marketing there, it’s hard to find a vendor that accepts it outside of the Middle East and North Africa.

The pros of CashU

While CashU is far from being the most popular payment option in Australia, it does have its benefits.

Cheap virtual cards

Does your bank block credit card transactions but you still want to get the freedom of choice using MasterCard at casinos gives you? CashU may be a great choice for that. Top it up with your credit card, create a virtual card, and use it for gambling at your favorite Australian casinos.

Access to European casinos

If you don’t want to pay with a credit card at a European casino, CashU can be a great e-wallet to use there. It’s accepted in some casinos, the best of them are mentioned on this page.

The cons of CashU

Despite having a couple of sizeable benefits, CashU has some drawbacks as well. Here they are.

Doesn’t support AUD

If you want to gamble at Australian online casinos with CashU, you may find yourself paying exchange fees every time you make a deposit or a withdrawal. The payment system doesn’t support Australian dollars. The only currency you can use is USD and some currencies from the Arabic countries.

Withdrawal limits

If you want to stick with using a CashU virtual card, you’ll find that it’s not a great option for withdrawals. You can only send a maximum of $400 a month to the card. After that, you’ll have to wait for another 30 days or generate a new card and pay a fee.

Few Australian casinos accept the e-wallet

While all Aussie casinos will take a MasterCard payment, few if any casinos will accept the CashU e-wallet. The thing is, most of the marketing efforts of the company are focused on the Middle East, and few people use it in Australia, so there’s no point in incorporating another e-wallet to the platform.

You will be able to use this e-wallet at international casinos, though. Here’s the list of the best ones.

Best 5 Australian Casinos To Use Payment Option

Does CashU’s offer seem tantalizing or you already have a CashU account that you want to use at an online casino? Here’s the list of the best CashU casinos you can access from Australia.


Bwin doesn’t attract players with a huge bonus. It only gives new players €200 at a 100% match-up rate. What’s the catch, you may think? Bwin is one of the oldest casinos out there. It started out way back in 1999 and haven’t missed a payment since then. If you’re looking for a reliable CashU casino, this is it.


Spinia can’t boast the same age as Bwin. It was founded only a year ago in 2018. Despite its age, it doesn’t feel the need to attract people by a huge deposit bonus. You only get €250 and some 50 free spins on top of that. If you’re a big bonus hunter, you’ll be put off by that. However, if what you hunt for is a variety of choice, this might be it. Spinia hosts over 2000 pokies from top developers, and that’s enough pokies for months of gambling.


LVbet is the most generous casino on this list. It offers €1000 in bonus money and can add another 1000 free spins on top. If you don’t think such a huge offer can come from a casino that’s worth its salt, you can check out the 600+ games LVbet hosts with a €5 deposit bonus. Spend it on anything you want, no strings attached.


If Spinia has a good offer in terms of choice, ZetCasino has an amazing offer. This casino lets you play over 3200 pokies. That’s 8 years of wagering at different pokies every day, Christmas and Good Friday included. If you choose to roll with this casino, you’ll enjoy a €500 monetary bonus and a hundred free spins. You can check out the casino with 10 free spins it grants you without making a deposit. All you have to do is to create an account. Alternatives To CashU For Gambling Transactions

Does CashU seem like a too difficult payment option to use? It’s not the only way you can make gambling-related payments. Here’s what you can use instead.


If you want to enjoy all the benefits of CashU while being able to use it in Aussie casinos freely, go for UPayCard. It works on the very same basis. It’s an e-wallet that can emit a MasterCard debit card upon request. If you get a physical card, you’ll be able to use it anywhere in Australia. When you win big, you can go and celebrate in a pub without having to make another withdrawal to your credit card.

UPayCard also doesn’t have the withdrawal limit that CashU has. You can withdraw any amount of money you want, provided you verify the account.

Prepaid cards

Do you want to use CashU because it offers a lucrative possibility of paying for online gambling in cash? The problem is, CashU doesn’t have any vendors outside of the Middle East. Use local prepaid cards instead. You can buy Neosurf or PaysafeCard vouchers anywhere in Australia. Go over to the payment system website, and you’ll find a vendor that sells the vouchers in any Australian town.

Credit cards

You’ll have to pay with Visa or MasterCard at the CashU website to top up the account. Why go to that extent to create a virtual debit if you can go to your bank’s internet banking page and create a virtual card there? You’ll save a lot of time on creating a CashU account, topping it up, generating the card, and waiting for the account to be verified. Just grab your debit card or create a virtual one at your bank and go ahead.


If you want to use an e-wallet with a mobile app to pay for gambling, you may be better off with a wallet that is widely accepted at Australian casinos. Go for Skrill or Neteller, and you’ll be served at most online casinos, Australian or not. They’re just as easy to use as CashU and have a bigger reach.

CashU Casinos in Asutralia FAQ

Are CashU transactions safe?

CashU is backed by both Visa and MasterCard, so you should expect it’s reliable enough. The e-wallet app has top-grade security and virtual card transactions are backed by MasterCard, a worldwide leader of fintech.

Do CashU casinos have instant withdrawals?

Yes, you can find a fast payout CashU casino. Check reviews of the casinos from our list to find the one that would be willing to send you the win in a moment’s notice.

How do I make a deposit at a CashU casino?

The most convenient way for someone who wants to pay with cash would be to visit a vendor that sells CashU top-up vouchers. Unfortunately, that can only happen if you lived in UAE or Egypt. In Australia, you’d have to go to the CashU website and make a deposit using your credit card.Then, you can use CashU e-wallet at the casinos from our list or create a virtual debit card and use it at any MasterCard casino.

Where can I find CashU casinos?

You have two options. Either you use advanced Google search to weed out the casinos that offer CashU as a deposit method, or consult CasinoHEX website. Our team of experts from all sides of the gambling industry will make sure you get enough information to find a CashU casino that would suit your taste. We created a curated list of casinos that would take your payment and review each casino to give you all the information you need to form an opinion about it.

Where can I buy CashU refill coupons?

Unfortunately, you can’t buy top-up vouchers for CashU in Australia. Vendors that sell them are situated in the Middle East and North Africa only. You can top up this e-wallet with a credit card payment.

Will I get casino bonuses if I pay with CashU?

Yes, you’re eligible for a welcome bonus if you pay with CashU. If you want to get an even bigger bonus, go for the casinos that offer a small payment system bonus for CashU deposits.

What are the benefits of using CashU at online casinos?

If you want to play at casinos from the MENA region or from Europe and need a lot of virtual cards to deposit, CashU will be a great choice.
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