It’s no secret many Aussies love to gamble. Over 7 million of us do. However, most people don’t want to risk losing money so they keep it low. It’s people like you who know that the real danger is not taking a risk.

This is why your biggest problem isn’t the money. It’s finding decent high-stakes casinos in Australia. We’ve created a curated list of high-limit casinos that offer you a VIP experience. Choose one and start gambling, or read the article to find out more information you need as a high-roller.

VIP casino programs: everything you need to know

Are you a newcomer to the world of gambling and want to understand how does it work when you step up your game? Are you a veteran who never put much thought into the type of deal you’re getting from a best Aussie online casino before? This information can be interesting for you.

What does a VIP Program even is?

Every casino has a welcome bonus. It’s a nice addition to your deposit that makes gambling so much more diverse. You get double or triple the deposit and can spend that money on any pokies without fearing for your real money.

Every business has a loyalty reward system. Your local coffee shop probably offers to give you every sixth or seventh coffee for free. Harris Farm has a loyalty card that lets the people who spend the most get the most benefits. An AmEx credit card would award you bonuses you can use as miles of flight the more you use it.

Casinos are no exception. A welcome bonus is more of a discount flyer that gets new players to try the casino. A VIP program is the loyalty card that really showers you with benefits.

Here’s what you can expect.

What benefits do I get when I join a high-roller scheme?

When you join one of the Aussie VIP casinos, you get access to plenty of goodies. First off, you can receive much higher bonuses. You’re already making huge deposits, so the casino would be fully on board with giving you some of the money back as a bonus.

The other important thing about being a VIP at a casino is that you enjoy much more freedom in terms of withdrawal limits. You can withdraw more money each month, which is a very much needed feature since you’re going to be withdrawing thousands of dollars you win with the kind of money you wager.

You can be sure the support will be there for you 24/7. The regular players may have to wait for some time before they get an answer. VIPs don’t have to contend with that. The casino treats them well because they’re the ones who make or break a casino.

The most important thing about being a member of a VIP program is being able to bet big, sometimes upwards of thousands of Australian dollars a time, and rub elbows with the best players. If you play live roulette or blackjack, you can enjoy talking to like-minded people who will truly understand you. Some casinos can even offer VIP events in Australia to let the members of the club gamble together in real life.

Joining VIP casino program

How do you join a VIP club? It’s just a matter of numbers. Most casinos set up their VIP system to be a progressive scale with Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum being the main tiers. The exact numbers will vary from one casino to another, but the minimum sum you should bet at a no limits casino to get in is about A$5,000. Some casinos have you bet that sum each month, some only count lifelong bets.

When you reach the wagering requirement to qualify for membership in the VIP club, contact the casino support and ask for instructions. You’ll get better service instantly, and will be able to use the benefits shortly.

4 Advantages Only High-rollers enjoy

Sure, you spend a lot of money when you gamble big. But this doesn’t mean you’re only losing. You’re winning much more than that. Here’s what benefits you can only enjoy as a high-roller.

Winning big

Gambling is fun either way. But let’s face it, you won’t win much if you only bet a penny at a time. You will get some highs and lows, but your A$10 deposit will rarely grow over A$100. Now, if you bet a hundred at a time, you lose some money. But if you have a few grand to spare, you will be able to wait it out till the win, and the win is going to be huge.

Only the high-rollers can boast winning A$1,000 and more at a time. When there’s a risk, there’s a reward.

Live table games the right way

For centuries, table games have been a lavish status symbol. Sure, an odd mathematician genius was able to beat the system once in a while, but it’s the high-rollers who could truly take advantage of the game. Roulette and blackjack are a numbers game, and numbers mean money.

You need a fat wallet to win at roulette. For each loss, you need to keep betting more and more until you win and cover all your expenses. The only way you can do that is to be a high-roller. But there’s another perk of playing live table games.

Exquisite company

You know what we’re talking about if you’ve ever played live roulette in a room where the biggest bet was A$10. You have the opportunity to talk to the guys who are in it with you, but the conversation just isn’t impressive. They’re sipping on a coldie, not on Chardonnay. They care about rugby, not tennis. They follow the plot of a Netflix series, not cryptocurrency rates. To put it simply, the conversation doesn’t flow.

When you get to play with the folks who have gained a VIP status at your casino, you will get to meet people who think like you. The social aspect of gambling is very important to all gamblers, especially the ones who play live casino games. The odds are, you will be pleasantly surprised by the kind of people you may meet in the VIP club.


While all casinos from Australia on the CasinoHEX list are great when it comes to service, you can only get top service if you enter a VIP club. When you’re a regular player, you’re a customer. The casino will treat you with due respect and will try to be as helpful as possible.

When you’re a VIP gambler, you’re an asset. Casinos depend on their VIP players, so they will do whatever they can to please you. You will get instant replies and the support will fix everything for you just in time to let you enjoy a night of gambling.

What Top VIP Casinos Can Give You

It’s clear that you enjoy a lot more benefits when you join the VIP program. But are the VIP casinos any better than the regular ones? They most certainly are. Here’s why.


When you’re making a minimum deposit of A$10, you can afford to have a devil-may-care attitude towards security. If you get scammed, it’s only a tenner and life can go on. When you deposit A$1,000 a month, you’d better think about cybersecurity.

We may be high-rollers, but we’re not millionaires to whom getting scammed out of a grand is nothing. As a high-roller, you need to make sure your funds are perfectly safe both during the transaction and after you get the funds on your account.

The VIP casinos on our list have been tested by experts to prove they’re safe. At these casinos, you won’t be scammed and your private information will not be stolen. They’re all checked and double-checked in any possible way to ensure your safety while gambling.

Variety of games

Gambling is fun, but it’s the kind of fun you should invest in. Joining a VIP club means you’ll be staying at the casino for quite a while. If you’re like most gamblers, you want the casino to have a decent choice of games to choose from. Otherwise, why would you join? Why would you spend thousands upon thousands of dollars just to play a hundred or so games?

A good VIP casino from the list you see on this page counts the number of games in thousands, not in hundreds. If you do decide to join the VIP club, you’ll be able to have something fresh to play every once in a while for many years.

Live casino options

Many high-rollers love pokies, but it’s live table games where most VIP casinos truly shine. Gambling is not just about winning absurdly large sums of money and having a blast doing it. It’s also about talking to people who think like you and love gambling as well. It’s about making meaningful connections and having conversations you could never have with somebody in your life. Live games let you access the social part of gambling.

This is why VIP casinos focus on these so heavily. If you chose a casino from the list, you can expect to see at least a dozen of roulettes and blackjacks and dozens of live tables you can join. Most of them will be half full, so you’ll have both the ability to join and some people to talk to.

Fast payouts

The last thing a casino wants is to upset a VIP member. There’s nothing as upsetting as having to wait for days or even weeks to get your withdrawal claim approved. They want you to stay and will pander to you. This is why most casinos you see on this list will make a withdrawal payment within hours.

You also have the luxury to withdraw more money. Basic accounts at some casinos may be severely capped in the amount of money they can withdraw a day and a month. This means if you’re winning big, you’ll have to stretch the withdrawals across six months or so. If you’re a VIP, you can withdraw every penny within a day.

High Stakes & High Limits Casinos: What to Consider Before Joining

You can’t choose a high limits casino blindly. You have to check these things before you can safely gamble:

You can check all of this information on CasinoHEX. Click on the “read the review” button near the casino you want to learn more about, and you will see an in-depth review that covers all of these points and more.

High Stakes Vip Casinos Australia FAQ

What are VIP high roller programs?

A VIP program is akin to loyalty cards many places issue. The more you spend at the place, the more benefits you get. The only difference when it comes to gambling is that you can win some money back too.

How can I join a VIP program?

Doing that is simple, all you need to do is to just gamble at your own pace. If you’re a high-roller, you will soon hit the level of spending that qualifies you to be a VIP. When you do that, contact the support and tell them you want in. Some places will even contact you first once they see you’re a high-roller.

What are the benefits of joining a VIP program?

As a VIP player, you get tons of benefits. You can bet more and win more. You can withdraw much more money than regular players. The casino support will be more than supportive when they talk to you and will handle all your requests as fast as possible. Some casinos on the higher end will even offer you special benefits like event tickets and more.

Where do I find online casinos with the best VIP program?

Finding a good Australian VIP casino is tricky. You need to account for so many things: the security, the games, the reputation. CasinoHEX makes this job much easier for you. Check out casinos from this list, read reviews about them, and choose the one you like best.

Are there minimum betting requirements I should be aware of?

Sure, every casino that has a VIP club has minimum betting requirements. After all, what kind of high-roller are you if you only bet A$10 a month. The exact numbers depend on the casino at hand, but you should expect to spend more than a couple of thousands of Australian dollars a month.

How does being a high-roller differ from being a low-roller?

In simple words, you get to win more. Sure, you risk a lot while doing it, but the payout is worth it. You can count your wins in thousands, not dozens of AUD, and that’s something no gambler can think about without excitement. That said, though, both ways to gamble are very fun regardless of the kind of money you’re spending. Being a high-roller, however, is more thrilling.
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