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Are you bored with the mainstream slots from big-time developers? Are you looking for a pokies developer that does something different but doesn’t go to the side of vintage pokies? Are you interested primarily in mobile gambling? Gameart may be the developer you’re looking for.

It’s a Malta-based game developer that was founded in 2013 and has created over 70 games in the 7 years it’s been on the market. Gameart pokies are presented in dozens of gambling websites in Australia, and here you’ll get all the information you need about Gameart casinos on this page.

If you want to find the best online casino that offer Gameart pokies, just take a look at the list presented on this page. Do you want to learn more about these casinos? Read the whole article to get to know what pokies are the best and what Gameart casinos are like. If you want more details on a certain casino, click on the link to the review and you’ll learn everything about the bonus system, payment and withdrawal, and other games that are presented on the platform.

Top Gameart Casinos Australia

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Gameart Casino Games

Gameart didn’t have a chance to develop a myriad of games. After all, it’s only been on the market for 7 years. However, the games it did produce in the short time it has been in operation are outstanding.

This game developer focuses on online mobile slots with flashy graphics. It’s perfect for those who want to play pokies that are on the edge of technology but different from the mainstream ones. Here are the best pokies from Gameart.

Gameart Pokies

Wolf Hunt

This slot game lets you experience the thrill of a hunt without ever needing to resort to violence. Hunt down snakes, eagles, badgers, and more animals together with some poker values to create combinations and win big. Wolves are the most precious symbols in the game since they’re wild. Find one, and it will help create combos pairing up with any symbol.

Trigger a bonus feature, and you will be able to do a gold-digging mini-game. You’ll have to match several gold coins in this mini-game. If you’re successful, you may get the biggest jackpot win in the game. Even if you fail to find and match the right coins, you will still get rewarded with a hefty sum.

Bubble Fruit

Do you love a good old fruit slot but can’t stomach the way they look? Most developers who started out in the old days, stick to the same pokies design. You may be playing different pokies, but it feels like it’s the same. They have the same set of fruits and the art style is extremely similar across the board.

If that’s something that concerns you, give Bubble Fruit a spin. It takes the idea of a fruit slot and takes it to the new level of graphics. The fruits in this game appear juicy and very lively. It’s a great break from the monotony of regular fruit slots.

As in most fruit pokies, the number of features is kept to the minimum. You only get 10 lines with the minimum bet of 0.01 AUD a line. The biggest difference gameplay-wise is that as you get the re-spin bonus, wild symbols will stick to the reels, awarding you more wins in the process.

Norn’s Fate

Most pokies that explore the theme of Norse mythology focus heavily on Vikings or gods of Asgard. While these topics are extremely interesting to discover, it gets monotonous after a while. When you’ve seen four pokies that are all about Thor and Odin, the fifth one doesn’t seem that enticing anymore.

If you’ve played every Norse mythology slot out there and are craving for more, Norn’s Fate may be the one you need to try. It explores this culture as well but takes a look on a bit less popular aspect of it, the Norns.

The Norns are the mysterious creatures that live beneath Yggdrasil (the tree, not the game developer) and spin the yarn that makes or breaks the fate of every human on Earth. Are you ready to see where your fate leads you? Give this spin a try, and you may win up to x3200 on a regular spin and up to 400,000 coins in a jackpot bonus.

Chili Quest

As you may have guessed from the name, Chili Quest is a Mexican-themed slot. It’s not much different from the rest of the bunch, but it sure does it’s own atmosphere. Chili Quest takes you to the atmosphere of a Mexican festival.

Give Chili Quest a spin while looking at the party flags hung in the background, and you’ll see plenty of Mexican-themed items that appear as spicy as the chili pepper. Tequila shots, piñatas, painted skulls, you name it.

But the visuals are not the only thing that is great about this slot. Another big thing about it is the small jackpot system. You can trigger a bonus and win anywhere from 50 to 250 AUD per spin.

Captain Candy

If you’re a Marvel or DC fan, you probably know that there are dozens of superhero slots out there. From Avengers to Batman, superheroes have a visible presence in the world of pokies. Gameart took this idea and did its best to subvert your expectations about it.

Captain Candy is a goofy slot in the best possible meaning of this word. The slot explores a fictional character that Gameart created, Captain Candy. We’re not sure what kind of bad guys this superhero is fighting, but it’s sure not dental cavities. Captain Candy is buff but wears a cute suit that makes him look less intimidating. He’ll flex his muscles when you win, and if you don’t seem to be winning, he may help you out a bit and turn up to 10 symbols on the reels into similar ones. This will grant you an instant win.

The best part about this slot’s mechanics is that you can encounter a mega symbol here. It’s not one of those symbols that cover the whole reel, though. This symbol covers the entirety of the gameboard. This means all lines instantly win.

Peter’s Universe

Peter’s Universe has the weirdest mix of themes you’ll ever find in the world of gambling. This slot mashes together cyberpunk and Peter Pan. It may sound odd at first, but when you give it a spin, you’ll see that this mix works perfectly.

The theme of flight that Peter Pan brings into the mix makes sense in a cyberpunk setting and the whole dynamics of the slot are centered about the idea of being constantly in motion. It’s probably one of the most dynamic slots you’ll ever get to play. Put it on auto spins, and you’ll be watching as one bonus changes to another, everything on the gameboard will be moving in overdrive and bringing you money in the process.

The only time you’ll have to stop in this slot is when you trigger the bonus feature and get to choose what kind of bonus you’ll get. The game will pause, and you will have to pick a planet from Peter’s Universe. Depending on the planet you choose, you’ll get a random bonus like a multiplier or free spins with a locked wild reel.

Overall, it’s a great game that looks and plays differently than anything else on the market. Just don’t show it to your kids. Seriously.

History of Gameart

The history of Gameart is not as interesting as the roots that some older companies have. The company was founded back in 2013 so there were only 7 years for the company to show itself to the gambling community.

Compared to companies that were on the market for over 60 years, this is nothing. But unlike those pioneers who had to figure out what works and what doesn’t, Gameart was able to build on the shoulders of giants. The result is spectacular. Since the company is not bound by the expectations of stockholders, the team isn’t stuck making one similar game after another.

Gameart has the capacity and the skills to innovate, this is why this company is loved and respected in some circles. There may be a bit fewer casinos that have Gameart pokies, but there’s enough to make a difference.

After all, Gameart is a winner of the 2018 Malta Gaming Awards and is certified by Gaming Labs. This fame and the quality of the company’s pokies means there are a lot of Gameart casinos all around the world, Australia included.

Gameart Casino Features

So you’re interested in Gameart pokies but aren’t sure whether you should give Aussie Gameart casinos a try? After all, a slot game can only get so good on its own. You also need some infrastructure and integrity in the casino to enjoy playing it.

Hop on to learn more about Gameart casinos and see for yourself whether it’s worth playing at one or not.

Gameart casinos cons

No table games

There’s one big downside of being so heavily focused on mobile pokies. Gameart has zero table games. It’s just not their thing. The company’s goal is to create innovation in pokies. Gameart consistently takes an idea that is well known and take for granted in the industry and creates something new within this idea. But when it comes to table games, they’re just not interested.

If having a couple of good table games on board is a necessity for you, you should look for Gameart casinos in Australia that have other game developers on the platform. Few Australian casinos feature Gameart exclusively. Most have other developers on the platform as well. If you find the one that has both Gameart pokies and table games from another developer, you’re all set for a great gaming experience.

Few pokies

Gameart is a relatively young developer. While this means the team has the energy to innovate, there’s a downside to that. Gameart has a limited collection of pokies. It’s not like Gameart only has a couple of games, though. The entire collection of pokies the company has includes 70 titles. That’s an average of 10 pokies per year of operation, which is extremely productive. Still, it may not be enough for a gambler that’s really big on variety.

If you want to play a new pokie each day, you’ll soon run out of Gameart pokies. However, the plus side is that all pokies from Gameart are unique. It doesn’t feel like you’re playing the same game over and over again. You may be able to get the diversity you want your pokies to have from Gameart pokies alone. But if you’re into playing new pokies constantly, you may need to find a developer that has a bigger portfolio.

Small pool of casinos

Gameart pokies are amazing, colorful, and new different. The problem is the developer itself isn’t that famous just yet. This is why there aren’t that many casinos that feature Gameart pokies. Don’t forget about the fact that Gameart is a European pokies developer based in Malta. This means the company is primarily focused on the EU market and all their marketing efforts go towards conquering that market.

Most Australian casinos are not targeted by the company’s efforts. However, there are still plenty of casinos where you can play Gameart pokies. CasinoHEX is constantly on the lookout for Gameart casinos and informs you about the latest and the best casinos that may interest you. Check out the list of casinos on this page or read the reviews of these casinos to learn more about them.

Gameart casinos pros

Different pokies

Are you tired of the pokies you love? Even the most interesting ones can get boring and repetitive after a while. When you get tired of your best pokies, you try to switch things around and play different ones. But the problem is, the pokies you find are nearly identical to the ones you tried to get away from.

For instance, if you try to find fruit slots, you’ll encounter the same art style being used in one game developer after another. Some developers are too scared to try and innovate, some are simply copying what works.

Gameart took the hard decision not to walk that path. This company actually tried to come up with something different. While it does explore some popular themes, it does it in a new way. For instance, Gameart’s take on fruit slots has a type of graphics that few people have used for this theme before and that stands out from the crowd. Its take on Norse mythology explores a part of the mythos that was rarely touched upon in the industry. When Gameart created a superhero slot, it made it a funny one and added a gameplay mechanic no other game developer has.

Give one of the Gameart pokies a spin, and you’ll find it’s a much-needed break from the pokies that have become too similar.

Focus on online

While some old-timer developers can boast having Las Vegas casinos as clients, Gameart has something more relevant to offer to a modern gamer. The company started in 2013 and as a result, it’s not making land-based pokies at all.

Gameart is super focused on creating online pokies and it shows. The company was able to make 70 pokies in the span of 7 years because they’re not tied by the production cycle of land-based casinos. These pokies are also more suited for online play than those that are on the vintage side of things.

It sure is good to see a vintage-looking slot once in a while, but if you like pokies that look modern and have new game mechanics, Gameart pokies are a great choice.

Mobile games

Since the company is so heavily focused on online pokies, it’s no wonder that all 70 Gameart pokies are well suited for mobile play. They’re all written for the best performance on HTML5 protocol that works well on desktop and on mobile devices. It will work even if your device is not that powerful because Gameart invests a lot into optimizing their pokies’ performance.

Unique graphics

Gameart pokies provide you with a necessary break from the pokies that are classic or trendy. When an art style becomes popular, it gets copied over and over again. It reaches such an extent that you can’t discern between pokies from different developers anymore.

If you’re looking for something fresh and of amazing quality, Gameart is your best bet. The company was brave enough to create a unique artistic style instead of copying what’s popular. The result is pokies that have graphics on the level of the giants of the market like Microgaming and NetEnt but has a unique air to it.

Unique gameplay mechanics

Graphics is not the only unique thing that Gameart brings to its pokies. The company also isn’t afraid to experiment with the mechanics of its pokies. If you’re bored by the classic options all game developers offer, discover what Gameart has up its sleeve. From a symbol that covers all reels to picking your bonus among the rotating planets that make up the game’s universe, Gameart has something to intrigue any Aussie gambler.

Future innovation

The best thing about any game developer that is as fresh as Gameart is in the future, not in the past. Some older developers may have created a game that was a hit 10 years ago. Gameart will create a game that’s going to be a hit two years from now.

That’s the best thing about it. You can stay with this developer, enjoy the pokies it’s created already, and know full well, there are more great pokies to come.

Gameart Casino FAQ

Is it safe to play at Gameart casinos?

Every casino game is as safe as you’re willing to make it. If you don’t do a good job of controlling your impulses and start gambling on credit, you may find yourself in debt. But for most people, this is not the problem. If you do have doubts about whether you can stop in time, no casino is safe for you and you should seek help.But not only games can be dangerous, casinos can be too. Some casinos only want to get your money and aren’t going to give anything back. These rogue casinos can even give small payouts at first, but as soon as you win big, they stop paying.If you’re worried about getting into a casino like that, CasinoHEX has you covered. Our experts review old and new casinos that offer Gameart pokies to make sure you get access to the most relevant information about these websites. If a gambling website was spotted involved in some kind of shady activity, we do not mention in on our list.

What kind of casino games do Gameart casinos offer?

Gameart is known for its variety of games and unique features. The only feature Gameart casinos lack is the table games. This game developer doesn’t have a single table game in its arsenal.If you’re into pokies, however, you’ll find a lot of games you’ll love. The themes range from the most popular ones like Ancient China to less known ones like candy.

Can I get a bonus at a Gameart casino?

Most casinos on our list offer welcome bonuses, some even go as far as to offer you no-deposit bonuses as well. If you’re curious as to where can you get the best deal, do some research and read the reviews our experts wrote for each casino on the list.You’ll get to know everything you need on each casino’s bonus system and will be able to make an informed decision.

What are the top 3 Gameart casinos?

The answer to this question can differ for every person. Some people want their casinos to have great navigation, others would trade that for a live casino ecosystem. But if we try to figure out what a regular Aussie gambler would prefer to play, the top three casinos would be BitStarz, Everum, and Bitcoin Casino.

How many pokies Gameart has?

Gameart has developed 70 pokies in a span of 7 years. If that’s not impressive enough, take into consideration the fact that each slot game the company has developed is unique and has a unique art style. Even though there are less than a hundred pokies in the company’s portfolio, they would entertain you for months on end.
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