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Amatic is a world-class game developer that is headquartered in Austria. Despite being across the ocean from Australia, this casino is well known and loved by many Aussie gamblers. The company creates both pokies and table games and is working on improving its online marketing efforts to appear in an even bigger number of gambling websites in Australia.

Aussie casinos love this game developer because its games have both vintage and modern elements to them, appealing to a large number of gamblers. If you want to find the casino sites that have Amatic pokies on board and get tips on payments and withdrawals, in these casinos, CasinoHEX has got you covered.

Read this review to learn more about the games Amatic makes and what benefits can Amatic casinos provide.

Best Amatic Pokies

Amatic Casino Games

Amatic’s two decades on the market has been nothing but prolific. Most of the time this company was on the market, it has been heavily focused on creating land-based pokies cabinets. In the last decade, however, Amatic started remaking their massive land-based hits into online slots. Once they saw success in this area, they started expanding, and now we have a portfolio of over 200 slots produced by Amatic.

Here are our top picks.

Amatic Pokies

80 Days

Some of you know this name from the book, most of you have probably seen the movie. This Amatic slot explores the theme of Jules Verne’s 80 Days Around The Globe novel. You’ll accompany the renowned adventurer, Phileas Fogg on his journey around the globe. The main difference between the slot and the movie is that in the slot, Phileas Fogg passes some extremely rich countries and can get you rich too.

Gameplay-wise, this slot falls into the category of 5-reel pokies and has up to 20 paylines. Activate one two major Scatter bonuses to get a long stream of free spins, or straight up win a jackpot!

Admiral Nelson

This slot shows Amatic has some sort of infatuation with prominent figures, real or fictional. Admiral Nelson is a slot that explores this sort of thing. The life of the British navy commander, Horatio Nelson. You’ll get to experience his greatest victory as well as some smaller defeats if you choose to place your bets across 20 paylines that this slot has. If you’re lucky enough, you will be able to trigger the free spins bonus that grants you 10 free respins while some symbols become wild at random, increasing your chances to win.


Following the stream of pokies by Amatic that are tailored after a historical individual, the Casanova slot immerses you into the life of the renowned 19th-century ladies man, Casanova. But don’t just expect to see the ladies in the game. There’s a part of Cassanova’s life that few people were aware of. He was the first man to hold a lottery in France. You can only imagine the kind of money he got from that deal, but you can feel the same when you win a huge sum at this Amatic slot.

Billy’s Gang

Unlike the previous two, this slot doesn’t follow the life of a legendary person. It creates a character that since became legendary in the gambling circles. Billy’s Gang places you into the world of 1930’s Chicago gangsters, the world of the mob boss Billy. You’ll get to experience everything the original gangsters did, the fast cars, the pretty girls, the money. For the last one, you may need to rob a bank as one of Billy’s Gang’s bonuses lets you play a bank-robbing mini-game to pull a huge win.


Another slot from Amatic that follows the story of Billy the mob boss, Billyonaire has the same lead character but differs in the art style and in game mechanics. The game portrays the life of a 1930’s millionaire somewhere in the UK. As you spin the symbols that depict fancy old cars, bottles of the finest whiskey, and teacups, you can become a millionaire too. Billyonaire has 40 paylines to bet on and offers a 10,000 coin jackpot to the lucky few. Depending on what your bet is, this can be a huge sum in AUD. A sum you can safely withdraw from the Aussie Amatic casinos you find on the CasinoHEX list.


Vampires is a standalone Amatic slot. As you probably have guessed from the name, it leads you into the world of paranormal, the world of Vampires. Unlike many modern vampire franchises, it is rooted more in the aesthetics of Bram Stocker’s Dracula. It features vampires depicted on old paintings, wolves that often accompany Dracula in the famous novel, and some vampire-related objects.

It’s one of the few Amatic slots with a Gamble feature. Every time you win, you get a chance of winning even more money. Gamble on the money you’ve won, and try to guess what color the card that you’ll draw from a deck will be. If you guess correctly, you get twice the win and get to gamble again up to 5 times.

Amatic Table Games

Roulette Royale

Produced by Amatic’s subsidiary, Amanet, Roulette Royale is a basic yet elegant online European roulette. With only one zero to make your chances of beating the casino higher and with wheel bets incorporated into the betting table, it’s a perfect roulette game for any Aussie gambler.

The graphics are simple but look good and even though the voice that announces the bets is a bit odd, it’s a really good roulette game.

Blackjack 21

Blackjack 21 is one of the few Amatic table games, and it looks and plays amazing, especially considering the fact that the company’s main focus is slots. This blackjack game is probably not going to attract card counters as it’s played with 6 decks of 52 and it makes it extremely difficult to do so. If you’re not a counter, however, you’ll have fun with the game.

You get a slight edge on the casino as the dealer has to stop hitting at 17. You also have the option of splitting your hand to get twice the chances to win and you can choose whether you want to get insurance against blackjack.

The maximum bet is 3000 coins, which makes the maximum win 15000 coins, a pretty decent sum if you make the coin high value.

History of Amatic

Amatic is one of the oldest pokies developers on the market. The company was founded way back in 1993 in Austria. In the beginning, Amatic was focused on producing a land-based slot, but things changed in 2011. The company joined the community of online pokies developers and re-released most of their slots to be streamed online. They had to do this all over again after HTML5 protocol was released to make streaming Amatic pokies the same quality experience both on mobile and on desktop.

While Amatic remains one of the major leaders of the land-based casino market, it’s an online game is far from the best in town. This role is taken by Microgaming and NetEnt. Despite not being number one, Amatic is a solid competitor, in part due to its popularity in land-based casinos.

The company’s efforts in the online gambling industry have even been recognized by a 2016 Gold Dice award. Another certificate of quality is its membership in Leitbetriebe Austria, an organization of the best Austrian brands.

Amatic Casino Features

From the description of Amatic pokies, you’d definitely play one. However, does this translate to good Australian Amatic casinos? Do you get a great experience overall? Let’s look at the positive and the negative sides of this game developer to venture a guess.

The cons

Amatic is a great pokies developer that’s been one of the pioneers. It’s been on the market for over a quarter of a century by this time, but experience doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Here are the biggest disadvantages of gambling at Aussie Amatic casinos.

Few table games

From the first day, Amatic was all about video pokies machines. It was one of the pioneers of new-age slots and excelled at it. The table games weren’t really a priority.

Even though the company now includes table games as it figured out the long term strategy demands it, the overall majority of games they produce are pokies. Amatic has some table games in its portfolio, but if you’re a hardcore roulette or baccarat fan, you will be bored by the variety of choices you get.

Medium casino coverage

While there are plenty of casino games developers that appear in casinos rather rarely, Amatic isn’t on the top of the list either. Unlike the giants of online casino industry, Microgaming and NetEnt, Amatic doesn’t appear in every other casino. You won’t have to look too long for an online casino that has Amatic on, though.

In fact, you won’t have to look for one any longer than it takes you to enter this page and see the ultimate list of Amatic casinos in Australia.

No cutting edge animation

Amatic is a company that’s expert at creating great online slots. Its pokies feel good and play good. The drawback is they rarely look like a top-rated movie. If you’re looking for a developer that excels at graphics and animation, you’d be better off looking at developers like Yggdrasil or Quickspin.

Amatic a great choice for those who only care about the gameplay and love to see a good old video pokies type of graphic. The one you can expect to see in any land-based casino in Australia. If you’re into that type of pokies, this is not a problem, this is benefit.

The benefits

While Amatic may have its fair share of negative sides, the positive ones outweigh all the drawbacks it has by a wide margin. Here is what you can expect from an Amatic casino.

Good variety of pokies

Most Aussie gamblers only want one thing, and it’s pokies. A lot of pokies, to be exact. Amatic can give you just that. The company’s games may not be on the highest end of the animation, but in terms of diversity of design and gameplay, they’re amazing.

You can find all sorts of styles there, from a Vampire saga to a story about a historical figure. Gameplay-wise, most Amatic pokies look more or less the same. You get your classic 5×3 layout with anywhere from 10 to 50 paylines.

When you’ve played a couple of Amatic pokies, it seems like you’ve played them all. But don’t get fooled by this. Keep playing, and you’ll come across pokies like Grand Tiger and Eye of Ra that switch up the gameboard completely, leaving some reels shorter than the others and presenting a bigger challenge.

Amatic has a couple of aces up its sleeves, and discovering them gets more fun the further you go.

Basic table games

Even though Amatic has very few table games, it does have all you need to get your thirst for roulette, blackjack, and other table games satisfied. It’s true that these games are not the best on the market and there’s not support for live casinos. But it’s now what Amatic is about. Amatic is about perfecting the basic experience.

This is what you get when you play at an Amatic casino. You get access to decent table games that may lack graphical brilliance but can get you just as much money as your top-tier roulette or blackjack game.

Personality pokies

One of the prominent features of Amatic games is their love for fictional and historical figures. If you like reading biographies or digging into the lore to find out more about your favorite personalities, you have a lot in common with Amatic. The company’s games will set you on an adventure along with such prominent individuals as Jacomo Casanova, Admiral Nelson, and many others.

Series of slots

If you’re not interested in personalities from real life that much, perhaps you’d be interested in following a story of Amatic’s characters. This game developer has plenty of slots that are tied by the same theme. The most prominent of these slots is the Billy series, a series of slots that don’t have the same theme but have the same character, Billy. Amatic places this anthropomorphic bear in different settings from 1930s bootleggers and criminal gangs to the life of a British billionaire in the 1950s.

If you’re the type of gambler who find themselves wanting for more when you get kind of bored with the same slot, Amatic’s series of slots are going to cut it for you.

Big wins

There’s nothing that attracts a gambler as much as huge wins do. What can Amatic offer in this respect? The wins on each individual spin are what you can expect from your regular slot, but when it comes to the bonus features, you start seeing improvements. In certain slots, you can win up to 10,000 coins if you hit the in-game jackpot and manage to handle the mini-game perfectly.

It’s sure smaller than the progressive jackpots you can find on some other slots, but don’t be fooled by the numbers. Getting a smaller win in an Amatic slot is actually easier. And when you get a win that’s bigger than your annual salary, you’re not really in the position to complain.

Land-based casino feel

It’s no secret Amatic is losing the battle for popularity to Microgaming and NetEnt because it’s too focused on land-based pokies. But that’s not just something that prevents Amatic from creating break-through innovation in the world of online gambling. It’s also a huge bonus for those gamblers who are in love with the old school style of casino slot art.

You can feel just like you’re playing your regular pokies in a Sydney casino when you’re playing at an Amatic online casino. The difference is, you don’t have to actually get up from your couch and can enjoy these authentic slots sipping on a coldie.

Amatic Casinos in Australia FAQ

Is it safe to play at Amatic casinos?

As you may have already learned, gambling is an inherently risky activity. You can get too excited and spend more than you can afford. While most people are in control of what they’re doing, this always remains a possibility. If that’s not an issue for you, Amatic casinos will prove a safe place to gamble.

While some casinos are rogue and don’t have providing the best experience in mind, you don’t run the risk of coming across one. Here at CasinoHEX, we employ world-class experts who review every casino and rate it to make sure you get access to the best casinos in Australia. Our experts weed out the bad casinos from the bunch, so you won’t find a single fraudulent casino on our list.

Choose any casino from the list, make a bet, and you can be sure you’re having a safe gambling experience.

What type of games can I play at Amatic casinos?

Amatic has both pokies and table games in its arsenal. However, it focuses heavily on the pokies at the expense of table games. If you’re a big fan of roulette and blackjack, you won’t be satisfied with the variety of choices you get with Amatic. If you only want to play a decent table game once in a while, your needs are met. Amatic’s small collection of table games will be more than enough to keep you entertained when you want to have a bit of a break from pokies.

If you’re a slot aficionado, however, you will love Amatic. Especially so if you’re into vintage graphics. Amatic slots are not the most polished ones animation-wise, the graphics on most slots leans to the vintage aesthetic. The kind of graphics you’d see in a Sydney casino in 2010.

If that’s something you love, you’ll have a great time with Amatic casinos. Gameplay-wise, Amatic doesn’t stray too much from the formula it figured out decades ago. Most slots are your typical 5×3 video pokies with anywhere from 10 to 50 paylines. However, it has some notable experiments like Golden Tiger that transforms the reel layout completely.

Can I get a welcome bonus at an Amatic casino?

Sure, there are no problems with getting any type of bonus at Amatic casinos. If you spend a bit of your time browsing the CasinoHEX directory of Amatic casinos, you will be able to find the best deal.

Want to see if Amatic casinos are worth it? Find the ones that offer no-deposit bonuses. You can do so by filtering our list of casinos by no-deposit ones. Get the best casino on the list, create an account, and you’ll be able to use a bit of bonus cash or free spins on any Amatic pokies that casino has. Check it out, and make a deposit with real money later.

If you want to go all-in from the get-go, you can search the CasinoHEX list and compare different Amatic casinos to see what casinos have more bonus money to offer. With CasinoHEX, you can get the best deal.

What Amatic casinos are the best?

The answer to this question is different for any gambler. Some casinos offer a welcoming atmosphere and a close-knit community of gamblers. Some offer gamified challenges. Some, a really big welcome bonus.

The top-rating Amatic casinos are Casinonic, Playamo, and Betchan. However, you can find what casino fits you best by looking through the list of online casinos and finding the one you love.

How many pokies does Amatic have?

Amatic has been on the market for over 25 years now. However, it hasn’t been as prolific as some online pokies developers are. In more than two decades that Amatic has been killing it in the gambling industry, it has produced over 150 pokies that will keep you playing for hours.
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