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Bally Wulff is one of the oldest players in the casino industry. Unlike many other old-timers, Bally managed to keep afloat despite all the crises the world was in since the time the company was founded and made it big.

Now, Bally may not have such a huge share of the market as some other game developers like NetEnt or Microgaming, but it has something even better. Bally Wulff has an assortment of games that have earned them a significant following. This makes gambling websites both in Australia and other countries want to feature Bally games.

Despite being based in Germany, the company’s Australian fan base makes sure there’s enough demand for Bally pokies to make casinos be eager to feature them.

If you’re having trouble finding great casino sites in Australia that feature Bally pokies, look no further than CasinoHEX. We employ professionals who thoroughly check casinos before we add them to the list. This includes making sure the payments and withdrawals are completely fair.

Choose a Bally casino from the list, and enjoy your favourite games. Not sure Bally if is the right fit? Then go on and read this article to explore more facts about the company and its pokies. It features the list of the best Bally pokies, a brief history of the company, and a roundup of all pros and cons of Bally casinos in Australia.

Bally Casinos in Asutralia

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Bally Wulff Casino Games

When it comes to casino game developers, there’s only one thing every Aussie gambler cares about, the games. Learning a bit about the company’s history may be fun, but it’s not essential. It’s the games we’re all here for.

This is why CasinoHEX presents you with a list of Bally’s best pokies and table games.

Bally Wulff Pokies

Cash Spin

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Wheel of Fortune on the Seven Network, you will immediately notice Cash Spin is modeled after that show. For those of you who weren’t old enough in the 90s to enjoy the show and watched cartoons instead, Wheel of Fortune is a TV show that has participants spin a huge wheel to see the outcome. You can get incredibly rich in a minute or lose all your winnings.

That’s the mechanic Bally’s Cash Spin adds to the core pokie gameplay. You can bet on this 3-reel slot and when you get a Scatter on the board, you can get to the fun part. You trigger a mini-game that has you spin the wheel to see what multiplier will be applied to the win or even win a jackpot.

Lady Robin Hood

Are you excited by the idea of stealing from the rich and distributing that wealth to the poor? Well, in this slot, you won’t have to commit theft or burglary to satisfy that wish. Spin the slot, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll become a hero of your own Robin Hood story by winning tens of thousands of AUD in one go.

It seems that Lady Robin Hood has some kind of a deal with lady luck because every time you trigger the Arrow Bonus, one reel becomes wild, granting you a near 100% chance to win something. You can actually stack that bonus to make three reels become wild. If you manage to do that, the win is going to be enormous, no matter how unlucky the spins are.

Anchorman the Legend of Ron Burgundy

For all its seriousness, Bally Wulff can take itself with a bit of irony sometimes. The production of this slot was exactly this kind of moment. As you noticed, it’s based on Will Ferrell’s 2004 comedy about the news anchor. While the movie itself gained a small cult following, it’s more known in 2020 because of the memes that surround it rather than anything else.

If you’re a fan of the cult classic, you will surely love playing a casino game that features all the characters and adopts the ironic nature of the movie. Make a bet, and you’ll get a big win and a good laugh.

Cirque du Soleil: Kooza

Gameplay-wise, this game is fairly standard. It has the classic 5-reel layout and 40 paylines to bet across. The setting for the slot, however, is more than enticing. It takes you on an adventure in the world-class circus, Cirque du Soleil. Kooza is their newest acrobatic show and Bally spared no expenses on acquiring a license on the performance.

The result is a slot that is as charming as Cirque du Soleil is. It’s vibrant, it’s mystical, it’s fun. Even if you’re not much of a fan of this particular circus, the slot is worth checking out.

Lucky Tree

Bally’s slot Lucky Tree explores a Chinese theme that presents itself in a violet hue. In China, they believe there’s a tree that has violet blossom that brings you immense luck. If you have what it takes to challenge your luck in this slot, you may find out that it’s true.

Spin this slot to see tree blossom and China-themed items fall down on the reels to make connections across 30 paylines. Don’t see anything match? Wait for a second before you jump to conclusions. There’s a chance that Lucky Tree rewards you with a wild symbol randomly falling on the reels to complete a line. In this game, it’s all about luck.

Cash Wizard

Cash Wizard is another Bally’s slot that has a Wheel of Fortune mechanic. Whenever you trigger a special bonus, you get to spin the wheel to determine your fate. Maybe you will get a regular win, maybe you’ll get a jackpot. Only the spin of the wheel will decide that.

When it comes to the graphics on this slot, though… Do you remember that Bally’s not afraid to crack a joke? That’s exactly what they did in Cash Wizard. Even though this Bally slot features your regular video poker machine graphics on the reels, its protagonist, the mighty Cash Wizard, looks like he’s been drawn in MS Paint. Most Aussie gamblers we talked to about this slot had a kick out of it once they saw it.

This goes to show Bally is okay with being a bit silly as long as your gambling experience improves.

Michael Jackson, King of Pop

Michael Jackson. The man, the legend… the casino slot? That’s what Bally’s executives were thinking when they set out to develop this slot. The rights to feature the tragically deceased pop star in a casino game must have cost the company millions, but it was worth it in the end.

Thanks to their investment, we now have an amazing casino slot game that has Michael Jackson himself as a protagonist. The game looks flashy and shiny, just like this man’s career. Give it a spin, and you’ll see the items that are associated with the King of Pop in the public eye. His hat, his white gloves, and surely his iconic anti-gravity lean.

If you manage to hit a jackpot, you’ll feel just like Michael when his career finally took off.

History of Bally Wulff

Most companies have a rather simple history. They got established, worked hard to make their first big hit, it got bigger than they could ever dream of, and now they’re a top player. For Bally Wulff, it’s not as straightforward. There’s a lot to unpack here, so if you care about gambling industry history, sit back and enjoy the story.

As is the custom for big gambling companies, especially German ones, Bally Wulff has a long list of subsidiaries and parent companies. But behind all of those papers, is a man, Günter Wulff. Despite being orphaned at a young age of 12, he always strived for success and ended up becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 25.

That would be great news if he didn’t have to start his career in the mid-1930’s Germany. Anyone who has ever been to a school history lesson knows that wasn’t a particularly good time for business.

Wulff had to leave the country, only returning in August of 1945 when WWII was effectively over in his home city of Berlin. It was then that Wulff decided to go into the gambling business.

He hand-crafted the first slot machine in his garage. The Totomat, that was the machine’s name, quickly took off, and the next Wulff’s work, Rotomat, sold 4,500 copies promptly upon release. Not bad for a company that was started on borrowed 500 Deutsche Mark.

Wulff went on to produce one vintage gambling machine after another with huge success. This carried on up until the 70s, when the company decided to merge with the American pinball giant, Bally. With two huge markets open to them and twice the funds to pursue new ventures, this merged business now called Bally Wulff took off.

Over the following decade, it went on to create hit pinball and video poker machines, music players for cafes, and even went through an awkward fitness tech phase that eventually didn’t lead anywhere. In the 90s, the company took even more creative freedoms creating karaoke sets, darts terminals, billiard tables, and even a VR set as early as 1997.

Soon after the company’s 60th birthday in 2010, it decided to focus heavily on the gambling industry, going back to the roots. This was one of the most important decisions for the company as its profits started growing exponentially. Now, all European land-based casinos and many Aussie online casinos have Bally Wulff pokies.

The most incredible thing is, for over 60 years on the market, Bally Wulff never ceased to be a private company. This made it possible to innovate instead of just doing the profitable thing to appease the stakeholders. The result? Being asked to ship your slots to the Las Vegas Strip and getting a total of 94 awards in the past decade.

Bally Wulff Casino Features

Bally Wulff Casino Cons

For all its good reputation in the gambling industry, Bally Wulff is no perfect company. Here are its main weaknesses.

No table games

While Bally Wulff did a lot of experiments with the products back in the day, not once did these experiments include developing a table game. The beauty of roulette evaded the CEOs and blackjack or baccarat proved to be too much of a gamble to create. To this day, Bally Wulff does not have a single table game in its arsenal of online casino games.

If you’re looking for table games primarily, this game developer will not be a particularly fun one. However, if you’re looking for a couple of table games to spice up your gambling, you can do that at Aussie Bally Wulff casinos.

Since most Bally Wulff casinos don’t have just Bally pokies on board, you’ll be able to find games from different developers on the platform. If that’s what you’re looking for, check out casino reviews at CasinoHEX to find out what Bally Wulff casino has the most table games from other developers on the platform.

Vintage style

Are you a big fan of cinema-grade animations? Do you want your pokies to use motion capture technology to create the best graphics that modern tech allows? The odds are you will find Bally Wulff games too bland for your tastes. This company focuses heavily on recreating the same working formula over and over again with a new spin. They don’t test the waters with experimental designs, even though the company’s rich history suggests they will do it in the future.

What do you do if you love cinematic 3D pokies? You can check out developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Quickspin, and Yggdrasil. These companies are now at the forefront of animation technology, so if you’re looking for a pokies manufacturer that meets your high standards for graphics, these are a better match than Bally Wulff.

European casinos primarily

Arguably, the worst thing about Bally Wulff is that it’s so hard to find in online casinos outside Europe. It’s easy to understand why it’s so popular on the continent. After all, Bally Wulff is a German household name.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t play one of their pokies in Australia. There are Aussie casinos that have Bally Wulff pokies and you can access most European casinos without a problem. To make the process easier for you, the CasinoHEX team has sifted through hundreds of casinos to find the ones that have Bally Wulff games and accept Aussie gamblers. You can find the full list on this very page.

Bally Wulff Casinos Pros

Despite some major problems with the company, it’s a good manufacturer of pokies overall. Here’s why.


Bally Wulff is a company with a history that spans way back into the mid-20th century. The fact that the founder’s entrepreneurial spirit carried him through the terrors of WWII and into immense success alone tells you a lot about the foundations this company lays on. It’s one of the very few gambling industry manufacturers that carried itself through over 60 years of being on the market. And to do that starting with 500 Deutsche Mark Gunter Wulff borrowed to start a business? Incredible.

What’s more interesting about Bally Wulff’s history is the fact that it was experimenting a lot with their products for decades. The karaoke set, the jukebox, the VR set with a VR shotgun, you name it. These products might have failed, but you can clearly see this company is not afraid to experiment once it gets enough money.

Bally Wulff is hitting more and more financial targets, so they may soon start surprising fans with something more interesting than vintage slots.

German quality

If you’re not convinced by over 94 international awards Bally Wulff managed to acquire during the last decade on the market, get this. This company has the full support of German and UK gambling watchdogs. You know you’re not dealing with a rogue casino when you see a Bally Wulff game in it.

Las Vegas-worthy manufacturer

Las Vegas Strip loves Bally Wulff games. During its 60 years on the market, casinos popped up on the Strip, flourished, and withered. The only thing that remained unchanged during all these years is the Bally Wulff slots that were staying in the lobbies.

Classic style

Are you fond of the classic pokies you’ve seen in the parlors of Sydney land-based casinos? Are you enamored with the vintage style and simple gameplay? Then Bally Wulff is the right choice of a casino game manufacturer for you.

Even though the company didn’t change its designs in years, it’s still loved by the fans worldwide, Australia included. Bally’s pokies look vintage, but in a great way. They look amazing and reminiscent of the good old days of gambling. They pay well too, with jackpots reaching hundreds of thousands of AUD.

If that’s something you’re going after, Bally Wulff is a great choice.


Bally Wulff is a German household name and this tells you these guys mean business. But it’s not like the company is against cracking a joke once in a while or treating their slots with self-aware irony.

If you’re looking for light-hearted and funny slot experiences, try Bally Wulff’s Cash Wizard or Anchorman and discover more of their pokies.

Bally Wulf Casinos FAQ

Is it safe to play at Bally Wulff casinos?

When your hobby is as risky as gambling, you have to learn to manage the risks. The number one risk of gambling is succumbing to the temptation to keep on gambling when you definitely should stop and losing too much. As a regular Aussie gambler who has not a single problem controlling their spending, you’d be surprised how much people go in debt to keep gambling and end up losing everything and everyone.

If that’s something you concern yourself with, you should seek professional help. Get help from organizations like AGRC and ask your relatives for help.

If that’s not a problem, the only risk gambling at a Bally Wulff casino has is getting defrauded by the casino. Luckily enough, this won’t be a problem if you choose casinos from the CasinoHEX list. We review every casino with scrutiny before we add it to the list, so you know your money is safe with the casinos you pick from the list.

What kind of casino games Bally Wulff casinos have?

Bally Wulff specializes in creating colorful, vintage video pokies that have the standard 5×3 layout and up to 40 paylines. Plenty of them have the Wheel of Fortune mechanic that allows you to increase your wins by spinning the wheel.

While the developer itself is not making any table games, you can find plenty of those at Bally Wulff casinos if you look for the right ones. Read casino reviews at CasinoHEX, and you’ll find the casinos that have both Bally Wulff pokies and table games.

Can I get a bonus at Bally Wulff casinos?

Most casinos on the CasinoHEX list provide plenty of welcome bonuses to Australian players. Bally Wulff casinos are no different. Look at the list of casinos on this page, and you will see the comparison of all of them in terms of bonuses.

If you’re a bonus hunter, go for the one that has the biggest sum. If you care more about withdrawal requirements, read reviews to learn more.

What are the top 3 Bally Wulff pokies?

It’s hard to pinpoint that since very Aussie gambler has a perspective of their own. But if we were to pick only 3, that would be Michael Jackson: King of Pop, Cash Wizard, and Cirque du Soleil: Kooza.

How many pokies has Bally Wulff produced?

The company has been on the market for over half a century. However, most of that time they spent on creating the pioneering pokies like Totomat and experimenting with their products making everything from karaoke sets to VR goggles.

Bally Wolff is slowly picking up pace with its production line since making online pokies is much easier than land-based cabinets, but it only has a bit over 100 pokies in its portfolio. All of them are fun and different enough to give you just enough variety of choices to satisfy you.

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