Faerie Spells Pokies Review & Experience

Faerie spells is a fantasy-themed online slot. It features a magical and beautiful kingdom with forest slots. Besides the magic, Faerie Spells slot offers great bonuses to the winning players. The background music is impressive, and the instructions are quite simple, even for a first time online player. Here is a comprehensive review of the new Faerie Spells game.

Tech Information

The Faerie Spells game is a product of the remarkable Betsoft Company. The game is similar to the Forest pixies, except that it has beautiful faeries and soothing background music. It also includes multiple neon colors that occasionally change as you play. The background images feature a vast forest at night. The forest is dominated by tree houses, beautiful flowers, and many lights. The design is quite impressive, and this primarily means that the game’s attractiveness is high.

As you play, you will encounter various faeries as well as wood nymphs. You will also deal with the king of the faeries, who usually, stay on the reels. Besides being a participant in the game, the king of faeries acts as a high paying symbol for the game. You can place your bets on ten different game levels, and the coins age significantly between 0.01 and 5.00. The video slot has 25 pay lines and three main reels.

Game Features

Here are the primary features which make the game exciting, and easy to play:

Slot symbols

Faerie spells have multiple symbols which provide extras and good rewards as well. The first one is the scatter symbol, which is represented by the diamond. Players get instant prizes when they find the diamond in the reels. Also, upon winning, the scatters explode on the reels, meaning that they create more space for the game to continue.

The second symbol in the game is the wild symbol, which is represented by the tree guards. The player should find anything between three and five if they wish to earn a prize. Other special symbols on the game include the golden Faerie, the Crown, the Dragon, and the Purple Faerie. The Golden Faerie, for instance, offers a 500 win, while the purple fair offers a 750 win. On the other hand, the crown provides a 250 win while the tree provides a 500 win.

Bonus features

The slot offers various bonuses, which are part of the reward. The first winning opportunity comes from the progressive jackpots, where you may win four prizes consecutively. These four progressive jackpots are Luxury, Plenty, Riches, and Wealth.

The second bonus feature is the Double up Faerie Magic, which helps the gamers to double up their wins according to how well they toss the coins. The last part for the bonuses is the buy features, whereby you should buy the free spins using your money. When you pay, you can access up to 25 frees spins to continue playing.

Game Plot

Activate the game by clicking on the start button. After that, place your bets accordingly. If you have never played the game, go through the spinning instructions well so that you don’t lose your hard-earned money. As you play, you will notice quick betting panels, which allows you to either increase or lower your bets. The panels will also instruct you on how to spin the reels in twilling directions. Similarly to the other Betsoft games, you may either play manually, or automatically. If you chose the automatic option, you would have to set the ideal number of spins that the system to move for

you. You may also use the gambling mode to try your luck in doubling your wins. However, be warned that you may either lose or win when using the gambling mode. When you exhaust your free spins, use the buy feature to get freer spins at the indicated price.


Faerie spells is an incredible slot machine for the fantasy and action lovers. It is 3D, and it resembles the previous Betsoft slots, except that its four payouts are progressive. The payouts are also high, meaning that you can reap real money if you all well versed in the playing strategies. You can play this slot any modem device, including a smartphone. You may also decide to download it or play it online since there are no technical hitches for the online plays. A nearby Betsoft casino can help you access the game with ease.

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