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Are you tired of the big companies producing every slot you play? Here’s a breeze of fresh air for you: Lightning Box Games. It’s a small developer that works with big brands. People on the team have been working in the industry for over 20 years and LBG is their joint venture that is aimed at making the world of gambling a bit better.

Are you worried that a small developer won’t be mentioned on many gambling websites? No worries, Lighting Box Games are based in Australia, so you will have zero problems finding its games at local online casinos. Since LBG is working with big brands like Scientific Games family, the company has prominent appearances on bigger casino sites as well.

Want to jump right into gaming? Choose a casino from the list below, make a payment, and start betting! Want to learn more about LBG casinos first? Read this article for a complete breakdown, and you’ll learn more about Lightning Box pokies as well as pros and cons of LBG casinos.

Are you interested in a casino but can’t quite make up your mind? Don’t hesitate, educate yourself! Read the CasinoHEX review to learn more about that casino. You’ll learn everything from withdrawal requirements to the number of games there are on the platform.

Lighting Box Casinos in Australia

#Casino BonusPlayReviewGamesDeposit
100% up to A$300+100 FS Read Review iLucki 4000+
Casino Rocket
A$1500 + 150FS Read Review Casino Rocket 2965+
King Billy
A$2500 + 250 FS Read Review King Billy 5000+
UP TO AU$7500 Read Review Rickycasino 3379+
Joo Casino
375% up to €450 + 150 FS Read Review Joo Casino 3935+
50 crowns
2500 EUR + 100 Free Spins Read Review 50 crowns 4060+
€/$ 1000 or 400 mBTC + 200 Free Spins + Secret Bonus Read Review Playfina 1737+
A$750 + 200FS Read Review Rabona 1953+
100% up to $150 + 20 FS Read Review StayCasino 3969+
Spin Samurai
AU$1200+75FS or 5BTC+100FS Read Review Spin Samurai 3100+

Lightning Box Games Casino Games

Lighting Box is a small provider that doesn’t have the resources to run eight offices with 12,000 employees all over the world. This doesn’t make LBG pokies worse off, only gives them more charm. However, this means there are limitations on how many games Lighting Box can put out a year.

This also means LBG has to focus on one type of game. Unfortunately for you all you table games fans out there, Lightning Box can’t offer a single table game. However, the collection of pokies it has may change even your mind. Here are the best ones.

Lighting Box Games Pokies

Blown Away

When you hear the title of Blown Away, you immediately start thinking about Gone With The Wind or the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy was carried away with a storm. However, Lighting Box decided not to go with the most obvious associations and created their own tale to tell.

This story is about a fishing boat with a crew of animals who got hit with a storm in the middle of the ocean and got stranded on an island. But the island they ended up on is not a place to die alone. It’s packed with exotic fruits and gold, the latter you can collect too.

Spin this pokie with a classic layout of 5×3 and land your big win. If you hit three bonus symbols at once, you’ll get 10 free spins with a withering multiplier. The multiplier is at its highest during the first free spin and slowly comes down to just x2 as your free spins expire.

A ship on a tropical island – walrus is the captain, the monkey is monkeying. Free games with fading away multipliers

Golden Yak

This slot is built around an Asian theme, but it’s not your typical Asian slot. This pokie is centered around Tibetan mythology. According to this country’s beliefs, a Golden Yak brings happiness and prosperity. If you play this slot, you’re bound to put these beliefs to the test.

Spin the slot, and if you get a Golden Yak symbol, it acts as a Wild and can help you complete combinations. Get three bonus symbols, and you’ll be treated to the same bonus that the previous pokie has. You’ll get 10 free spins with a multiplier that slowly fades away as you go through the respins.

Pinata Bucks

Who doesn’t love a good old Mexican carnival? Tequila, wide-brimmed hats, and most importantly, pinatas. These bright papier-mâché lamas hide the most precious thing at the party, sweets! Here, however, pinatas hide something more precious, huge wins and a jackpot of up to A$10,000.

But let’s start with something less prominent, the gameboard. We always assume that the next pokie we open will be just like the rest of them. It would have 5 reels and three rows, just like a proper pokie has. This slot, however, is different. Lightning Box wanted to go out of their way to make this slot special, so the developer gave this slot not five but whole 8 reels! The centerpiece of the slot has a block of 4 reels and three rows. On each side, there are smaller blocks of 2 reels and 3 rows that can form combinations with the centerpiece.

This essentially gives you more chances of winning as combinations as little as 3 make you win and you can score much more of those on an 8 reel board. When you hit the small bonus feature, you can hold up to two reels for a respin, making your chances to win big a lot more.

The bigger number of reels also means you get a bigger chance of hitting a jackpot! Hit enough bonus symbols on the reels, and you’ll be given an opportunity to hit pinatas on the centerpiece in order to get a jackpot. There are four jackpots in this game, the smaller is just A$15 and the biggest one grants you A$10,000. Hit the right pinata, and you got it! Now that’s something that would make you want to visit one of the Aussie Lightning Box casinos.

Respin Racer

Want to see something authentic and 100% Australian? Give Respin Racer a few spins, and you’ll find this is the most Aussie pokie of them all. It has kangaroos, koalas, and turtles riding choppers in Australian Outback. It doesn’t get more Australian than that.

The Kangaroo rider is the highest paying symbol, and if you choose to lock it in place while you do a respin, it will expand to take the whole reel.

Temple Cash: Frogs and Flies

At first, this LBG pokie looks like a game about frogs and flies doing their thing in the swamp. You spin the slot, you win some and lose some, you see the symbols react to what you’re doing in real time. It has a bit of silliness to it, but not as much as to be unlikeable. But what’s up with the Temple Cash part?

You won’t get to learn about that unless you trigger a bonus and see what’s hiding underneath the swamp. When you get a bonus, you will see a golden pyramid emerge from the swamp frogs and flies inhabit. Climb this pyramid in a minigame, and you will get a chance of winning a jackpot! You will leave with a win even if you don’t get to the jackpot, but if you do, you’ll receive as much as A$3,000.

Jackaroo Jack

Do you want to see another truly Australian pokie? Lighting Box Games gives you this amazing slot called Jackaroo Jack. As you might have guessed, it’s a pokie game about a tough jackaroo guy making a living in the vast Australian Outback. What kind of treasures does this fictional version of the Outback hide? You can get a win as high as 40x your bet! Trigger a bonus and you’ll be presented with a screen that lets you decide what kind of bonus you get.

You can get the one that gives you plenty of free spins but a small multiplier on all wins or the one that only gives you 6 free spins with a 40x multiplier on each. There are 5 bonuses total that range from the first to the last we name. As the number of spins decreases, the multiplier increases.

If that kind of choice is not enough to interest you, keep in mind that there’s another great feature in this pokie. Every time you hit a wild symbol that doesn’t end up bringing up a winning combination, you get a re-spin. With this slot you can be sure you’re winning every time.


Can’t get enough of the Outback? Here’s another Aussie-themed pokie from Lighting Box Games. They’re not based in Sydney for nothing, after all!

Redroo is a funny and classy amalgamation of what Australia is. It features Australia’s wildlife in all its glory but forgoes the spiders, that bit won’t make for a good evening of gambling. It also features some hot females and male surfers who are enjoying their lives just like you would when you get a 5 free spins bonus after hitting just two Scatter symbols. What’s the scatter symbol in this game? Nothing else than a huge map of Australia with “Bonus” written on it!

Lightning Box Games really did a great job with this pokie. They even went as far to mark the celebration of a win with a mob of kangaroos crossing the screen. So grab a marmite sandwich, a VB, make a bet and enjoy being unapologetically Australian!

Respin Rhino

Love wildlife pokies? This one is a great addition to your collection. The Respin Rhino pokie from LBG is a showreel that has all sorts of exotic and rare animals like lemurs, white tigers, and, you guessed it, rhinos. The Wild symbol in this pokie is a tribal woman with a full ceremonial hat of feathers. Whenever you stumble upon a Wild during the free spins, the symbol covers the whole reel, and you can see that woman dance, celebrating your victory!

The dance may seem amazing, but there’s another amazing feature in this pokie. You can lock any two reels in place during a re-spin to make you win even more. If you’re lucky, you won’t be just locking down a good reel, you’ll be locking a reel full of Golden Rhinos, the highest paying symbol in the game! Those happen pretty often, and can give you straight re-spin whenever you stumble across one.

History of Lighting Box Games

Lighting Box Games may seem like a rather young game studio, but it’s not the case. In fact, most people on the team have been in the industry for over 15 years. First independent games have been produced by Lighting Box not that long time ago, but the studio has been open since 2004. It was primarily focused on creating white-label games for big players on the market at first, and after that, Lighting Box has made the decision to go independent.

Right now, the game manufacturer is working closely with Scientific Games Family, an internationally renowned gambling brand. However, it’s still a small company based in Sydney, Australia, and the company sticks to its roots.

Over the years LBG has been in operation, the studio created over 65 games that it released under its name, and that’s quite an achievement for a small team. In recent years, LBG signed agreements with some of the biggest international casinos like Casumo and Bet365 to solidify their place on the market.

Lighting Box Games Casino Features

The pokies produced by LBG may be great, but what about Lighting Box Casinos in Australia? Are they any good? Can you find one easily? Will you enjoy the overall experience?

As for the issue of finding a Lighting Box casino, you can be assured there won’t be a problem there. CasinoHEX employs experts in the casino industry that look for new Lighting Box casinos and constantly monitor the existing ones. Why? We want to give you the best options when it comes to LBG casinos. You’ll only have to choose between the best.

Do you want to know more about what you can expect from an LBG casino in terms of gaming experience? See for yourself in this breakdown of pros and cons.

Lighting Box Casinos Cons

No table games

As cool as Lighting Box pokies can get, there’s one thing that you won’t find in this developer’s arsenal. It’s the table games. LBG is a small developer without the budget to focus on different projects. The team had to focus on just one thing, and that thing was pokies.

As a result, Lighting Box casinos in Australia have plenty of pokies on but no table games. If you’re a big fan of table games, don’t be discouraged from trying out an LBG casino. Despite Lighting Box not having a single table game, Lighting Box casinos include some of the biggest international casinos out there, and there are plenty of table games from other developers on the platform.

A small array of games

Are you the type of gambler who loves to have a myriad of pokies to explore? Do you get bored with your pokies easily? Then, Lighting Box may seem a bit of a disappointment for you. The thing is, it’s a small game developer, and it didn’t have the resources to do one game after another month after month.

Currently, there are only 68 games in the LBG arsenal. This means if you want to play a new pokie each day, you’ll burn through the entire collection in about a month. Depending on what you expect from your pokies, it can be a very bad thing or a major disappointment. Regardless, you’ll enjoy Lighting Box pokies even if you get bored fast.

Similar features

It’s a minor problem, but many Aussie gamblers say that bonuses in some Lighting Box pokies are too similar. It’s true, plenty of games produced by LBG share the same feature that allows you to lock the reels when you do a respin. However, not all games that Lighting Box Games makes are the same.

Most have at least one discerning bonus feature that sets them apart. Plenty of games are completely different from the standard set up as well.

Not all casinos

Since Lighting Box Games is not a major developer but a small studio based in Sydney, it doesn’t have the credit to get featured in all casinos. This means you can’t just get into a random casino and expect that it will have LBG pokies.

However, there are plenty of Australian and international casinos that have Lighting Box Games on the platform. How come? First off, LBG is a favorite when it comes to Australian casinos. It’s an Australian developer and it’s easy to set a deal with them if you’re based in Australia as well.

Another thing that gave LBG a far reach is the fact that it has struck a deal with huge international casinos like Casumo and Bet365 to promote their pokies. On CasinoHEX, you can find all the Lighting Box Games casinos and possibly get some freebies as you sign up.

Lighting Box Casinos Pros

Distinctive art style

Are you bored with the style that every other developer these days uses in developing new games? Lighting Box Games can be a breath of fresh air when it comes to the art style. It’s a small developer that has a few designers and this has led to them coming up with a distinctive style that they uphold after all these years of working in the industry.

Lightning Box pokies style is equally cartoonish with a sizable influence from the early Disney animal animation and inspired by early land-based pokies. The best thing about it is that it’s different.

Australian themes

Are you a fan of all things Australian? Pokies from this Sydney-based developer will take you on a journey to the Outback and treat you to the imagery that you know and love. You’ll be able to spin your pokies while looking at kangaroos, koalas, and other Australia-related symbols.


Some gamblers may complain about not having the full range of diversity in LBG pokies, but there’s one bonus that every Aussie gambler loves to see in a pokie game. It’s the jackpot. Lighting Box Games gives you plenty of jackpots.

In most cases, though, these are not the progressive jackpots that let you win a fortune in one go. Mostly, the jackpots presented by LBG are mini-jackpots, a set sum of money you can win if you’re lucky enough during a bonus game. They range from A$10,000 to A$3,000, and even that sum can be a nice addition to your bank account.

A dedicated small team

Being a small developer means not getting the funds to pursue large projects or to have two or three games in development at once. However, there’s a huge upside. The Lightning Box team can have a clear communication with each other and this means they’re more up to the task of producing coherent and interesting game concepts.

LBG is also headquartered in Sydney so the team is never too far from an Aussie consumer. This allows them to grasp what people want to see in their pokies and deliver on expectations.

Lightning Box Casinos FAQ

Is it safe to play at Lighting Box Games casinos?

Every casino can be a danger for you if you’re a problem gambler. If you start noticing that you don’t care about anything but gambling, you can’t stop when you’ve obviously spent too much, and you start gambling on credit, perhaps you’re developing a problem. If that’s the case, any casino will be a danger. You’d be better off seeking help from friends or government organisations.If you’re able to handle your hobby, Lighting Box Games casinos will be a safe place to gamble. Make sure you only choose casinos from the curated list presented by CasinoHEX. We employ experts that know the ins and outs of the industry to study all Lighting Box casinos and find out whether they’re fraudulent or not.The end result is a full list of LBG casinos rated from 0 to 100. We don’t put any rogue casinos on the list, so you can choose any casino website you see on CasinoHEX.

What games are available at Lighting Box Games casinos?

Lighting Box is only making pokies, so you’ll get the chance to play some of the best Australian pokies on the market. As for the table games, if you want to see a lot of them, choose an LBG casino that features other developers as well.

Can I get a bonus at a Lighting Box Games casino?

Yes, you can! Just take a look at the comparison chart of the Lightning Box casinos below. It features the maximum amount of bonus money you can get if you make a deposit at a casino. If you want to learn more about any particular Lighting Box casino, read the review.

What are the top 3 Lighting Box Games casinos?

Top 3 Lighting Box casinos will change depending on your personal preference. However, the most popular ones are Casumo, Captain Spins, and Bet 365.

How many pokies does Lighting Box Games have?

Currently, the developer has produced 68 pokies.
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