Are you not impressed with what fresh and small developers have to offer? Granted, a new perspective on the gambling market can be great to experience but bigger companies have a huge deal more games and can innovate just as much.

If you’re an Aussie gambler who loves both pokies and table games and is on a lookout for a game developer that gives you just that, IGT can be your best bet. It’s a huge corporation that gets its products installed in Las Vegas casinos, and if you find the right Australian casinos, you can play its pokies too.

International Game Technology pokies are available on dozens of premium gambling websites in Australia. If you want to get down to gambling, choose one of the sites you see on the list, register, and explore IGT pokies.

Do you want to learn more first? Read this page to get to know what are the best pokies and table games made by IGT, what are the biggest drawbacks and benefits that IGT has, and a quick history of the developer. To get more information about a particular IGT casino you like and learn about the bonus system, withdrawal, and deposit, click on the reviews.

Best IGT Casinos in Australia

#Casino BonusPlayReviewGamesDeposit
100% up to A$300+100 FS Read Review iLucki 4000+
Casino Rocket
A$1500 + 150FS Read Review Casino Rocket 2965+
King Billy
A$2500 + 250 FS Read Review King Billy 5000+
UP TO AU$7500 Read Review Rickycasino 3379+
Joo Casino
375% up to €450 + 150 FS Read Review Joo Casino 3935+
50 crowns
2500 EUR + 100 Free Spins Read Review 50 crowns 4060+
€/$ 1000 or 400 mBTC + 200 Free Spins + Secret Bonus Read Review Playfina 1737+
A$750 + 200FS Read Review Rabona 1953+
100% up to $150 + 20 FS Read Review StayCasino 3969+
Spin Samurai
AU$1200+75FS or 5BTC+100FS Read Review Spin Samurai 3100+

International Game Technology (IGT) Casino Games

The thing we as gamers care about the most is the games we play. It’s not the design of the casino or the bonus system it has, even though these two are important. We want to have a variety of fun and high-paying pokies on the platform. Otherwise, who’d enjoy such a casino?

This is why we’re focusing on covering IGT pokies and table games first. Here are the best of the bunch.

IGT Pokies

Western Belles

Are you a big fan of westerns? Do you like pin-up style ladies? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you will find Western Belles to be an amazing slot! It has a Western-like style with spurred boots, revolvers, and saloon doors as the bonus symbol. The game has the standard 3×5 layout and a maximum of 40 paylines to win across. If you manage to get three saloon doors on the gameboard at once, you will see 5 free spins play out with a multiplier x2 for each spin.

If that’s not enough of a fortune for you, you should learn about another game mechanic that Western Belles have. The highest paying symbols are the pin-up belles drawn in a vintage style. The can appear as stacked wilds in fours and threes on one reel. If you’re extremely lucky, you can get to see one of them in full size! You’ll see a Belle cover the whole reel, granting you a huge number of wins across the lines.


Are the fans of the original 1984 Ghostbusters here? You’re going to love this slot! It’s exactly what you think it’s going to be. A gambler’s interpretation of the movie with all the characters and songs you love. You’ll get to see the Ghostbusters team, the Slimer, and the Marshmallow Man as the returning characters in this game. All of the symbols are animated and will react to what’s going on on the screen, cheering as you win.

But nostalgia is not the only selling point of this game. Ghostbusters slot by IGT is also full of interesting and unique bonuses. The Stay Puft bonus grants you something only imaginable in the Ghostbusters universe. It starts raining marshmallow. These marshmallows are sticky and will increase your wins when they stick to the symbols on the reels. They essentially become wild multipliers that can double or even triple your wins.

Want to win really big? You better hope you get the Paranormal Pick bonus. It presents you with a tough choice – which of the many green slimy clouds you want to choose. But these clouds are not off putting when you choose one, you get the bonus that it was hiding. Depending on your luck, it may be a couple of free spins or a major jackpot.

The ways to make money in this slot don’t end there. You have a chance of triggering the Cash Award bonus. It’s a mini-game that lets you win either a wild multiplier up to x5 for the next couple of spins or get a straight-up payment to your coin reserve. This payment may be anywhere from 50 or 1000 times your bet that round.

Sherlock Holmes: Search for Blackwood

The 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie starring Rober Downey Jr. is an action-packed movie that engaged millions of people when it premiered and still has a cult following today. Are you a part of that following? Do you just like Rober Downey Jr. as an actor? Either way, you’ll enjoy spinning away at this fast-paced slot.

It features Sherlock and Dr. Watson as portrayed by the actors in the movie and a lot of items from that movie including violins, smoking pipes, and looking glasses. Want to spice up your game? Wait till one of the four main bonuses is activated!

The Mystery Multiplying bonus will grant you upwards of x10 multipliers on the next spin, the Teamwork bonus will make Holmes and Watson’s symbols count as the same symbol, granting you more combinations, and the Hunt Bonus will get you 15 free spins. What’s the fourth bonus feature? It’s the best one. The Blackwood Wheel Bonus gives you a chance of winning a fortune by spinning a good old wheel of fortune (no pun intended). You can get a huge multiplier or a straight-up payment, all depending on your luck.

Transformers: Battle of Cybertron

The Transformers franchise is a huge movie franchise that built on the Japanese animated movie concept of war robots and created a universe that’s going to last for ages in the popular culture. This franchise went all over the media and spurred countless spin-offs in comics, video games, and gambling. The gambling industry’s bet on Transformers was made by IGT.

It’s a fast-paced slot that will not leave you bored at any time you play it. Whenever you get a win, the symbols that were on the winning line burn down and the remaining symbols fall into the now empty place. This creates active and engaging sequences of uninterrupted action just like an action sequence in the movie.

Both Autobots and Decepticons are the main symbols in the slot, but the way they interact is much more fun that what you’re used to. When you get the bonus with Optimus Prime, he burns down all the Decepticons symbols on the reels, activating the free fall feature. When you get Megatron, he does the opposite. Other major Autobots and Decepticons when activated in a bonus, will grant you different perks from the multipliers that make you win bigger to destroying certain symbols on the reels.

The Big Easy

Big jazz fan? Your dream destination is New Orleans? You may be winning the money you need to make that trip in this exciting slot by IGT. The Big Easy takes you to a bar crawl in the 1950s neon-lit night time streets of New Orleans. Spin the symbols that depict your favorite jazz instruments, cigars, whiskey, and New Orleans favorite meal, lobsters. If you manage to hit the bonus symbols on the reels, you’ll get to choose your fate.

First, you choose the bar you’re going to visit and that determines how many free spins you get. Then, you get to choose the instrument you want to play to determine the multiplier you’ll get. After that, the free spins play out between your face and all you have to do is to count the winnings.

But that’s not the best part about that slot. The best part is that this slot is filled with upbeat jazz music. Every time you win, it gets a bit faster and more exciting, making your winnings streaks huge fun.

IGT Table Games


IGT doesn’t want to alienate the gamblers who are more into table games so the company has produced quite a lot of those in the years it’s been on the market. One of those games is your standard roulette. Graphics-wise, it’s a great game that takes a 3D perspective so that you feel like you’re sitting in a real casino. The interface is very intuitive but there’s a downside. You can’t make calls in this game.

3 Wheel Roulette

If you love roulette games but are a bit bored by playing the same roulette game over and over again, you may like this IGT title. It takes your standard roulette wheel and triples it. The wheel you use in this game has three circles on it, each with a whole set of symbols. There are three balls that are sent to land on a number each time you make your bets, and you get three times the chances to win.

If you manage to match the color, the number, or hit three numbers in a row, you get a multiplier that can range from x2 to x10. That sure is going to spice up the way you play roulette.


The blackjack game IGT has made also takes a 3D perspective that makes you feel you’re sitting at the table in a casino. The rules of this game require that the dealer stands on all 17s. The dealer uses 6 decks that are shuffled again after each hand is dealt. This makes it impossible to count cards, unfortunately.

You can do only one re-split per hand and can double down on splits. The rules allow for insurance but not for surrender. There’s also an unsuspected perk. If you hit 8 cards and don’t bust, you win automatically!

History of International Game Technology (IGT)

Now, IGT is a giant multi-billion corporation that’s trading on NASDAQ. It has offices all over the world including Macau, Russia, and Mexico and employs over 12,000 people worldwide. One of the reasons this company grew so big lies in its roots.

IGT was started in 1975 by a man named William Redd. To most Aussie gamblers, this guy may be a nobody, but it’s still a household name in Las Vegas. He is known as the King of Slot Machines, which should give you an idea of what this man was famous for in the capital of gambling.

Since IGT had such an influential founder and it was based in Las Vegas, Nevada, where most of the world’s gambling took place back in 1975, the company quickly grew. So fast, in fact, that in just 6 years, it was already selling shares on the stock market.

Back in the day, this company wasn’t just following trends in the gambling industry, it used to create them. Now, IGT is a leader in gambling Research and Development spending, having spent over $300 million on R&D.

No wonder this company is getting so many awards. Just last year, IGT got the Slot Provider of the Year award and the Best Slot Game award at ICE London. Also in 2019, IGT received a Best Consumer-Service Technology award from Global Gaming Business Magazine and Diverse and Inclusive Team of the Year award at Women in Gaming Diversity Awards. The same gaming awards conference gave the Leader of the Year award to IGT’s Jennifer Bowman.

International Game Technology (IGT) Casino Features

IGT pokies may be great, but are Aussie IGT casinos worth it? Let’s find out in the pros and cons breakdown.

IGT casinos cons

Sometimes unclear menus

It’s really hard to find a negative side to the IGT casinos in Australia. One that often comes to mind is the casino menu. It’s no that it’s bad in and of itself, but the menu in some games is not what most gamblers are used to.

You don’t see the usual buttons that correspond to the information about the slot or going to the home screen. Instead, you’re going to click on the button on the top of the slot to see the drop-down menu.

In some IGT pokies, you also need to click on the button with the arrow on the left side of the slot to increase or decrease the number of lines you bet on and the coin value. That’s also a bit different from what you see in most pokies on the market and may have you guessing for the first couple of minutes.

Little focus on the table games

IGT does have some amazing table games, but the problem is it’s not fully committed to the table game production. You can enjoy your roulette and your blackjack, but you’re not getting a hundred table games to play with.

If that’s a big issue for you, don’t worry. Most online casinos that have IGT pokies have plenty of other developers on the platforms and you will be able to play table games from those developers when you get tired of what IGT has to offer.

IGT casinos pros

A huge number of pokies

One of the biggest benefits of playing IGT pokies is that you never run out of them. This game manufacturer has well over 200 pokies for you to enjoy, and that’s something every gambler can appreciate.

IGT has so many games with such varied themes that you will never get bored even if you only play games from this manufacturer. If you’re easily bored by playing the same game over and over again, you will be able to change IGT pokies pretty much every day until you find your favourites.

Movie-inspired pokies

Most people love movies, and gamblers are no exception to this rule. The thing with IGT is that it’s such a big company and it has so many funds to spare that it was able to get franchise rights to many of the movies we all know and love.

These include the old-time classics like the Ghostbusters and the modern household names like the Transformers. If you’re not only a gambler but a cinephile, you will definitely love this game developer.

Easy to find at casinos

Apart from the pokies and table games, IGT can offer to Aussie gamblers, there’s another very important benefit of this game developer. It is very popular both in Australia and in the rest of the world, so it gets hosted on online casinos a lot. IGT pokies are among the best selling ones and most Australian casinos want the developer on the platform. The same is true about many international casinos that will welcome an Aussie gambler.

This means you will have no problems finding an IGT casino. Just take a look at the list of casinos on this page, and you’ll find plenty of casinos to choose from.

Las Vegas quality

If there’s one thing all people regardless of whether they love IGT pokies or not can respect this game developer for, it’s the fact that IGT pokies are a staple of Las Vegas casinos. The company was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada, the capital of gambling, and was the industry standard setter there. IGT pokies are still among the best slot machines in Las Vegas land-based casinos.

Since the 2000s, you can experience this kind of slot game quality online if you visit an IGT casino.

IGT Casinos FAQ

Is it safe to play at IGT casinos?

As a gambler, you need to understand that any casino is as safe as you yourself make it. If you’re irresponsible with your hobby, things can turn sour for you, and do it fast. It’s not uncommon for a minority of gamblers to have problems controlling their wants and losing too much money as a result. If that’s something you worry about, go out and get some help. You can always talk to your friends and family, or get into a government-backed program that helps problem gamblers.

If you don’t have any problems of that sort, you’re already safe at most casinos. But some online casinos will scam you instead of giving you the money you won fair and square. What can you do about those?

Unfortunately, if you find out that your casino is a rogue, there isn’t much you can do to get your money back. This means the only way to win this battle is to gamble at legitimate casinos that treat their customers fairly.

You can choose a legitimate IGT casino here at CasinoHEX. We employ the best industry experts that review casinos both new and old to give you the best perspective on each individual casino. Read the reviews to find out what the casino’s bonus system looks like and how much withdrawal requirements need you to bet before you can get your win withdrawn. All of the casinos on our list are completely safe to play at because CasinoHEX experts check with multiple authority websites to confirm the casinos we recommend are registered, certified to work, and comply with regulations.

What kinds of casino games can I play at an IGT casino?

International Game Technology is a game provider that focuses both on pokies and on table games. Granted, there are a lot more pokies than the table games being produced at IGT, but you can enjoy both at an IGT casino.

Can I get a bonus at an IGT casino?

Most IGT casinos we have on the list give bonuses to players. You can quickly check how much of a bonus you’ll be getting by looking at the comparison chart on this page. Note that the sum you’re seeing is the biggest bonus you can get at that casino. The final sum is calculated based on how much you deposit.Want to learn more about the casino you like? Go to the review page and get to know all the details.

What are the top three IGT casinos?

It’s hard to make a judgement like that because it depends on your preferences. However, if we were to choose the top three, that would be Casinononic, AU slots, and King Billy.

How many pokies does IGT have?

As of 2020, IGT has created 247 online pokies.
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