Jackpots have already become one of the gambling industry’s main symbols. Those are cases of remarkable success in gambling that bring you impressive wins. The key point about jackpots is that they provide opportunities to become a millionaire almost instantly. All people who decide to try online pokies and win real money dream of jackpots and hope that they are those lucky guys destined to win those prizes. In this material, we will elaborate on the topic of jackpots in slot games and attempt to determine how often do jackpots occur in pokies.

Why are they so valuable?

First of all, a jackpot is a winning combination of slots that brings you a remarkable prize. If this jackpot is progressive, you get a chance to make it even bigger. Jackpots differ across distinctive games; however, there is one thing that remains constant about such combinations. Jackpots are always the most desired prizes for gamblers that try luck in online slots. Just imagine yourself returning home after a hard working day. You are exhausted, and your wife, who simply does not care about your problems, starts bothering you with her claims and demands. You do your best in order to keep calm. Finally, when the conflict is solved, you go to the kitchen to eat something and have the desired rest. While the oven unfreezes your cheap pizza, you decide to take a few spins in your favourite slot game. You don’t expect to win anything substantial, and you also don’t want to spend too much of your budget. Suddenly, the slot machine hits the jackpot. Just accidentally, you have become a millionaire! Your life changes dramatically: you buy luxurious property, travel all around the world, or invest your money in order to become even more wealthy. That is the point of casino gambling: mere luck can make you a rich person and change your life dramatically.

Statistics on jackpot frequency: is it even possible?

It is impossible to establish the average frequency of jackpots in slot games precisely. First of all, such rewards may be different, and you have to determine which ones should be included in the statistics. There are smaller wins that are not too rare in the domain of pokies. However, some gamblers even don’t want to view such wins as jackpots. For such people, only massive victories that bring players millions of dollars are really valuable.

Surely, statistics don’t take into account such differences. In this regard, all jackpots, regardless of their size, count. According to recent estimations, slot machines in an average casino bring several (2-7) jackpots per every 25,000 plays. Such statistics are far from being precise since many casinos don’t reveal data on their jackpots. Besides, the gambling domain is so extensive that it is almost impossible to embrace it with a single statistical report.

One should also mention that there are certain pokies that bring gamblers more luck in terms of jackpots. For example, one can mention Mega Moolah, which is, by far, the luckiest online slot game in digital gambling history. In 2015, it brought a gambler a record jackpot of almost $21 million. In 2019, this record was almost topped when another gambler won around $20.5 million with the Mega Moolah slot machine. Another important fact about this game is that it has very attractive general statistics of jackpots. In particular, it was estimated that massive win cycles for Mega Moolah occurred once every 70 days in 2016. All such properties have made this classic slot game, which transfers a gambler into the atmosphere of African wildlands, a real industry legend, known as one of the luckiest online pokies ever. One more time, there is a definite lack of statistics on jackpots in the gambling industry, including its digital domain. Most probably, there are many slot attractions that may bring jackpots even more frequently than Mega Moolah. The key point is simple: you have to find such games and try luck in them in order to establish your personal lucky pick.

In conclusion

It is almost impossible to determine the frequency with which slot machines hit the jackpot precisely. When it comes to approximate estimations, one can focus on the fact that such events tend to occur several times per every 25,000 plays. Some games, such as Mega Moolah, are more famous for the high numbers of jackpots associated with them. However, you may always try to find an even more attractive game in terms of jackpots. After all, the gambling industry provides a rich selection of attractions that would suit even the most demanding players. Also, we don’t recommend you focus only on massive multi-million wins. Instead, you may try luck in slot machines with higher RTP rates. There will be less significant chances to become a millionaire instantly; however, such attractions are more likely to provide you with stable returns. But, for sure, such choices are completely up to you.

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