Many admirers of slot games seek opportunities to cheat on real money pokies in Australia. The point is that slots can bring gamblers substantial amounts of money. Still, there are limited opportunities for winning such prizes since only the luckiest gamblers can be successful enough to collect the prizes. In such conditions, many gamblers start searching for opportunities of tricking the casino. One popular assumption is the belief in the impact of cell phones on slot games. In this material, we will discuss such a method of affecting the outcomes of plays in pokies and determine whether there are any grains of truth in this belief.

Common myths on slots and cell phones

First of all, we have to emphasize the fact that many enthusiasts of slot games believe that slots work according to specific patterns. Such patterns may be aimed either at deceiving the players or just not allowing the casino to lose too much. Gamblers that accept such a conspiracy theory may think that a mobile phone can affect such patterns. Actually, they even don’t understand how this principle may work; however, those people may still think that some waves from a cell phone can change the work of this pattern.

Surely, in this case, the point is in the fact that the assumption about patterns and their impact on the outcomes of slot games has nothing to do with reality. All results in a slot game depend on the decision of a random number generator (RNG). This machine creates random sequences of symbols that are displayed on the screen. Such symbols and their order determine whether a gambler wins anything or not. What does it mean? The success in slot games depends on a player’s luck completely. In addition, all slot game enthusiasts have almost equal chances of winning money. Everything they should do is just turn the reels and expect some great fortune that may completely change his or her life.

Still, some gamblers believe that they have, at least, the smallest chance to deceive slot machines. Even if they understand that slot machines are governed by a random number generator, they may expect to find opportunities to affect this generator with the help of a cell phone. Such tricks are almost impossible to implement with modern slot machines, notable for top-notch security mechanisms. Meanwhile, there are multiple unproven stories of people who have managed to trick the slots with cell phones. Such gamblers followed the belief according to which the cell phone and its signal transmission could impact the behaviour of a slot machine. According to popular myths, it could make pokies register free credits that would allow players to increase their wins. Another popular myth tells of the stories of people who made slot machines toss the coins for free under the impact of a cell phone and its signal transmission. We will analyse this question in more detail below.

More realistic stories

A notable example of an attempt to deceive a slot machine is associated with the use of reverse engineering. In older models of slot machines, attentive gamblers with well-developed mathematical skills had an opportunity to anticipate the numbers the generator would soon throw out. They based their anticipations on the way how the symbols on the wheel rotated. According to this method, a gambler had to try luck in numerous plays with a slot machine in order to determine whether the slot machine would pay out soon. Once such promises became evident, a gambler increased the stakes and got an opportunity to get an attractive payout within a few spins. What was the role of a mobile phone in such practices? Well, frequently, a gambler did not have enough time or skill required for analysing and predicting the potential outcomes of a game. In such cases, gamblers could use a camera of a cell phone in order to record the behaviour of a slot machine. After that, the cheater immediately sent the video to his or her partner, who could thoroughly evaluate it or even analyse it with the appropriate software. In such cases, the two partners could precisely determine the moment when a player had to push the “spin button” in order to get the prize. Once the fraudster analysed the video, he sent a message to the phone of a player. A player had to act immediately and push the button just at the right moment.

It remains unclear whether any gamblers managed to trick the casino with such an approach. Theoretically, such situations could have occurred. At least, they sound much less bizarre than the stories about slot machines tossing free coins and giving free credits under the influence of a cell phone. Anyway, the observed method of cheating is impossible to implement nowadays. The point is that modern slot machines have advanced models of random number generators, where a gambler has literally no chance to predict the outcomes of a play. In such conditions, the only choice is to approach a slot machine with a relevant betting strategy and rely on one’s luck.

The origins of a misconception

Meanwhile, the fact that security teams of diverse casinos are aware of scams involving cameras still requires them to prohibit the use of cell phones in some casinos. At the same time, some gamblers misinterpret such rules. They keep on believing in a myth about cell phones’ impact on slot games. Such people think that security teams are aware of the fact that cell phones can make a random number generator glitch; thus, casino staff members prohibit the usage of mobile phones in casinos. Generally, it is how myths thrive in the digital gambling industry.

In conclusion

There are many myths about cell phones as tools that can affect the outcomes of plays in slot games. Most such legends prove to be completely absurd. Some gamblers argue about cell phones’ impact on the behaviour of slot machines. Such players think that signal transmission from cell phones helps players win easy money with slots. Actually, such a belief has very little to do with reality. There are also stories about gamblers who used mobile phones to determine and predict the work of a random number generator, which decides the outcomes of slot plays. Meanwhile, this method is also irrelevant in modern conditions. To become really successful in slots, you have to forget about diverse methods that can be used to scam a casino. Instead, we strongly recommend you focus on appropriate betting strategies, approach slots with persistence, and rely on your luck. In this case, you will get great opportunities to get rich without the help of any cell phones.

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