Caribbean Stud Poker is a tabletop casino game that is based on the five-card stud. The gameplay is quite simple and straightforward. The only difference is that here, everyone plays for himself and everyone against the house without any cheating or bluffing because, in the current situation, it has no sense. The winner who is lucky enough to beat the house takes the jackpot.

Caribbean Stud Poker is a relatively new game in the casino world, which was created with the aim of introducing players to table gambling and attracting as many people as possible to it. It’s strange that there is no reliable and accurate information about the creation of the Caribbean Stud Poker. Presumably, the famous avid gamblers – the French – brought this game of chance to the USA.

But what is known for sure is that the patented Caribbean Five Card Stud was patented at King International Casino in Aruba. Online casinos helped to popularize this gambling game.

Since online gambling is popular, including Caribbean Stud Poker in Australia, on this very page, you are able to find a surprising number of poker casino games where you can enjoy the game.

Here, you can find out more about the rules and strategies of Caribbean Stud

Poker in more detail, as well as get information on the recommended list of casinos where you will play with great pleasure.

How do you play Caribbean Stud poker?

These rules are quite typical for many casinos for Caribbean Stud poker, however, rules are dependent on the location, there may be specific aspects such as the payouts and limit on bets.

First, you need to find out all the nuances of this gambling game. The Caribbean Stud Poker deck consists of 52 cards. Most often, the deck is shuffled using a special machine automatically to avoid cheating. There are specially designated places on the playing table for the player to make Ante and Bet.

Usually, Caribbean Stud poker is played with only one deck of cards with all cards with backs of the same design and colors, with one additional and one cut card to be used in accordance with the game’s rules and procedures set. The cover card and cut card should be in the same color to be readily distinguishable from the color of the backs and edges of the playing cards, as approved by the Commission.

The cards deck should meet the requirements:

What is Ante?

In Caribbean Stud, the ante is something without which the game will not start – a mandatory bet.

After shuffling the cards and after the dealer has dealt the cards to the players, he shows his card. The player must evaluate his capabilities and decide whether he plays further or not. If the player has a weak hand, he folds, and vice versa, if the hand is strong, he bets.

How do you bet?

If you are satisfied with your cards, you make a Bet, which is at least twice the mandatory bet. If, for example, the Ante was $20, then you need to bet a BET that will be $40.


When all the players have judged their hands and made falls or bets, the dealer can reveal his cards and try to collect the best combination possible from his cards in poker.

To qualify, the dealer must have at least a King and Ace combo, or even better in his hand.

If the dealer did not qualify, all players win antes and return their bet.

Before opening the cards, players are prohibited from talking about their cards and showing them. The player must always hold his cards so that the dealer can see them. A player can touch his cards only once, after the player has seen his cards and made a decision, he cannot touch them.

When a gambler plays Caribbean Stud Poker online, he plays against the dealer, but not against the other players like in a conventional poker game. All players must first place a mandatory starting bet.

All players, after the ante, receive 5 cards from the dealer. Having dealt cards, the dealer shows one of his cards to the players in order for them to orient themselves and decide to play further or not.

After the players supposedly know whose hand is holding stronger cards than the dealers or the others players, they tell about their solution to stop or continue. If the gambler continues the game, he makes a bet in the amount of two antes, if the player stops the game, he loses the game and loses the ante.

As the game continues, the cards are revealed. In order for the dealer to continue the game, the minimum hand that must be kept from is Ace + king. If the dealer does not have the minimum combination of cards, the player gets an ante and raises his bets.

In a situation when the dealer has the minimum combination and holds the best hand, the gambler loses, then the casino takes all the player’s money. And vice versa the gambler wins if the dealer with the minimum hand is inferior to the gambler’s hand.

Сaribbean Stud poker Strategy

As you try to rate your hand, always pay close attention and compare your cards with the dealer’s cards.

The essence of the strategy is to sensibly assess your opportunities and risks. The optimal strategy of Caribbean Stud Poker is very simple, you just need to follow 2 basic rules, otherwise, you will likely lose.

Raise your bet if your hand has a certain pair (two cards of the same value). Shall the dealer’s hand has AK, you can raise it with this combination. Such combinations give more chances of winning.

Always make a fold if your hand contains cards weaker than the Ace + King combination because it means that your hand is definitely weaker than the dealer’s. If you raise with a weak hand, you will not only lose your ante but also your bet.

Common strategy

Do bet if :

The Simple strategy

To abide by a given strategy, you just need to memorize one simple combination of cards AKJ83 (if you have Jack, Ace, King, eight, and three in your hand). If your hand has these values, raise the rate, if on the contrary, then fold.

Caribbean Stud poker Odds

Caribbean Stud poker rules are more elementary than others poker versions, and variants, though all rules are identical to most poker games. As mentioned above, the only difference is the game against the dealer, and not against other players.

This means that in order to defeat the dealer, all players obviously need to know the combinations of cards in order to determine which hand is strong or weak, as well as to compare their hand with the dealer’s hand.

Here is a list of the best and the worst combinations of cards you can have.

Mind though, that these odds only describe how likely you are to get a certain combination, not how likely it is to win. In most games, you’ll be winning by a pair of high cards, not by Royal Flush.

Types of Caribbean Stud poker

Unlike other online casino games does Caribbean Stud Poker have many versions of this game available? Pokies has 5 types of its own game, there are 4 types of video poker and 5 types of the favourite Blackjack while Caribbean Stud poker has only one. It’s not a full-blown type, just a fairly similar game is called Caribbean Draw Poker and Progressive Jackpot Caribbean Stud Poker.

Caribbean Draw Poker

The main and seemingly insignificant difference is that in Caribbean Stud Poker, the dealer will receive you your five cards firstly, and then only he will receive cards for himself. In Caribbean Draw Poker, you and the dealer will receive your cards in rotation: first, the dealer will receive one card to you, then him again, rather than receiving at once all five cards.

Another major difference between Caribbean Stud and Draw Poker is that the dealer normally should hold at least a pair of 8’s to qualify or higher. If we’re talking about Caribbean Draw Poker, but if to talk about Caribbean Stud poker the dealer is able to qualify with just higher cards than in Caribbean Draw poker. In a situation when the dealer is not able to qualify with the cards which his handholds, the player will win the ante, and if the player made a call bet he will also receive that money he made a bet back.

Progressive Jackpot Caribbean Stud Poker

Another major variant in Caribbean Stud Poker that you are able to find and play free online today is Progressive Jackpot Caribbean Stud Poker. If you want to win more money and you want to have a chance to win a progressive jackpot, you certainly have to place a side bet. The side bet is also and known as a jackpot bet which you should place in addition to the obligatory bet (ante). The Player’s gain depends on with hand player ends up the game will then he is able to determine exactly the sum of the jackpot or in other words the side bet bonus, the player can win. In most games, Royal Flush pays the whole Jackpot, while other qualifying combinations will only pay 10-20%.

Glossary: Caribbean Stud poker

Ante wager — is the initial bet which is made by all players before the game starts, only after the initial bet the game starts.

Bet wager — is an additional bet, which must be twice the initial bet (ante), an additional bet is made after all the cards for the round have been dealt but before the dealer reveals the hole cards.

Fold — it is a voluntary withdrawal of a player from the game if his card is weaker than the dealer’s cards by discarding his or her cards in his hand, a fold can be made after all cards have been dealt, but always before making a bet.

Hand — this is a mandatory combination of five cards, each player who takes part in the game and the dealer has a hand, depending on the cards, the hand can be strong or weak.

Hole card — is any of the four cards which are dealt face down to the dealer.

Progressive payout hand — is a flush, full house, four-of-a-kind, straight flush, or royal flush.

Push — a tie.

Qualifying hand — the dealer’s hand with a rank of ace, king, or better.

Stub — the portion of the deck let after the cards are dealt.

Suit — club, diamond, heart, or spade.

Caribbean Stud Poker FAQ

How do you win at Caribbean Poker?

To win at Caribbean Stud poker, you need to elementarily figure out which combinations are strong, which are weak, and of course, you need to choose your own strategy of playing the game with which you will feel confident. It is important not to be afraid to take risks and, of course, not to break the rules of the game, so as not to leave the game even before it starts.

What casinos have Caribbean Stud Poker?

The entire list of casinos that you are interested in, with the names of different casinos, is available on this site. You can choose any casino to enjoy your Caribbean Stud Poker game.

What are the odds of getting a royal flush in Caribbean poker?

To win the Royal Flush — this is one hundred percent jackpot or 10 thousand dollars in cash, the player must have luck and a very strong hand, which will contain five top cards: 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace. It is these cards that are the component of winning the Royal Flush. And an important detail is the suit of the cards. If you have all the cards you need to win 100 percent, they also need to be the same suit.

What is the house edge in Caribbean Stud Poker?

The house edge may differ depending on how you play. If you discard cards that are less than Ace, King. Jack 8, 3, then you could lose a 5.3 percent lead. If you raise with one card, a pair or better, the percentage rises to 5.4-5.7.
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