Ainsworth may not be that widespread in Europe and in the US, but every gambler who was old enough to go to a casino in the 2000s knows and loves pokies from this company. This game developer is based in Newington, just outside Sydney, and the CEOs are never too misguided on what an Aussie gambler wants in their pokies.

If you’re not a big fan of land-based casinos, don’t worry, there are plenty of AGT gambling websites in Australia. Check out the casinos presented on this page, join the one you love best, make a payment, bet on AGT pokies, and you get timely withdrawals.

If you want to learn more about Ainsworth, this guide is here to inform you about everything you need to know.

Ainsworth Casino Games

During more than two decades on the market, Ainsworth has produced well over 150 pokies. You can enjoy all of them in the Aussie AGT casinos you see on the list. Not sure what you want to play first? Start with these most popular Ainsworth pokies.

Best Ainsworth Pokies

Pac-Man Wild Edition

Pac-Man is probably one of the most recognizable characters in the history of gaming. Ask an average person what console games do they know, and Pac-Man will be on the list not far from Mario. Ainsworth has exclusive rights for that character to be represented in casino games.

If you’re a big fan of this yellow guy or just want to remember the good old days of all-nighters playing Pac-Man, this AGT slot is right for you. It has the standard 5-reel set up and can have up to 75 paylines if you’re willing to raise the stakes.

The animations in this slot are wild. You’ll be constantly bombarded with flashy imagery every time you win, which happens a lot.

King Kong

AGT’s King Kong is another game that takes a renowned franchise and turns it into a fascinating slot. Gameplay-wise, it follows many other video pokies from the 2000s. It has the standard 5×3 layout and up to 40 paylines. However, it all gets progressively more interesting as you begin to spin it. The art style is a great mix of vintage and modern feel that features King Kong, Ann Barrow, the female protagonist, and several other objects related to the franchise.

If you manage to get three Scatter symbols on the reels at once, you will get access to the bonus game. The bonus game is played on a 9×5 field with Wild symbols dropping in stacks. This will make you win huge sums of money each spin.

King Kong of Skull Island

Once the new King Kong movie came out, Ainsworth was first to buy the franchise to use it for gambling. This updated slot takes up all the mechanics of the original King Kong including the 9×5 bonus game. The one addition the team included is that every time you see the female protagonist on the reels, you get a free re-spin.

The art style is the same, but a bit more refined.

Captain Jack

Unline the AGT pokies you’ve seen on the list so far, this one isn’t a movie franchise. The name, however, is reminiscent of the famous Jack Sparrow, the iconic character of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. This slot, however, is featuring a character that looks more like the Black Beard than Johnny Depp’s lead.

Go on a pirating adventure with this 5×3 slot that features amazing maritime imagery and great music. When you hit the right combination of symbols, you’ll feel like a filibuster stumbling across a treasure chest. It’s a progressive slot and you may get up to A$5,000,000 when you hit the jackpot.

Golden Cash

Golden Cash takes heavy influence from Chinese culture and features a range of typically Asian animals, symbols of wealth. When you play this 5×3 game, you can choose different pokies from the rooster. These include two major ones, the Golden Ox and Golden Tiger. Both of them look the same but have different bonus sets.

Golden Ox lets you get Mini, Minor, or Major jackpots on each spin of the reels. Golden Tiger doesn’t have these jackpot options but it lets you play mini-games that offer significant prizes. One of them triggers 8 re-spins that come with Stacked Wilds and 5th reel held in place to maximize wins. Both games allow you to hold and re-spin the reels if you get 6 symbols of Tiger or Ox on the reels.

Fire Money, Ice Money

In this slot, Ainsworth Game Technology explores the theme of two opposing forces of nature, fire and ice. Fire is represented by a Lion symbol with a fiery mane, Ice with a polar bear. Despite being the polar opposites of each other, both bring in loads of profits for you.

You get access to standalone progressive prizes and lesser bonuses that are triggered by a Diamond symbol. If you happen to trigger the free spin game, you’re bound to get rich. You will see 10 free spins unfold before your eyes, and each time you’ll see more and more stacked Wild symbols spinning across the reels. On the last spin, you’re almost guaranteed to win big.

Cash Oddysee

As you already know, Ainsworth has a particular love for multi-game pokies. This one has four games stacked into one slot. You explore the lives and adventures of four renowned travelers, Gulliver, Robinson Crusoe, Huckleberry Finn, and Robin Hood.

While the themes and the visual styles are completely different in these pokies, the gameplay mechanics are largely the same. You get access to three main bonuses. You can trigger a simple re-spin, a bonus that grants you 8 free spins with different multipliers or a progressive jackpot that can reach up to A$5,000,000 depending on what AGT casino you’re playing at.

Grand Fortune

Discover the immense riches this Asian-themes slot offers. If you trigger the Replace Symbol feature, wilds cover the entire 2nd and 4th reel to make winning a huge sum super easy for you. If you trigger the Phoenix feature, you will get a unique chance to play a mini-game that will lead you to getting one of the four in-game progressive jackpots.

Loaded with Loot

If you’re tired of the Chinese-themed pokies, try this AGT game. It has the option to play in either an Arabian or a Mexican setting. The game makes you take on the role of a bank robber and is literally loaded with loot. If you succeed in lining up Scatter symbols, you’ll get to try and open a vault that holds immense riches that come in four denominations like jackpots.

Golden Goose Mystery

One of the latest Ainsworth slots, Golden Goose Mystery takes you on a seemingly silly journey that can get you stupid rich. It’s a 5×3 slot filled with lighthearted graphics that depict the Golden Goose and some related objects along with the standard, yet stylized poker values.

As is the case in many other AGT pokies, Golden Goose Mystery is generous with its progressive jackpot feature, and every Aussie gets a chance of winning a huge sum of money by sheer luck.

History of Ainsworth Game Technology

Ainsworth is a pretty large game developer, and you can find plenty of Ainsworth online casinos in Australia. Despite not being as large and widespread as Microgaming or NetEnt, AGT has a history with roots that go deep into the era of online gambling.

The company was founded way back in 1995 in Newington, when the Internet wasn’t such a widespread phenomenon that it is today. A small company led by a passionate team was originally focused on producing video pokies cabinets.

A small business soon proved fruitful for the game developers and video poker machines made by Ainsworth were popping up left in right in Victoria, Queensland, and other Australian provinces.

As AGT grew more and more successful, their business expanded. From being but a small team of pioneers, the company became a multinational corporation with offices in New Zealand, Macau, Latin America, the UK, and the US.

Despite the multinational scope, AGT’s focus is primarily on producing land-based pokies cabinets. However, in recent years, more and more online casinos in Australia have Ainsworth pokies. The land-based pokies get re-released as online entries that you can play on mobile as well as on desktop. After all the company’s long-term vision is to deliver excellence in global gaming solutions, and producing online pokies is the right way to achieve that goal.

UKGC’s certificate and Alderney’s mark of approval show that Ainsworth is a respectable game developer whose pokies are 100% fair and cannot be rigged.

Ainsworth Game Technology Casino Features

Ainsworth has a pretty good collection of pokies. While these pokies may be good individually, this doesn’t mean AGT is good enough for you to look for its games specifically. How good is this pokies developer as a whole? Find it out in this chapter.

The Cons

No table games

Unlike many other game developers, Ainsworth doesn’t produce table games. For some reason, the company focuses heavily on pokies and doesn’t want to delve into the table game territory. This means if you’re a big fan of the classics of casino gambling like roulette, blackjack, or poker, you won’t find them here.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t find these games at an AGT casino. The odds are, there will be a few dozen table games because AGT casinos will have other game developers on board. If the casino you’re choosing only features Ainsworth Game Technologies slots, you will have to be content with pokies only.

Primarily land-based developer

The world of online gambling is so widespread these days that there are some developers who only create pokies for online casinos and nothing else. They focus on them because there are so many more possibilities in online gambling. You can make the game have any size, come up with the most imaginative graphics and animation, and create a truly unique bonus.

Then there are the old-timey game developers. Ainsworth is one of these. The company started out with making land-based pokies and it was the reason it became a success in the first place. Today, land-based pokies are still the primary source of revenue for AGT, and it shows.

The company was rather slow to turn their existing land-based pokies into online ones, and their development cycles are based on land-based pokies cabinets. This means that while AGT has a pretty good collection of pokies, it doesn’t create new ones as fast as other developers do.

Low representation online

The previous problem creates this one. Since AGT has such a heavy focus on promoting their services to multiple land-based casinos in Australia and in other parts of the world, it misses out on online casinos.

As a result, there are few Australian casinos that feature Ainsworth slots. It’s one problem CasinoHEX can solve for you. On this page, you will find the best Aussie casinos with AGT pokies. You can choose any casino from the list and be sure that the casino you’re choosing is going to be an amazing place to gamble.

The Pros

Good variety of pokies

While AGT can’t show any table games, the pokies it has are amazing. There’s also quite a lot of them. This company offers over 150 casino games that vary in many aspects. For starters, there is a huge abundance of themes that AGT covers. From the now standard Chinese-themed slots to the more obscure ones like the one modeled after Arabian Nights and the Mexican-themed slots.

Multiple games in one slot

Since AGT relies heavily on the land-based slot production, it takes one prominent feature from the world of land-based pokies online. You can expect many AGT pokies to have not one game in the slot, but multiple. In many pokies, you can choose between two variants of the game that differ either in art style or in bonuses.

On the higher end, you will be given a choice between four slots when you start playing one AGT slot. This means even though the game developer has produced 150 pokies to date, some of them contain more than one game. You will not be bored easily when you play at Ainsworth casinos, that’s for sure.

Your favorite movies turned pokies

Another amazing feature that you can only get in an AGT online casino is getting the chance to play pokies that are based on your favorite movie franchise. The game developer has acquired some outstanding franchise rights to develop slots based on movies and games we all know and love. If you happen to love Pac-man or King Kong, you’re bound to love AGT.

Volatile slots

This is a major bonus for those gamblers who don’t want to win pennies. If you’re the type of gambler who doesn’t mind sitting on a losing streak only to get your payoff in half a dozen spins, this is the game developer for you.

Many Ainsworth pokies have high volatility. This means the probability of winning on each streak is a bit lower in your average slot, but the outcome of each win is larger on average. With a slot like that, you’d have to bet a tiny portion of your bankroll to make sure you get to the winning spin. Then, you can collect a huge win.

The bonus games you can get at an AGT casino show just how much you can win. One of the common bonuses is getting 10 free spins with Stacked Wilds. That kind of bonus produces ten times the regular wins.

Land-based casino slots you know and love

While being a primarily land-based slot developer has its negative sides, it has a huge positive side as well. If you’ve been a long-time land-based casino lover and know all major casinos in Sydney as the back of your hand, AGT will be a great choice for online casinos for you. You’ll get to enjoy the land-based slots you know and love.

Pokies machines from Ainsworth are all around metropolitan areas in Australia. If you’ve been to a land-based casino in Australia just once, the odds are you’ve already played a slot from this game developer. Now, you can take that authentic experience online and play at an AGT casino whenever you want.

Loads of jackpots

If there’s one thing that Ainsworth has made its key ingredient to making a decent slot, it’s the jackpots. Many games that are made by AGT feature not one, not two, but up to four different jackpots. These are mostly called Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega jackpots. They work as your typical progressive jackpot does. The more people bet on this specific slot, the more money is attributed towards the bonus fund.

If you’re super lucky, you can be the happy guy who finally triggers the biggest jackpot in one of Ainsworth casinos and wins a sum that would be bigger than your annual salary, perhaps three times bigger than that.

A truly Australian business

There’s one thing about Ainswors Game Technologies that no other game developer can boast. It’s an Australian business that’s headquartered in Newington. There is no other developer like this one.

Despite being immensely successful and having half a dozen offices in other parts of the world including the US, the business didn’t move from its original place. The company didn’t ditch Australia for the US, didn’t move to Sydney to sit in a high corporate tower, isolated from the rest of the world. AGT’s CEO lives in Newington and drives to work just like everybody else.

This shows that the company tries not to lose their grip on reality and to understand Aussie gamblers, its primary audience. AGT is there for you and it tries its best to help you have the best gambling experience.

Ainsworth Casinos in Australia FAQ

Is it safe to play at Ainsworth casinos?

There are three ways a casino can be dangerous for you. The first way is if the slot you’re playing is rigged. This is not the problem you will have to face when you play at AGT casinos. All AGT pokies are given a certificate of quality by Alderney, one of the most respected independent auditors in the world of online gambling.

The second way a casino can be dangerous for you is if the casinos itself is fraudulent. If you play at a rogue casino, the bank will steal all your money. That too is not something you should be worried about when you’re playing with CasinoHEX. We employ a team of professional casino experts who check every Ainsworth casino we put on this list. If it’s here, you can be sure the casino is completely safe to play.

The third way a casino can be a danger is if you forget about your financial goals for the month and spend all the money you have gambling. Most people won’t do that as Aussies are responsible gamblers. However, if you’re having trouble keeping your bank account in the black, only you and your close ones can help you with this. Keep in mind that all AGT casinos have the option to self-exclude for some time.

What type of games can I play at an AGT casino?

If we’re talking about Ainsworth games, you will have an amazing pool of pokies to choose from. However, AGT doesn’t produce table games, so you’ll have to miss out on the fun if you choose an AGT casino that only hosts games from this developer. Browse CasinoHEX and find a casino that hosts both AGT and another developer to make sure you get access to world-class table games too.

Can I get a welcome bonus at an AGT casino?

Sure, you can. Almost all casinos offer welcome bonuses, and the ones you see on this list probably do too. The best part about gambling with CasinoHEX is that you can check and compare casino bonuses at different Ainsworth casinos before making a payment.

What AGT casinos are the best?

The ones presented on this page. CasinoHEX employs the best experts on Australian gambling to constantly review online casinos and bring you the best we can find. Check the casinos you see on this page, make a payment, and enjoy AGT slots.

How many slots does AGT have?

Ainsworth Game Technologies is bound by a very slow land-based slot development cycle. This means they can’t create as many slots as Microgaming or NetEnt. Despite this constraining factor, AGT has created over 150 original pokies over the years. Many pokies have from two to four games inside a single slot game, so you can say there’s a lot more than the 150 titles AGT presents.
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