You probably know that getting a jackpot is one of the most desirable events in the domain of digital gambling. It is an opportunity to get an impressive prize instantly. Stories of the biggest real money slots jackpots have already become legendary. Those are the tales about people who were not afraid to take on the risk, which brought them impressive wealth. Some of such stories involve some truly fantastic numbers, and the best Hollywood directors can, probably, film blockbusters about such lucky gamblers. In such conditions, it may be difficult to separate truth from mere myths and the so-called “urban legends.” Still, there is one certain number that is fixed in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest jackpot ever won with slot machines. What is this number, and what is the story of this remarkable victory? We will respond to these questions in this material.

The king of all jackpots: A success story

So, let’s start with the fact for which we all came here. The biggest jackpot in the history of slot games reached a remarkable number of $39,713,982.25. It was won on the 21st March in 2003. The name of the lucky gambler remained anonymous. Still, it is known that it was a young software engineer from Los Angeles. The most impressive point about this remarkable story is that this win has been completely accidental.

A 25-year old man arrived in Las Vegas to meet his relatives and keep track of college basketball’s “March Madness” with some friends. Trying luck at the luxurious Excalibur casino was not part of his initial plan for the trip. The engineer’s uncle suggested the future winner to try luck with a legendary Megabucks slot machine. Eventually, the young man decided to put the stake of $100. The point that this guy did not have any hopes about winning the prize was recognizable even in the fact that he was easily distracted from the machine at the historical moment of his victory. When the lucky guy turned his head to the machine, he could not believe his eyes. He received a winning combination that brought him the biggest jackpot in the history of gambling. It is unclear where has the lucky player spent all the prize. According to his own words, he took a solid portion of the sum to provide one’s parents with comfortable and wealthy retirement.

An interesting point about this story is that it is not the only tale about a remarkable victory with a Megabucks slot machine. The previous great jackpot with this slot machine occurred three years earlier when Cynthia Jay Brennan, a cocktail waitress, won $34.9 million at Desert Inn in Vegas. Surely, all such stories confirm the status of the Megabucks slot machine as one of the industry’s greatest legends.

The greatest online gambling jackpots

When it comes to online gambling, this industry also has its legendary jackpots. They are not as impressive as the above-mentioned Megabucks prizes, but such wins are still enough to bring wealthy life to any lucky player.

The most remarkable victories in online slot games refer to the game called Mega Moolah. This game, designed in 2006, has never been the industry’s most popular pick. Still, two remarkable events made it a legendary attraction. This slot game still holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest online slots jackpot. In 2015, it brought a lucky player an impressive prize that almost reached $21 million. In four years, this remarkable mark was almost topped when an anonymous gambler won a jackpot of $20,057,734 with Mega Moolah. All such events easily took Mega Moolah to the pantheon of the most legendary online pokies in the world.

The future of jackpots (a conclusion)

Slot games providers understand that jackpots are frequently the main factors that attract gamblers to their products. Such winning combinations have already become symbols of pokies. That is why they constantly improve progressive jackpots in order to give players an opportunity to win more and more money. The biggest jackpot in the history of slot games occurred quite a long time ago. Perhaps, it is just about time to set a new record? There are high chances that such a story will be related to the domain of online gambling, which becomes increasingly popular during COVID-19 times. Up till now, the biggest jackpot in the history of online gambling has been around $21 million. Who knows, perhaps you are the lucky one to top this remarkable achievement?

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