Among many bizarre misconceptions that surround online gambling, the belief in a specific part of a month that can bring a player greater chances to win is, by far, the strangest one. Meanwhile, there are still gamblers (usually, players without any significant experience) who keep on asking the questions about the month that is the most favourable for playing real money pokies. In this article, we will try to analyse this belief and prove why it does not have anything to do with reality.

The roots of the belief

First of all, we should try to assume the roots of a misconception that claims that the time of a month affects the possibility of winning a jackpot in slots with cameras. Probably, such a myth was developed by inexperienced gamblers that want to recognize some patterns in pokies. Such people are obsessed with the idea of understanding the logic according to which slot machines or online slot games provide wins. In their pursuit for a better understanding of slot gaming principles, such people keep on creating more and more bizarre versions.

What is the point in connecting the time of a month to gambling? Probably, it is all about the fact that, statistically, more jackpots are won at the beginning of a month. Why is it so? The answer is very simple: more people try luck in pokies at the beginning of the month. Usually, it is a period when most adults receive their salaries. It means that they can feel more fluent and relaxed in terms of spending their budget. Such affairs make gamblers try luck in diverse casino attractions. By the end of any month, a player’s budget is much smaller; thus, he or she has much fewer opportunities to take on any risks.

The more gamblers play at the beginning of a month – the more jackpots occur during this period. Meanwhile, some gamblers recognize those winning jackpots at the beginning of a month, which makes them assume that it is a perfect time for trying one’s luck in slot games. They may even face the opponents – people that, for some reasons, think that another part of a month is much better for slot games. In reality, gamblers from both such categories are wrong because they do not understand the basic principle according to which slot machines work.

How does it work in reality?

So, how does a slot machine decide an outcome of a play? The principle is quite simple. In pokies, everything depends on the decision of a random number generator (RNG). It launches a combination once a player pushes an appropriate button. After that, a gambler may see an animation that eventually displays the predetermined by an RNG combination on the screen. Everything is that simple.

RNG does not take into account such parameters as a time of a day or a part of a month. Instead, it consistently provides random outcomes for all slot machine plays. Surely, one can state that there are cases when particular casinos introduce patterns in order to affect the outcomes of the plays. Well, usually, it applies to scam casinos that want to deceive gamblers. Even when it comes to scam casinos, the results of slot games provided by them do not depend on the part of a month. Instead, they depend on their administration’s constant desire to deceive the gamblers. You have to avoid such casinos by using the checklist, which includes: the presence of a credible licence, responsive support team, credibility of withdrawal options, positive customer feedback, and positive reviews presented on industry-specific websites.

In conclusion

All in all, the part of the month during which you play has literally no impact on the outcomes of slot games. Many gamblers make up such myths in pursuit of finding specific patterns in gambling, but such attempts are completely irrelevant. The main point about the fact that gamblers usually win more at the beginning of a month is that slot games are more popular at the beginning of a month. Meanwhile, the outcomes of all plays are decided by a random number generator, which does not recognize the time of a month. It means that you should not consider any time frames while playing pokies. Just choose the time which is comfortable for you and rely completely on your luck.

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