Among popular misconceptions regarding online pokies, there is a belief that your gambling speed may directly affect your wins. Actually, such a belief has nothing to do with reality. Your success or failure is predetermined by algorithms of a random number generator (RNG) integrated in any safe slot machine provided by casinos. Still, there are some reasons to regulate the speed of your play with pokies. In this material, we will try to tell you more on this topic.

The faster – the better?

First of all, remember one simple thing: the slower you play – the better. Even though the pace with which you play does not directly influence the outcomes, it may negatively affect your budget. Let me explain with a pretty simple example. You try luck with a slot machine that has a return rate of approximately 80%. Surely, it does not mean that only 80% of your bank will remain after each spin, but, in this case, let’s work with average numbers. So, you put $100 at stake and receive only $80 in return. If you play fast, you immediately place this amount of money at stake. In a few seconds, you may have only $64, then $51, then $41, and so on. The key point is that the faster you play – the faster you may lose all your budget. That is why people with solid industry experience often claim that haste is one of the gamblers’ main enemies.

Slow down for a while

In this situation, the main piece of advice is rather simple – you have to slow down while playing slot games. Are you struggling to catch a winning streak? No worries, it is just about time to take a pause. Take some coffee, scroll through the list of other games, try luck in live poker, or even take a nap – all such methods count. If you slow down the pace of your gambling, keeping cool will be much less problematic for you. Meanwhile, the more confident and cool you are – the higher your chances are to raise some real money. After all, such an approach allows you to play according to useful strategies and develop a rational approach to stakes, which will secure you from painful losses.

Keep an eye at your credit meter

Most players slow down while seeing that their budget for gambling keeps on shrinking. Unfortunately, in most slot games, you do not see precise information about your budget. Instead, you look at a credit meter that shows the amount of credits you have purchased with your money. Suppose 2,000 credits cost $100. If you see your budget in credits, you may not recognize the amount of money that has left, which makes you a more reckless player. How can you avoid such issues? The best choice is to seek an option of switching the value displayed on the screen. As a result, you will see the amount of money left on your deposit instead of abstract credits. This will improve your control over the game and help you avoid unnecessary haste.

Avoid using the “slam button”

The “slam button” is added in some pokies as a tool that increases your stake. Many players overuse this button so that they may miss the moment when their bets become truly paramount. Surely, such an approach is unlikely to bring success because a gambler loses control over the game and his or her bets. It means losing all the budget within the time that some other players may use for “warming-up.” Believe me, it is not the way things should be done in slot machine gambling. It is better to avoid hitting the “slam button” at all. Instead, adhere to your strategy and increase bets only in exceptional cases.

In conclusion

So, the answer to the question posed in the title is that it is better to play slots slow. Even though some gamblers may think that the faster you play – the faster you win, the things usually work differently with online slot machines. Determination and a calm mind matter a lot when it comes to pokies. Any time you want to increase the pace of your play, remember that it may bring you quick loss. Slow down during the most critical moments of the game in order to stay cold-minded and adhere to your chosen strategies. Control your budget with an appropriate credit meter, and, at any cost, avoid using the “slam button.” If you adhere to these simple rules, your chances of winning will be much higher, and you will avoid common misconceptions that bring many gamblers to failure.

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