Among gambling attractions that casinos can offer, slot games are, by far, the simplest ones. Unlike in the case of poker, where much depends on your skill, the outcomes of slot games are decided by random number generators, which cannot be affected by players. It means that all that a gambler can do is change games and use diverse betting strategies. All other aspects of the game completely depend on blind luck. In such conditions, many players cannot accept the fact that they have no opportunities to affect the result of the games. It makes them make up diverse stories and develop the so-called urban legends that explain specific aspects of gambling with slots. They believe that the understanding of such principles can help them be more successful in gambling. Among such misconceptions, one can distinguish a widespread belief that slot games bring higher wins at night. In this material, we will analyse this myth and state precisely whether there is any sound reasoning in it.

The origins of the belief

Like almost any other belief and misconception, the opinion according to which casinos pay off better at night has evident origins. The point is quite simple – night is the most popular time among gamblers. Traditional casinos are usually overcrowded in the late evening or even at night. When it comes to mobile gambling, the tendency is quite similar, especially when it comes to days from Monday to Friday. At daytime, most people are working, so many of them do not have enough time for digital gambling. Meanwhile, many such people choose online slots as a decent way to relax after a difficult working day.

What is the main outcome of such affairs? The more people play – the more people win. It means that victories in casinos occur much more often in the evenings or even at night than during the daytime. Meanwhile, many gamblers do not try to analyse such numbers in order to understand them better. They just follow a logical fallacy, according to which night is the best time to try luck in slot games. This question can be illustrated with an example of a jackpot. According to recent estimations, a jackpot occurs once per every 25,000 plays. Surely, the chances that it will occur at night are much higher than that it will occur in the morning or in the afternoon. As it has been already explained, the point is that more players try luck in digital gambling at night. There may even appear a tendency according to which users of a particular casino win jackpots only at night. In such conditions, many gamblers may focus on such a tendency and assume that night is the best time for wins in casinos. They start spreading this misconception among other gamblers. In this way, they contribute to the development of another urban legend. The myth has even grown to the extent when some gamblers believe that a casino manually increases jackpots at night.

The bitter truth

Well, perhaps this truth is not so bitter for most gamblers, but it can certainly disappoint players that believe in the “night” myth. As was already mentioned, the random number generator installed in slot machines decides the outcome of any play. This machine does not recognize whether it is day or night, so such aspects do not produce any effect on its decisions. All jackpots or favourable combinations are completely random. The time of the day when one plays does not decide anything in gambling.

What does it mean for you? Forget all the myths about the fact that the part of the day impacts your play. All you have to do is just test your luck at the moments that suit you the most. A much better alternative to following diverse myths is to focus on betting strategies and choose a game that suits you the most. With such an approach, you will have much better chances to get rich with slot machines. After all, everything is about your luck when it comes to traditional pokies.

In conclusion

So, we have determined that a popular belief about the night as the favourable time for gambling originates from the fact that night is more popular among players. Even the fact that more gamblers usually win jackpots at night than during the daytime stems from this tendency. Many players do not analyse the situation and assume the belief that nighttime increases their chances to win. In order to be really proficient in slot games, you should, at any cost, avoid such misconceptions. All you have to do is rely on luck that can make a random number generator bring you a favourable combination. You can also increase your chances of winning by taking a more thoughtful and comprehensive approach to gambling. But, for sure, nothing will depend on the part of the day during which you play.

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