The domain of gambling has always been controversial. It can bring some people remarkable wealth, while others blame it for ruined lives. Such opposite approaches also apply to Australian pokies online, which are often included in the list of gambling classics. In those simple games, you have to rely on luck and expect that winning combinations will bring your significant prizes. Surely, there are always many dissatisfied people who have lost solid sums of money with slot machines. Traditionally, many players cannot accept their losses, which makes them develop diverse conspiracy theories on the weirdest possible methods that casinos introduce in order to deceive gamblers and steal their money. In this article, we will discuss this question in more detail and attempt to respond to the question of whether casinos cheat on slot machines.

A matter of patterns

One popular assumption about slot games is that casinos introduce specific patterns in order to affect the outcomes of slot games. Such patterns are designed to determine the winner of a particular play. According to rumours, those patterns may differ dramatically. Some of them are designed to attract a player and then take all their budget away. Others may be more loyal to gamblers: they will only limit your wins in order to avoid overspending on a specific user. Anyway, in both cases, it goes about evident cheating.

Some players develop full-fledged conspiracy theories aimed at explaining the ways in which such patterns work. They believe that casinos may install tighter patterns on weekends or, contrarily, increase chances of winning at night. There is also a completely nonsensical theory that connects the concept of casino patterns to security cameras installed in casinos. In particular, some gamblers believe that there are certain cameras inside of slot machines. They can scan the behaviour of a gambler and launch the most appropriate patterns for keeping him or her interested in the gambling process, which leads him to the eventual loss of a budget. Such people even believe that there may be a governed by the AI system that launches the most appropriate patterns in accordance with data from cameras.

For sure, research can bring even wilder myths about the role of patterns in slot games. In reality, credible casinos never aim to deceive their clients with any patterns. Instead, the outcome of any spin is decided by a random number generator (RNG). It is installed in any slot machine, and its aim is to generate random number sequences that decide the outcomes of all rounds in a slot game. An RNG is launched once a gambler hits a “spin button.” After that, a gambler witnesses an animation displaying the results of a spin. The decisions of an RNG are completely random and cannot be predicted or governed by any side entity.

Credible casinos (those that have not been developed as scams) don’t affect the work of a random number generator. The principles according to which it works are always fair to the players. It means that you have to rely only on your luck while seeking fortune in credible casinos.

Blocking payouts

Another common belief claims that online casinos don’t allow you to withdraw your money from their websites. In this case, it goes about delays of payouts, blocking a gambler’s account, or even shutting the entire website down once enough money is stolen from gamblers. In most cases, such websites use non-credible payment systems or have an idle list of traditional payment options for the industry. The key principle is simple: nobody will allow you to take your money away from the casino.

Fortunately, such scam casinos cannot exist on the Internet for too long. Their unfair reputation immediately becomes evident to a broad gambling community. Also, diverse cybersecurity entities apply strict sanctions against such gambling platforms. Most probably, if someone decides to launch such a platform, it will not last for too long. It means that your chances of getting caught in a trap of such a casino are very small.

How to avoid scams and deception in gambling?

Surely, it is impossible to deny the fact that unfair casinos that use cheating for getting your money really exist. Those may be both traditional casinos that introduce patterns in order to regulate the outcomes of slot machine plays and online casinos that can block your withdrawals.

How can you avoid such issues? Well, focus on our checklist of tips that will help you indicate a credible gambling platform. With such simple rules, you will avoid scam casinos and choose only the most reliable ones for your play.

  • Always check whether your chosen casino has a credible license.
  • Make sure to review the casino’s payment policies. Beware of something that seems suspicious or unclear.
  • Review the list of the casino’s payment options. Those should be credible providers of payment services. Besides, make sure to check whether such payment systems are really connected to the casino.
  • Research the Internet in order to find customer feedback and reliable reviews of the chosen casino.
  • Contact the casino’s support team. Check whether they are responsive enough. Also, you should never forget to ask some sophisticated questions in order to evaluate their overall proficiency.
  • Watch other gamblers play (if it is possible) in order to understand the mechanics of some games much better and see whether there are real opportunities to go away with prizes.

Everything is that simple. If the chosen casino satisfies you according to all of the above-mentioned points, you may feel secure about playing its slot games. It is almost certainly a credible gambling platform.

In conclusion

It is impossible to deny the fact that scam casinos exist; however, many conspiracy theorists believe that almost all gambling platforms are unfair to their users. The most common claims focus on the existence of patterns that determine the outcomes of plays and on the fact that some online casinos may block money withdrawals. In most cases, such issues are mere myths created by gamblers who cannot accept their losses. Meanwhile, the existence of some unfair gambling platforms means that you have to be careful with slot games. We have provided a list of tips you have to consider while choosing a casino to play. If you adhere to all such rules, you will never be deceived by casinos that want to deceive gamblers.

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