You want to try luck in slots, but feel not secure enough? Well, it is quite normal. The gambling industry is surrounded by a great number of rumours telling about unfair casino practices. One such story tells that casinos tend to tighten the Australian pokies at specific points. It has to be a method introduced to limit losses and deceive players. An ordinary gambler may expect that everything depends on his luck, while, in reality, his chances to win something are reduced dramatically. Are there any grains of truth in such tales about tightened slots? We will respond to this question in this article.

How did this legend appear?

First of all, let’s determine the roots of the belief in casinos tightening slot machines. As long as the outcomes of such plays are random, there may occur winning or losing streaks. Such streaks are merely the outcomes of coincidences; however, some players may misinterpret them.

Once there is a winning streak, such a gambler thinks that the casino is fair with him, and it is a great time for winning some real money.

Meanwhile, once a player faces bad luck, he or she may start suspecting a deception. In most cases, it goes about blaming the casino for unfair practices.

The point that there will always be people who lose money with a casino. For sure, they will not be satisfied with such affairs. While most gamblers understand that playing slots is a matter of luck, and their losses don’t indicate any unfair practices, there are also players that start spreading rumours about patterns introduced by the administration once there is a need to tighten the slots. Such people merely cannot accept their losses. They choose rejection, which makes them seek the most bizarre explanations to the principles according to which pokies work.

Slot machine patterns: do they exist?

What is the reason for such mythical patterns, according to conspiracy theorists? Well, such people firmly believe that all actions of a slot machine may be scripted. In most cases, it goes about the pattern in which a slot machine attracts a gambler with early wins, which are followed by a losing streak that makes him or her lose all the money. Surely, in reality, there are many stories when a slot machine behaves in a completely different manner. Still, such conspiracy enjoyers don’t recognize it. It seems that they can explain any slot machine experience with patterns introduced by an unfair casino.

Some people even connect these patterns to specific times and dates. In particular, this myth creates the basis for the assumption that night is the best time to play slots. Quite similarly, it makes some gamblers avoid playing pokies at weekends or try luck only in the first part of the month. Such tendencies show the principles according to which gambling-related legends work. Some minor myths give birth to even greater and more bizarre misconceptions.

How can we prove that all beliefs about patterns and the opportunities for tightening the slots are far from reality? Well, first of all, we should explain the main principles according to which slots (both mechanical, electronic, and online) work. All such machines are governed by the decisions of a random number generator (RNG). This device produces a random sequence of numbers that determine the outcomes of each round. A random number generator cannot be programmed or “tightened.” Its main principle is creating completely random sequences, and this device remains consistent in this regard. It means that casinos don’t affect the outcomes of rounds in pokies. Instead, everything depends on gamblers’ luck. Surely, you can increase your chances of winning slots by choosing the right betting strategy, finding a lucky game with a high RTP rate, or showing persistence and cautiousness with the most suitable slots.

The threat of scam casinos

Surely, we cannot make definite conclusions that apply to all casinos in the industry. For example, is filled with diverse scam websites. It means that there is always a threat of encountering a casino that aims to deceive its users. In this case, it may go about the diversity of unfair practices, including patterns that tighten the slots or rejection of players’ withdrawals. Fortunately, credible casinos never refer to such action. They understand that such activities are punishable on the Internet, and a scam casino has little to no chances to last for long. If you choose a reliable gambling website, you will never encounter problems with tightened slots.

How to find a reputable gambling platform? Well, the point is in simple attention to detail. You have to check whether the casino has a credible gambling license. Also, research customer feedback and make sure to check its review on our website. Contact the support team in order to evaluate their responsiveness. Finally, make sure to get more information about the casino’s withdrawal policies and payment options (more applicable to online gambling platforms). If after such a review, you understand that there is nothing really suspicious about the chosen casino, give it a try. You will not encounter any issues with patterns or slot tightening at the weekends.

In conclusion

There many rumours about unfair practices introduced by both traditional and online casinos. Many people, who cannot accept their failures, believe that gambling platforms tend to tighten the slots. Such a belief has its roots in a myth about unfair gambling platforms that aim to deceive their users by introducing diverse patterns. In reality, such beliefs are far from being realistic, at least when it comes to credible casinos. Such gambling platforms cherish their reputation and understand that cheating may lead them to significant problems. Therefore, such casinos introduce slots that depend only on the decisions of random number generators. As it has been already mentioned, there is a threat of finding an unfair casino on the Internet, but avoiding such platforms is, actually, not so challenging. As a closing remark, we grant you maximum security in case you play pokies provided by a credible casino. What are you waiting for? Try your luck and grab your rewards. Nobody will tighten the slots for you!

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