Live VIP Baccarat Review & Experience

Live VIP Baccarat from Playtech offers an exclusive opportunity to plunge into the world of first-class gaming. Being streamed from the Asian studio in Manila, this game boasts an exciting design and user-friendly interface, which will definitely appeal to most baccarat fans. Some distinctive features of this version include pretty wide betting limits and several side bets, and it will make the gameplay more profitable. So, if you are interested in Live VIP Baccarat, read this review and find out detailed info about this game.

Tech Info

Live VIP Baccarat is a version of a highly popular table game developed by Playtech. This title is intended for those players who prefer placing really high bets. The betting limit is from 1 Australian dollar to as high as 500 Australian dollars.

In general, the rules of this game are the same as in classic variation. The game is played with 8 standard decks of 52 cards, and only seven players can sit at the same table. All payments are the same but there are some side bet options, for example, Perfect Pair, Small, Big, and others.

Live VIP Baccarat features the highest stream quality, which guarantees a smooth gaming experience for all players. If a player has problems with the internet connection, he can change the quality of the video. Players are able to switch between the two camera views using the options panel on the right side. Also, there is an online chat where gamblers can communicate with each other.

Besides, this version of baccarat features quite high RTP. Actually, it depends on the chosen strategy and playing style but reaches almost 98%. This means that over a long distance, players will be able to get back 98% of wagered funds. So, there will be plenty of opportunities to get decent winnings and increase the bankroll.

Game Features

In total, the game features almost the same rules as in the standard version of Baccarat. Players need to predict which hand will win in the round by scoring as close to 9 as possible. Here gamblers also can choose between player, banker, and tie. Besides, the commission of 5% is also applied if the player chooses the banker’s hand.

The most interesting feature of this baccarat version is the squeeze option. As in land-based casinos, it is available for the player who has placed the highest bet in the round. He will be able to choose what happens to the hidden card: whether only half of it will be shown or it will be turned around 90 degrees. If two players make the same bet, the squeeze goes to the one who made the higher bet in the previous round.

In addition, there is an option to “toss automatically”. If this option is selected, the hidden card will be automatically displayed to all players. Another feature of this baccarat variation is that the game is available on mobile devices. Playtech is considered the most renowned developer of live casino software, so they certainly adapted their games for smartphones and tablets. Thanks to this, you have an opportunity to enjoy the smooth gameplay directly on your Android or iOS device.

Game Plot

Speaking about appearance, the VIP version of baccarat is not much different from other titles offered by Playtech. Of course, this game has a great and user-friendly interface. In the lower part, you can see detailed information on the bids. The statistics of the last rounds are displayed in the field on the left. In the upper-right corner, you can see the timer that indicates the number of seconds you have to place a bet. During the game, users have the option to switch the appearance of the display by clicking on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen on the left.

During the game, you will see a dealer in front of you, who will help you with the gameplay and ask you to place bets. In the background, you can hear a smooth soundtrack — it will provide the atmosphere you need while playing such a game. The surrounding sounds create a sense of hustle and bustle, creating the feeling of a busy casino hall with a lot of players.


Live VIP Baccarat from Playtech offers a lot of features that will make the gaming process more interesting. For instance, there is a squeeze feature that is available for the player who made the highest bet in the round. In the rest, this game comes with standard rules that make it easy to understand for beginners. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, all players will definitely have a great gaming experience on both desktop and mobile devices. We definitely recommend you try this game and we are sure that it will appeal to you.

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